IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-08-14

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eldafarwhat does G stand for in svn?21:25
eldafarwhen you get the stats21:29
srichterit merged successfully I think21:30
eldafaroh ok thanks, do I have to commit after I do merge21:31
eldafarbecause just doing svn merge doesn't seem to be changing the branch21:32
srichtermerge is merging locally21:36
eldafarsrichter: What's the point of providing a default when one sets a field to required=True?22:14
eldafarsricther: I thought the default's point was to be there in case the user leaves the field blank, but making it required beats the purpose ...22:15
srichterno, the default for required is True22:19
srichterI just do it to make a point :-)22:19
eldafarno I mean22:24
eldafargoing like this22:24
eldafartitle = TextLine(title=u"title", description=u"description", default=u"Moo", required=True)22:25
eldafarSorry I was ambiguous, I meant providing a default value22:25
srichterI do this purely for clarity, not because I ahve to22:27
eldafaroh ok22:31
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StoKyi have a - maybe very noobish question23:47
StoKybut how can i create new accounts in schoolbell?23:48
StoKyor is there a standard login?23:48
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