IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-08-01

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aquarius_workIs povbot` a bot that reports SVN commits?12:59
jintyaquarius_work: yep13:08
aquarius_workjinty: cool. is its code available?13:12
mg|awayaquarius_work: it's supybot13:12
mg|awaywith some plugin that reports lines appended to a plain text file13:13
mg|awayand a subversion post-commit hook that appends the said lines to the said file13:13
mg|awaypovbot` also keeps irc logs13:13
povbot`mg|away: Error: "also" is not a valid command.13:13
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aquarius_workmgedmin: aha, got it13:14
aquarius_workI was trying to avoid writing my own :)13:14
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th1aSo is this a bad time then?16:22
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algaI suppose I could phone him...16:25
th1aWell, I had been hoping to have a rough proposal by now, but with the sprint going on it didn't happen.16:29
th1aI have a list of things that needs to be fleshed out.16:30
algaIgnas said he's going to be in in about 20 mins16:30
th1aSo I just need to write that stuff up today and email it.16:30
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algaWell, our link is now up for 11 mins in a row16:38
algaI'm hopping off GPRS16:38
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th1aOK.  We'll have a short meeting when ignas arrives.16:39
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th1aignas:  Hi.16:49
ignassorry, for being late :/16:50
ignasour cloning vats were out of order today :(16:51
th1aSo I have a rough list of things to be done, which I'll flesh out later today.16:51
ignasmostly UI work ? or UI and memory consumption measuring?16:52
th1aWell, the first part of the rough list is here:
th1aIn the form of a dialogue.16:52
th1aI need to go through the existing views and indicate what needs to be changed/removed.16:53
* ignas is reading the transcript16:53
ignas"temporary tabs use session data to store themselves." is not exactly a good idea ...16:55
ignasinvisible state stored in session affecting UI stuff is a debatable thing16:56
ignasi would like to keep the UI stateless as much as possible16:57
ignasencoding the information in URLs16:57
ignasif possible16:57
ignasif not, i'll do the session stuff16:57
ignasthough it is the same as global variables in programming, useful but must be used with great care16:58
th1aI'm a little dubious about using URLs, though.16:58
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th1aignas:  Do you need more explanation of the temporary tabs in general?  alga has seen them in action.16:59
ignasfrom what i understand, pcardune already came up with a picture of some implementation for the stuff17:02
th1aActually, I guess it is more than a picture at this point.17:02
ignasthough i would still like to know the exact problem that has to be solved17:02
th1aIt is implemented in the branch.17:02
ignasso what would PoV have to do ?17:03
th1aSo I guess if you want to see how it works you can just look at it ;-)17:03
th1aWell, that's what pcardune and I were discussing... we have to hand it off to you to finish and merge.17:04
th1aBut you'll be able to refactor as necessary, if you think his implementation is broken in some way.17:04
th1aI suppose to make any kind of estimate you'll have to first understand what he's done.17:05
th1aSo perhaps you should do that first.17:05
ignasyes indeed17:05
ignasas well as knowing what would constitute a "finished product"17:06
ignasthe target17:06
ignasanything else before me going to read code, bug alga ?17:08
algabug me?17:09
ignasfor you were in sprint and hold great knowledge ...17:09
th1aBeyond that, alga and I were discussing creating a teacher-only workflow for attendance.17:10
th1aThat is, there are really two attendance use cases in the world.17:10
ignasonly 2 ?17:10
algathe simple one and the complex one :)17:10
th1aUS public schools, where everything is routed through an attendance office, very formal.17:10
th1a(that's the one we've been focusing on)17:10
th1aAnd all other schools, where things are simply handled by the student's teacher.17:11
th1aThat is excusing absences etc are handled by the teacher.17:11
th1aThat's a slight oversimplification, but I think not much.17:11
th1aSo we need to handle the informal workflow as well as the formal one.17:12
ignasand when are we going to get our first client ?17:15
th1aOh, we have clients.17:15
ignasthe school PoV will be working closely with?17:15
th1aI suppose that isn't really happening.17:16
ignasoh :)17:16
th1aThere is still too much plain old coding that needs to be done.17:16
th1aAugust is devoted to setting up instances for schools for me though.17:16
ignasi see17:17
th1aSo... I'll write this stuff up in more detail today, and your first task is to get familiar with Paul's code.17:20
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ignaspcardune: ayt ?17:48
pcarduneignas, i'm here17:49
ignashow to access the new attendance view ? as attencance tab is pointing to "calendar/hurray|17:50
pcardunehmm, i seem to remember something like that17:51
pcarduneyou have to have attendance today17:51
pcarduneotherwise it would take you to non-existent reporting views17:51
pcarduneMaybe it would be best to take you to a page that says "you have no attendance items today.  what would you like to do?" and allow the user to select previous date or view reports, etc.17:52
th1aignas:  Ah... yes there are some other UI changes that extend beyond just using tabs.17:53
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