IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2006-07-23

mhzwhat is the login info for Schooltool n :7080 ?01:00
mhzAlso, is there any url where I can test CanDo ?01:00
mhzthe one suggested on the site is not working01:00
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mhzwhat is the login info for Schooltool n :7080 ?01:21
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mhzI have even read /usr/share/schooltool info01:30
mhzI google, and no success either yet01:31
mhzI just wanna try Schooltool shiped by edubuntu01:31
mhzon localhost:708001:31
mhzNo one knows the user/passwd ?01:31
mhzok, if nobody knows what the default login info is, how about telling me how to reset it and assign a new user/pwd ?01:45
mhzuser: manager01:50
mhzpwd: schooltool01:50
mhzOkis, so schooltool is running under edubuntu03:00
mhzI can't get to delete timetables03:00
mhzeventhough I have already set Access propoerly03:00
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mhzth1a: are you available?05:25
mhzth1a: so, how can I delete a TT?06:39
mhzi can't seem to find it06:39
th1amhz:  I don't think you can delete a TT in the version you're using, but you can in a more recent one.06:42
th1aThere is no trick to it.06:42
mhzoh, so, I just upgrade to a newer one?06:42
th1aOther than having a new version ;-)06:42
th1aIf you must be rid of the timetable.06:42
th1aYou can also just ignore the faulty timetable.06:42
mhzhmmm, nah. I'll try to set a newer version, the one edgy should have06:46
mhzelse, my appreciation will be totally diff06:46
mhzfrom reality06:46
mhzand I need to show something schools will use06:46
th1amhz:  Yep.06:54
mhzth1a: please note "I'll try"06:55
mhzyeah, I read it06:56
mhzit was surprisingly cool06:56
mhzand got me encouraged to jump in and test as much as I can06:56
mhzand then write about it for Edubutnu Handbool06:57
th1aHere's a mockup of the new UI, which is mostly implemented as well (maybe 60%):06:57
th1aSo what we did discover is that sprints work well.07:00
* mhz scratches his head...why did he not have such tools when he used to teach!?07:00
mhzI am only used to read about the sprints07:00
th1aSo we'll be doing more, at ed-tech conferences and schools.07:00
mhzI hope one day soon I can afford to attend one07:01
th1aI need to finish writing up a report of last week.07:01
mhzyeah, only 3 weeks ago, I organized a 2days event in Chile about FLOSS for Education07:01
mhzit was pretty interesting07:01
th1aI'm planning on shifting funding from contract development to sprints.07:02
th1aSo we can cover some travel expenses, etc.07:02
th1aNext year.07:02
mhzI could get little sponsorship, but we could invite a person form Italy, Germany, Colombia and Venezuela07:02
mhzwe got lots of info about IT for Education needs07:02
mhzfrom teachers07:02
mhzyeah, I guess that should work well07:03
th1aBasically, we had our sprint at a regional conference for open source at schools (
th1aWe had a couple presentations the first morning, got some interesting feedback,07:04
th1awrote a bunch of code the next day and a half, and presented the results at the end of the conference.07:04
th1aIt was a big success all around, and I think it helped the attendees understand how open source really works.07:05
mhzmy event was more of a Fair07:07
mhzor Feria07:08
mhzit was to attract teachers, schools, adn principals to see FLOSS as a valid alternative on Learning processes07:08
th1aWe need those, too.07:09
mhzeek, my wife needs me for 10 minutes :(07:10
* mhz will be back in 10 minutes07:10
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mhzth1a: I am bit confused18:18
mhzI am logged in Plone (
mhzI can't seem to find the way to translate some pages content into Spanish18:18
mhzis that supposed to be from Rosetta (in Launchpad?)?18:19
th1amhz:  Yes?18:19
mhzoh, hi there18:19
th1aYou mean, you can translate some of the pages but not others?18:19
mhznope, I want translate 2 pages today "helpWanted" and "...Alpha news"18:20
mhzand I dont get how to do it18:20
th1aLike the front page?18:21
* th1a just crawled out of bed.18:21
mhzis it possible to translate the content at the website, from within it?18:21
mhzth1a: ooh, sorry... I can wait till you get a coffee  :)18:21
mhzooh, th1a duh!18:22
mhz"If you are interested in translating the site, email Tom Hoffman, and we'll set up your account to add translated content"18:22
mhzI had not read that part18:22
* mhz slaps himself18:22
mhzwell, IMHO, email or IRC, for this case it is the same. Anyways, I am 'mhz'18:23
mhzjust created my account 5 minutes ago18:23
th1aThe translation support for itself is still a little incomplete.18:24
mhzoh, i see18:25
mhzso, th1a, I can trasnlate it using my wiki site, then once finished, I can email the url to you and you paste it onto Plone?18:25
mhzth1a: also, I did some translations via Rosetta (LP) 9 hours ago18:29
mhzthen I thought it was better to ask you first.. is there any priority for you regarding trasnlation for a specific page or contents ?18:30
th1amhz:  I seem to be having connection problems...18:34
th1amhz:  What we could use is a volunteer translation manager to help coordinate these things,18:35
th1abecause I'm a monolingual English speaker.  I try, but it isn't something I have a big connection to personally.18:35
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mhzI do not understand what is going on19:01
mhzit is either freenode or my ISP19:02
mhzMy guess is it's the freenode issue because I have been able to do other stuff in the web19:02
mhzth1a: last thin i read was : <th1a> because I'm a monolingual English speaker.  I try, but it isn't something I have a big connection to personally.19:03
mhzafter that, I wrote 6 lines.. did you get them?19:03
mhzth1a: there?19:11
th1amhz:  I didn't.19:20
