IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-07-24

mhzth1a: hmm, it seems there are some few mistakes in the translation of the Plone web system itself00:01
mhzwhen I use spanish interface00:01
mhzyou know where I could fix them?00:01
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mhzth1a: is MacOS or OS X ?01:07
mhzthis "great installer"?01:08
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stormchas3rhello all03:03
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th1aalga:  I see you made it home.16:58
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mhzhi there17:31
mhzth1a: I dont know if you could get those posts (afaik, there has been lots of netsplit and lags) but there was a 'reddux' nick  yesterday evening (chilean time) asking about ways to import CSV with more fields.17:33
th1amhz:  I don't have a short answer to that question at this point.17:48
mhzokis, just pointing out in case you experiences lags as I did all weekend17:50
th1amhz:  Thanks.17:50
algath1a: yes, and quite happily too17:52
algathere were no delayed flights, everything went smoothly17:53
algadidn't catch any sleep on the plane though17:53
mhzalga: oh, you were in London as well?17:54
th1aalga was here in the US.17:54
pcardunesrichter: I think I found another bug in requirements... I could have sworn we tested for this already17:55
algathanks for the hospitality everyone, I've had a very eventful week17:55
* mhz thought London because many people he knows went to LugRadio17:56
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srichteralga: did you see your brother18:13
pcardunesrichter:  <--- I've got a really simple failing test18:19
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algasrichter: yes I did!18:21
algaand I met Gary Poster and Rob Page too18:21
algaJim was on vacation and Benji was busy with his family too18:21
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povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6380:18:51
povbot/svn/commits: Found a requirements package bug, wrote a failing test, then fixed it.18:51
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faassenI see you had the sprint :)19:33
faassenglad to hear it was fun!19:33
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redduxIf anyone is around can you drop me a msg..I wanted to pick someones brain about advanced csv imports23:28
redduxthanks in advance23:29
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th1areddux:  Hi.23:31
mhzhi all23:31
redduxHi Tom are ya?23:31
th1areddux:  Do you have alpha2?23:31
th1aTrying to get back on track.23:31
redduxI believe I do because I did svn update23:31
* mhz will try to install alpha2 either tonight or tomorrow23:32
th1aOh, you've got the svn version.23:32
redduxyeah I figured it would be cool to stick with svn23:32
redduxI mean does svn update to 2006 or not with the tarball?23:32
redduxsorry not with out the tarball23:32
th1aThe svn just tracks development.23:34
redduxUpdated to revision 6380.23:34
redduxthats what svn tells me23:34
th1aThe one thing is that we don't guarantee upgrades from svn versions,23:34
th1ato whatever extent we "guarantee" anything ;-)23:34
redduxhehe fair enough..I don't expect guarantees but I just kinda wanted more information on how to do complex imports of csv's23:35
redduxfrom the logs I can see pcardune has had good success23:35
th1aYes... you want to import all the demographics for a person.23:35
th1aI just haven't tried it yet, but I will need to soon as well.23:35
redduxyes that and I want to be able to do the same with with cando + competencies23:36
redduxI really like that there was a built in tool to csv imports I just want more fields23:36
th1aWhat's your time frame?23:36
redduxrealistically septish23:37
redduxright now I'm demoing23:37
redduxI'm sorry but I have so many questions is it ok if I ask some more?23:38
th1aIt is ok.23:38
th1aI mean, I just can't quite deal with the csv import for demographics this week.23:38 I need school tool to install cando ? or is cando a modified version of school tool?23:38
th1aBut there is nothing particularly hard about it.23:38
th1aLast year CanDo was essentially a hacked fork of SchoolTool.23:39
th1aThis year it is more properly integrated.23:39
redduxSo does that mean since I already have school tool installed that I can safely edit my sources.list and do a apt-get install cando and all should work like clockwork?23:40
th1aWe're having a CanDo sprint this week, so I should probably get the exact answer to your question then.23:40
th1aNot quite.23:40
th1aThe .deb packaging for both is out of date.23:40
redduxso what method do you suggest?23:41
th1aI think you're looking at strictly svn still for installing CanDo.23:41
redduxsweet I have no problem with that23:41
th1aDo you know where their repository is?23:41
redduxuhm no but I guess I can read about it ..on the cando home page?23:42
th1aEssentially, right now if you want to use CanDo, install that & you should also get SchoolTool.23:42
redduxk so would it be smart to start fresh or can I go ontop of my schooltool install with an svn install of CanDO23:42
th1aI'm frankly not entirely sure how to set up CanDo at this point.23:43
redduxok I'll figure it out no biggie23:43
redduxSo..back to the csv thing23:43
redduxI was perfectly happy following the example on the site and thought I would get a grasp , but the example bjorked my persons menu23:44
th1aYes... that needs to be updated since the demographics package was added.23:44
th1aSorry about that...  I guess I should note that!23:44
redduxagh I see..maybe you could send me a valid script..and I can go from there?23:44
redduxlol yeah probably23:45
redduxit was a little..daunting..but it made me learn how to back up and restore23:45
redduxif you have some working examples I'd be greatful...practicalit@gmail.com23:45
redduxIf you haven't got time this week really its no biggie..maybe just mail me them when you do unless you have some already working23:46
th1aMy plan is to start working on setting up schools next week (after I get back from the CanDo sprint).23:47
redduxBecause right now I only really have to set up 1 course with about 30 students23:47
th1aSo I'll be running into this issue myself very soon...  Oh... you can't import students at all?23:47
redduxcool...hey I appreciate that you are so helpful this is a great project!23:47
redduxNo I can..but not with the script example.23:47
redduxusing the interface23:47
redduxit works23:47
th1aBut not csv at all?23:48
th1aWhat about if you import a list via the web?23:48
redduxyeah that works23:48
redduxI'm saying what bjork was the example of Charlie Brown..even before I got to do a CSV23:48
redduxyou wanna see the error? I can probably reproduce it?23:49
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redduxI still have the bad Data.fs23:50
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th1aHm... apparently IDE CD-ROM drives are not hot pluggable.23:55
redduxok I put the old Data.fs back here is the error when I tried to just do the example Charlie Brown import via python scripts23:55
redduxth1a: haha23:55
redduxServer Error23:56
redduxAn internal server error has occurred. This most likely means that you have found a bug in SchoolBell. Please report it on the issue tracker.23:56
redduxAttributeError: 'Person' object has no attribute 'modified'23:56
th1aOK.  If you want you could put that on
redduxyeah..but I actually haven't tried to replicate the issue since I did a restore so I should probably try to replicate it on a clean db, just in case the error was cause by HUMAN23:57
redduxI'll restore to the clean one and run a test script again..and see if I can reproduce it..then if I can..I'll log it..but if you know that it is because of a new add or demographics update then I might as well not bother23:58
th1aI'm sure it is a real error.23:58
redduxagh ok..let me reconfirm then..and then I'll log it..if I can reproduce23:59
redduxsee ya in a bit..23:59

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