IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-08-03

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Specno jinty :-/00:24
pcarduneeldafar is back00:25
Speceldafar isn't jinty though00:31
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Speccan someone give me jinty's e-mail? :)01:00
eldafarBrian Sutherland <>01:01
Specwhy does jelkner need the package by thursday?01:04
eldafarhe wants to show it off I suppose01:05
pcardunedid he say that?01:05
pcardunehe never told me01:05
Speche might not get it :p01:05
Specit depends which urge is more powerful: the urge to package, or the urge to play world of warcraft01:05
pcarduneoh jeese01:06
eldafarthere is urge to package?01:12
pcardunelet's hope so01:12
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Speceldafar: well, -3 < 5 on the urge_to_package scale of -5 to 501:24
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povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6384:17:19
povbot/svn/commits: began more enhancements to sample data generator interface, allowing plugins to provide content17:19
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pcardunestrichter: is it bad practice for a for loop to modify the list it is iterating over?  as in requirement/
mgedminpcardune: it is a Bad Idea to insert/delete elements while iterating17:56
mgedminit isn't bad to modify elements in place17:57
pcardunewell, the code I'm referring to does the former17:57
pcarduneI can blame stephan for it ;) revision 566317:58
mgedminyep, I think you found a bug17:58
mgedminfor bonus points you could try to write a unit test to demonstrate the bug17:58
mgedminthe fix should be trivial: for name in list(self._order):17:59
pcarduneit's even more trivial: for name in self._order[:]:18:09
pcardunewriting a unit test for that is kind of hard18:09
pcardunebecause it works fine for small lists18:10
mgedminwell, list(foo) and foo[:] is more or less the same18:13
mgedminI don't know if you can say one is more trivial than the other18:13
mgedminI like the list(x) spelling better18:13
mgedminbut that's a personal preference18:13
pcarduneactually, i like yours better too18:14
pcarduneand I will test it... a = [1]; for item in a: a.remove(item)  works but a = [1,2]; for item in a: a.remove(item) doesn't18:15
povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6385:18:38
povbot/svn/commits: fixed bug with removing bases that have multiple requirements.  Also added unit tests.  This is for bug #55056 in launchpad18:38
mgedminpcardune: did you notice that you seem to have broken the functional tests on monday?18:51
mgedminaccording to
pcarduneyes I did, but I can't see how my changes could have possibly effected that18:51
mgedminsometimes changes in zope 3 break tests18:52
mgedminand some poor programmer gets blamed for that18:52
mgedminand sometimes tests are not quite deterministic18:53
mgedminand then any change can cause, say, a different layout of objects in memory, and this can cause the bad test to fail18:53
pcardunei'll look into it now18:53
mgedminif svn up -r 6379 && make ftest doesn't fail18:54
mgedminbut svn up -r 6380 && make ftest fails18:55
mgedminthen your change was responsible somehow18:55
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pcarduneumm, so we found some inconsistencies in security relating to person info19:27
pcardunespecifically, for editing relationships involving persons, you can see a bunch of people you don't actually have access to19:28
pcardunethen when you try to add them to a relationship, it fails.19:29
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mgedminpcardune_lunch: fwiw the test I suggested (reverting back to rev 6379) shows that it is your change that caused the functional test to break19:37
mgedminreverting the change with svn merge -r 6380:6379 fixes the policy_table.txt ftest, but breaks schooltool/requirement/README.txt19:39
mgedmin(Expected: u'forloop', u'iter'] Got: [u'forloop', u'iter', u'whileloop'])19:39
mgedminI'm not familiar with those parts of the code to see what is happening19:40
mgedminby the way, wow19:42
mgedminpolicy_table.txt has an XXX: above should be "section activities: view"19:42
mgedminand your change makes it so19:42
mgedminfor completely obscure reasons19:42
mgedminvidasp: you wrote that XXX19:42
mgedminrev 627219:43
mgedminwhat is going on here?19:43
mgedminchangeset 6272 looks scary!19:45
mgedminhey, now the sampledata ftest fails for me19:47
mgedminsomething about form class="standalone" missing19:47
* mgedmin runs away19:49
* eldafar-t laughs20:25
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pcardunemgedmin: so what's going on?20:31
mgedminI think you need to ask vidas20:38
mgedminor someone else who worked on the security policy20:39
vidaspmgedmin: whats wrong?20:39
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SteveAth1a: hello20:42
th1aSteveA:  Hi.20:42
SteveAI'd like to open the question of schooltool using Launchpad for bug tracking and support request tracking20:43
vidaspmgedmin: XXX can now be safely removed and test fixed20:43
SteveAThere's a document here giving an overview of bugtracking features:
th1aSteveA:  I've actually put a few bugs in Malone to try it out.20:44
th1aIt is pretty much a not if but when question.20:44
pcarduneyes yes, we have started using launchpad for bugs in CanDo20:44
SteveAWe could work out how to get bug data from roundup and push it into Malone if the project wanted to make the change.20:44
SteveAah, so having a centralized bugtracker across cando and schooltool would be a help20:45
th1aSteveA: What we really need to do is to weed out the bugs at the same time.20:45
SteveAhow do you mean?20:45
th1aI mean, I think there are lots of obselete bugs.20:45
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th1aSo we should go through them all when we migrate.20:46
th1aIt is something we should be able to do this month.20:46
SteveAI think it may be easier to triage the bugs when they're in malone20:47
SteveAbecause there are various malone features to help with that20:47
SteveAfor example, milestones, product releases and keyword tags20:47
SteveAso, what I'd recommend instead is producing a dump of all your bugs20:48
