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Specheya jinty, i hear you used to package CanDo?19:40
jintySpec: hey, indeed. Though there has been nothing to package while we wait for schooltool 200619:41
SpecI'm taking over packaging apparantly, :p19:42
Specat least, for CanDo19:42
Specbut they want it to be packaged with SchoolTool and zope3, all together in one .deb, which is very undebiany19:42
jintyyeah, that's a really bad idea19:43
jintyI did that in the beginning for schooltool and have been regretting it ever since19:43
Specit doesn't seem toooo bad19:43
SpecWhen I get the making-a-good-package thing down, I'll write a script to do it all automagically :)19:44
* jinty sincerely wishes Spec luck19:44
Spec:), i have to learn by making mistakes some how19:44
jintybut really, are you interested in packaging cando 2006? or the older version?19:45
Specthe package i found on schooltool's ftp server for CanDo puts everything into /lib/cando ... but cando isn't really a library, is this debian policy?19:45
SpecI'm packaging the trunk of CanDo I think....umm, eldafar, what's that's guys name who was there sunday?19:45
jintyer it's interesting19:45
jintybecause python libraries, even if they are pure python, are put under /usr/lib19:46
SpecHe set it up to use zpkgtools and wrote a script to grab schooltool and zope3, compile zope3, and throw it all into DESTDIR, i translated the script to a Makefile so far19:46
Specso then I can just use dpkg-buildpackage in the src dir, and it'll grab everything it needs, and throw it into DESTDIR(/usr/lib/cando)19:46
Specokay, so what's /usr/bin/cando? is that a symlink to or whatever it is?19:47
jintyi can't remember really19:48
Spechmm, well, my computer at home is down, so i can't work on it until it magically turns on ... so thanks for the help, i'll bug you later probably :o)19:48
jintyI think it's just a script that does some python path setting stuff19:48
jintySpec: I have designed the schooltool 2006 packages to have cando as a plugin.19:49
jintyso we sould co-ordinate, at least at the package name level, so that we don't step on each other's toes19:50
jintyanyway, if you want to take over the cando name, that's fine by me19:54
* jinty reserves schooltool-cando19:54
Specthe decision that people_other_than_me made was to package schooltool/zope3 and cando altogether19:55
Specif it was up to me, schooltool-cando would sit in /usr/lib/schooltool/cando(or wherever plugins are appropriate), and have schooltool as a dependency (which in turn should have zope3 as a dependency)19:55
jintyyeah, those are your external requirements, and that's fine19:55
Specbut instead, i get to make the package `cando`19:55
Specso, are you going to package cando as a plugin to schooltool as well?19:56
jintyperhaps, if I get the time19:56
Specwe'll be using different apt it's not -too- bad19:56
jintyon the other hand, I don't mind if you want to do it as well19:56
Specbut if they ever get in main, it'll be: schooltool, schooltool-cando, and cando19:57
jintybut lets just say that schooltool plugins get a prefix schooltool-19:57
jintybut your cando server will be standalone, so cando is fine19:57
* jinty thinks so at least19:57
Specexcept it'll confuse the users19:57
Specit won't confuse the elite.19:58
jintyanyway, the bad part about having schooltool as a dependency is that you will have to wait for schooltool 2006 before you can distribute19:58
Specfor schooltool-cando19:58
jintywhich, perhaps, is why they want you to take the other route19:59
Speci think so19:59
Specwhat tools did you use to build cando, anyways? dh-make+dpkg-buildpackage+pbuilder ?19:59
jintyyeah, pbuilder is great19:59
jintyI use it for everything20:00
Speceverything? how do you use it to feed cats?20:00
* jinty has interesting cats20:00
jintyanyway, back to the python modules in lib. you gotta put zope in lib because it's got extension modules20:01
Spec: /usr/lib/cando/zope3 ?20:01
SpecI don't know much about zope3 ... in fact, I know very little about it, I've never used it before.20:02
jintyyeah, I'd install everything under /usr/lib/cando20:02
jintythat way you get to have your own copy and don't interfere with the schooltool/zope packages20:03
Specboth should be able to be installed at the same time, yes?20:03
Specand don't they both bind to the same ports?20:03
jintyyes, if cando is standalone, i don't see a reason why cando and schooltool should conflict in any way20:04
jintythe old packages have installation scripts that set up a the server and such20:05
jintyI suggest you look at those20:05
Specinstallation scripts? you mean the Makefile or are you referring to pre/postinst?20:05
jintyconfiguration file20:06
Specalright, i was planning on looking at the entire debian/* directory, i haven't set mine up yet20:06
jintyyou should also be aware that some people who used to have the old cando installed are going to install your package20:07
jintyor maybe not, but you might want to try some upgrade testing20:07
jintyanyway, i've gotta get back to work, my vacation starts tomorrw...20:09
jintybut feel free to ask questions20:09
eldafarhow do you make the little developer tools menu at the top right show up in schooltool?20:10
jintyput "devmode on" into the config file20:11
eldafaroh yes, thank you20:11
Speceldafar: work harder120:18
eldafaryes sir!20:20
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