IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-07-26

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mhz_workth1a: ping01:41
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th1aAiste:  I'm just firing up my laptop to use Skype.16:27
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AisteI'll be there in a moment16:31
Aisteth1a: where are you? I can't see you on skype16:37
th1aI'm on, but I don't see you either yet.16:38
th1aHm... says you're not on line.16:38
AisteI see you now :)16:38
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jintyth1a_: about Do you want me to do anything with that, or can I just remove it (and php4 at the same time)18:03
th1ajinty:  Go ahead and kill it.18:04
* jinty is dealing with yet another php security hole18:04
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jintyth1a: and awstats? seems to be broken18:10
th1aThat's usage stats?18:10
th1aKill it.18:10
* jinty gets out his flamethrower18:11
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* jinty alsdo removes half the setup of a broken moin wiki18:37
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th1ahi ACSpike[Work]21:02
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th1ahi _pcardune:  Any news on the travel front?21:07
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pcardune_I got an email back saying they only had $1400 to spare21:08
pcardune_and that won't cover air fare21:08
th1aOh well.21:08
pcardune_I haven't had a chance to reply21:08
th1aSo I guess this isn't happening?21:09
pcardune_well she asked me if I wanted to share the expenses, but I do not under any circumstances have the means to do that21:09
pcardune_unless I give up the money I've been saving for room and board next year21:10
th1aThat sacrifice will not be necessary.21:10
pcardune_yeah, I'm not going to do that21:10
pcardune_It wasn't clear whether the 1400 what they had set aside for everything or just for travel expenses21:11
th1aI wouldn't have thought they'd have money to bring someone.21:11
th1aI'm surprised it was even under consideration.21:12
th1aOK.  Thanks anyhow ;-)21:14
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