SteveAperhaps in some xml format20:48
SteveAI'll get those imported into malone20:48
SteveAand then you can triage on that20:48
SteveAalternatively, at the stage when you have the bugs all in an xml or CSV file20:48
SteveAgo through it in a spreadsheet20:48
pcarduneSteveA: how do you import bugs into malone?20:48
SteveAassigning tags to them20:48
SteveApcardune: a script that is run in our data centre that talks directly to the database20:49
pcarduneoooh, you are steve alexander, I only recently learned who you are20:49
th1aSteveA is the man.20:50
SteveAwell, I'm *a* man20:50
SteveAwho are you pcardune ?20:50
pcardunewell, this is good, we have *a* man on the inside of launchpad20:50
pcarduneI'm the lead CanDo developer20:50
th1apcardune rules.20:50
SteveAcool.  hi pcardune.20:51
pcarduneI'm *the* under 20 person20:51
th1aI'm trying to get pcardune to drop out of college ;-)20:51
SteveAit will only lead to Free Software Delinquency20:51
th1aI did manage to push a bzr branch into LaunchPad, after a few false starts.20:52
SteveAI'm glad you managed it.  There's a bunch of work going on in that area just now20:52
SteveAto make it more user-friendly and dependable20:52
th1aTook a couple tries.20:52
pcarduneWhat I'd like to see is a ticketing system, for things that aren't bugs but need doing20:53
pcardunethere are specifications, but those seems like bigger chunks of "things that need doing"20:53
SteveAin the world of launchpad, we divide things that need doing into four areas20:54
SteveA - bugs20:54
SteveA - specifications (or features)20:54
SteveA - support issues20:54
SteveA - todo items20:54
SteveAwe haven't implemented a todo item tracker yet20:54
SteveAthe other three are covered20:54
pcarduneok, that's great20:54
pcardunei'm glad that it's on the plate then20:55
th1aSteveA:  I'll take a look at the bug situation.  I may want to do it in a much more manual way than you're thinking.20:56
SteveAhow many bugs do you have?20:56
th1aBecause it is a problem that I've never really felt like I had a handle on what is in the bug tracker.20:56
th1aWell, I'm going to have to take a look.  There's just a lot of really old stuff in there.20:57
th1aI need to take more ownership of bug tracking.20:57
SteveAok.  mail me if you have questions or ideas about it.21:02
th1aSteveA: Will do.21:02
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povbot/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 6386:21:15
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed broken functional tests. Mostly updated security policy test, as schooltools compliance to the planned security policy (doc/schooltool-security.xls) has improved.21:15
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eldafaris there an easy way to get rid of the unordered list of the navigation using skins?22:07
eldafarbecause right now it spits out <ul> <li>Persons</li>....</ul>22:07
eldafarand ... our hover menu is having issues with it, I tried tinkering with css to negate the effect of the list, but it's getting frustrated22:08
specwho owns copyright on CanDO?22:09
eldafarPaul wants it22:10
specpcardune: what's your e-mail?22:11
pcardunegoogle: paul carduner22:12
specif i wanted to open a web browser i'd just look in my gmail's contact list :-/22:12
pcardunepaulcarduner _at_ gmail dot com22:12
specare you scared to write your e-mail address out correctly? :22:13
eldafarhere's my email address for the world to see22:22
povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6387:22:22
povbot/svn/commits: moved li tags from viewlet template to viewlet manager template.22:22
speccando fails22:31
speca lot of files are missing final newlines22:31
pcarduneth1a: big time news22:58
eldafarspec: huh?22:58
pcardunejust talked to dave welsh about the mass. thing22:58
th1auh huh22:58
pcardunejeff is getting on to talk to you about things22:58
pcardunein a couple minutes22:58
pcarduneso dont touch the remote!22:59
th1aUh... is there news to me or news to you?22:59
pcarduneI dont know, depends on what you know?22:59
pcardunenews to me for sure22:59
th1aThat the Mass RFR exists.22:59
pcarduneHave you seen it?22:59
pcarduneok, well I just saw it now23:00
th1aSo is that the news?23:00
pcardunemore or less23:00
pcarduneand that jeff is going to be on in a few minutes23:00
th1aOK.  I'll be here.23:00
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jelknerth1a: tom, are you here?23:04
th1ajelkner: I'm back.23:07
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th1ajelkner:  What's the one line description of CanDo at this point?23:22
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jelknerth1a: rjelliso is going to work on moving cando docs to schooltool.org23:23
jelknera web based competency tracking application23:23
th1arjelliso: You need to create an account on http://schooltool.org23:25
rjellisoall righty.23:25
rjellisoOkay, just signed in.23:26
th1aAlso anyone else who is going to be working on this need to do the same.23:26
rjellisothe docs are on the career center website, right?23:28
th1ahm... seems to be misbehaving.23:32
th1aOr something was...23:32
rjellisohow so? I can get to it fine.23:32
th1aPerhaps it was just me.23:32
th1aYou can add documents here:
th1aThis is just a plain old Plone folder.23:33
th1aHm... something is being cranky.23:34
rjellisoI'll see if I can get to it... was being slow a bit ago, or was that not it? took a while to load.23:36
th1aRight now everything is loading slowly on my machine.23:36
rjellisoyup, loads all right.23:36
th1aSo it isn't just st.org23:36
th1aOK... now, last year we used a more specific Plone app that handles software releases.23:37
th1aUnfortunately, it just caused lots of heartache.23:38
th1apcardune has put new stuff into it though.23:38
th1aSo you should ONLY use this for internal stuff, if at all.23:38
th1aYou should have permission to add and edit things to both of these areas of the site.23:39
rjellisoI do indeed.23:39
th1aOK.  That should get you started.23:40
rjellisoI'll get to work on it. I'll just grab the docs from the career center site and add them there?23:42
th1aSounds good.23:42
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