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pcarduneth1a: ayt?17:01
th1aHi pcardune.17:02
pcardunewould you like to discuss what needs to be done to finish the UI stuff?17:02
pcardune(we were going to do it now right?  or do I have the time wrong?)17:02
th1aI believe this is the right time.17:03
th1aAs long as we both think it is... then it is!17:03
th1aOK.  I think you have to take the lead here... as usual, I'll provide moral support.17:05
pcardunewas just answering a question from interns17:05
pcarduneyou want me to skype you?17:06
th1aUm... well, if we do it here I can just use the transcript later.17:06
th1aTo make the proposal up.17:06
pcarduneSo, what we have right now are a few tabs, and a few modes that kind of work and some temporary tabs.17:07
pcarduneI think the way views are registered for these differents tabs and modes works well enough17:07
th1aThat seemed to be the rough consensus at the meeting.17:08
pcardunethere are no tests, functional or unit against any of the new code17:08
pcardunethe old navigation stuff is still there and needs to be removed... doing so will cause havoc in all the functional tests17:08
th1aOK.  1) write tests and fix old tests.17:08
th1a2) need to look at old views and indicate what should be removed or moved.17:09
pcarduneThe next things is to write some generic base code for working with sessions17:10
th1aWhat's the goal there?17:11
pcardunethe goal is to store variables which are used across multiple views... like what day you are looking at or what section you are looking at... as appropriate17:12
pcardunetemporary tabs use session data to store themselves.17:12
pcarduneI think we need to abstract how we use sessions to store data so that it is done uniformly across display code17:13
pcardunewe also need some macros to handle management of session data used across multiple views17:14
pcarduneWe need a way to navigate between dates on multiple pages.  It would be best to write one "date navigation widget" that gets displayed on whatever pages want it.17:15
pcardunethat macro would then handle storage and access to datetime data in the session17:15
pcardunethe same might go for modes17:15
th1aOK.  That's getting more specific (which we need).17:16
pcardunefor example, if you are in the month view on a calendar, and you then go look at attendance reports, you would want to see a month view of attendance reports17:16
th1aYou probably would.17:17
pcardunethe complicated part is that "month" is clearly a mode of a calendar, but it probably shouldn't be a mode of "attendance"... however it is a mode of "attendance report"17:17
pcarduneso we might have another macro for dealing with time frames: day/week/month/year17:18
th1aSo there will be a session variable to store the data and a handy macro to display it if needed?17:19
pcardunethe next thing to figure out is how to delegate the display of the correct screen17:20
pcardunea monthly report view might be a completely different page template than a daily report view17:20
th1aYou know, maybe we shouldn't try to do this now but refactor later.17:21
pcardunesomething would have to figure out which page to serve up17:22
pcardunei've did this a bit with redirector views, but I'm not sure that is the best way in the end17:22
pcardunewhich of "this" do you mean to refactor later, and when is later17:23
th1aI mean, do we need this abstraction yet?17:23
th1aAnd by later I mean, not in this 3-4 week contract.17:24
pcardunewell, we aren't going to use it in cando200617:26
th1aNow what do *you* mean by 'it.'17:26
pcardunewell, until the tabs have this kind of abstraction layer, we won't be able to do much with them17:28
pcarduneso unless you have another suggestion, we were going to stick with whats in the schooltool trunk for now17:28
pcarduneor possibly with the smaller changes I made in my branch17:29
th1aWell, OK.  So you do regard the abstraction layer as essential.17:29
pcarduneOT: Jeff wanted me to remind you about bringing the slideshow17:30
th1aHm... I'm not sure if I can actually export it as a slideshow, but I'll have the photos.17:30
pcarduneoh yeah, that's all he wants17:31
th1aOK... so session abstraction.  Anything else?17:31
pcarduneand delegation17:31
pcardunehere is the thing17:31
pcarduneyou go to attendance reports, and stored in the session is data saying you are looking at a month17:32
pcarduneso whatever page template handles reports will be able to see you are look at a month17:32
pcarduneone possible implementation is to put all the different reports in the same page template and just display the one corresponding to session data17:33
pcardunethat would also mean putting all back end logic code for all the different reports into the same python class17:34
pcarduneand that to me is not very pythonic or zopey17:34
pcardunethat's the one17:34
pcarduneso if you seperate them out into different views, then you need another class whose sole purpose is to look at the session data and redirect you to the right view17:35
pcarduneI don't know whether it's better to call that a delegator or a redirector17:36
pcardunesummed up, that would be 3) session abstraction 4) navigation macros 5) redirection (abstraction)17:37
th1aWell, here's the thing:  right now we don't do any of this either.17:37
th1aHow long do you think 3, 4 & 5 will take?17:38
pcardunewell, we need to know what all the different navigation macros would be17:40
pcarduneI'm going to guess 5-8 days17:40
th1aFor all of it?17:40
pcardunewell, if you know the right way to implement it, yes17:41
pcarduneif you don't know the right way to implement, multiply that by the number of attempts17:41
pcarduneI think it would be pretty easy to do this the wrong way and not know it until you got towards the end17:42
pcarduneI wouldn't trust myself to do it right the first time without consulting more expert zope folks17:42
th1aWhat else is new?17:42
th1a(that was referring to the first comment,17:43
th1anot the second)17:43
pcardunei thought so17:43
th1aOK.  Is that it?17:44
pcarduneI think so17:44
th1aOK.  Cool.17:44
pcardunewe wont really know until the end though ;)17:44
th1aI'll try to get this written up more coherently during the sprint.17:44
pcardunewe might end up revising the time estimate17:47
th1aWell, POV will make the time estimate.17:47
pcardunei'm going to go help folks now17:48
pcardunebut i'll take a look at whatever you write up17:48
th1aOK.  Thanks!17:48
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pcardunesrichter: jeff wants your cell phone number, or to give you his23:45
pcardunebut is not willing to get on irc himself :/23:45
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