th1aI seem to be back to normal.19:21
mhzokis, th1a I'll re send them19:23
mhzhmm, ok19:23
mhzth1a: however, I have no problem translating using my moin wiki and then send translation to you.19:23
mhzthis way, you need no application for it19:23
mhzth1a: or you ment something else?19:23
mhzre connection/ Launchpad and ubuntu sites seem to be having issues19:23
* mhz has not been able to connect to them for 40 minutes now19:24
mhzth1a: that was it19:24
th1amhz:  Can you translate any pages on  Do I need to upgrade your permissions?19:25
mhzwell, I could not, when we started chating this morning ?=19:26
mhzI'll try again now19:26
th1amhz:  Oh, I thought you were asking about why you could translate some pages but not others.19:27
mhzno worries19:27
* mhz is not a good english speaker19:27
mhzth1a: basically, I do not understand how I can trasnlate some pages on that Plone site19:28
th1aWhat is your username on
mhzand I am very interested n translating 2 of them: Help Wanted and The alpha release one19:28
th1aOK.  Did you read this:
th1aI elevated your permissions.19:30
* mhz tabs19:30
mhzth1a: so, it is just a matter of visiting the pages I am interested in, and click on 'Translate into' _19:33
th1aHopefully :-)19:33
mhzth1a: 1st problem I get?19:34
mhzHelpWanted does not let me trasnlate into spanish19:35
mhzthe spanish supposed version of it actually has no content19:35
mhzjust a 'bounty-es' line19:35
mhzoh, remove option :)19:36
th1aThat's what I was going to suggest.19:36
mhzth1a: thanks, it is working smoothly!19:40
mhzth1a: hm, just I can't get to make the URL links to look as the source ones :p19:48
mhzduh, never mind19:56
mhzit does look the same after I save19:57
* mhz slaps himself once more19:57
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mhztsktsktsk..netsplit _20:55
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redduxHi folks how goes it?21:19
redduxI was wondering if anyone can clue me up on more advanced methods of csv entry into schooltool21:20
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redduxwhen anyone sees this please msg me21:33
redduxIf anyone has links to docs I can read about csv import methods that allow you import more than UserName, Firstname Lastname, passwd I'd appreciate it. Also if anyone has information on doing csv imports into cando that would rock too. --thanks ahead of time.21:54
redduxI can't decide which takes less time to get someone attention, email, snail mail, or irc..right now I'm leaning toward snail mail.22:02
* reddux kciks up dust22:02
* reddux kicks up more dust22:03
* reddux gives up and lags out like the rest22:03
redduxAnyway I have 3 years of student data to import + this is going to be a very visible demo used with the people at NCATE to show the abilities of school-tool and cando so when anyone gets a chance .please drop me a msg. It is  important for me to be able to handle large dumps of student data into this app.22:19
mhz_foodreddux: how soon you need this to be up?22:21
redduxheh mon-tuesday22:21
redduxjust for example purposes but the accreditation project I'm doing it for starts in sept.22:22
redduxI mean I have everything work fine, then I follow the docs on the website about doing csv imports and it bjorks and fubars my whole persons part of the application22:23
mhz_foodreddux: maybe askin th1a about it, as he is the most expereinced person around here22:23
redduxso I created a new db, then I did and svn update and looks like they have a good import tool now so I don't have to edit the scripts by hand..22:24
redduxbut the tool is limited and seems like it only deals with imports of username, firstname lastname, passwd and I need much more22:25
redduxI've been searching all the logs and see that pcardane seems to know how to do csv imports even into cando with competencies , this is what I need. so I'm hoping he logs on cause he seems to know whats up.22:25
redduxalso if you'd rather not do this kind of one on one support type stuff with users..why not fix the comments on
redduxthey seem to be broken22:33
mhz_foodreddux: good observation22:40
mhz_foodreddux: well, I am sure there are lots to do, however, many times, hands are not enough22:40
mhz_foodthat is why I jumped in yesterday and started contributing a bit22:40
mhz_foodbut i am still ignorant on how schooltool works22:41
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redduxmhz_food: your right but..I'm a linux admin, not a python I'm pointing out things that are important even to and advanced user right from the start. The ability to automate and script data entry makes the difference as to whether this app will be used by small schools or increasingly bigger organizations.22:43
mhzreddux: 100 right22:43
mhzi totally agree22:43
redduxAlso when I run an import script that deals with csv entry, and it breaks a me that say hmm..shouldn't there be some sort of isolation programmed in so that if a script does something wrong it won't break the app?22:44
redduxLike I said I'm a n00b at python and not a super programmer, but to me that seems to make sense..22:44
mhzreddux: i am no programmer22:45
mhzjust a kind of end-user-teacher-junior-sysadmin22:45
redduxyeah me either or I probably wouldn't be asking for help here cause I'd have already written all the scripts and been on my merry way..I mean not to say I can't but like you I've been using this for about 2 days22:46
redduxI'm sure 1 week from now I'll be jamming.22:46
redduxIt's just if there was a set method that dealt with csv import..and allowed more complex imports that would be cool..and I could focus on the huge task of creating student data for the last 3 years then setting up competencies and linking it all together.22:47
redduxanyway I appreciate you trying to help me..mhz22:49
redduxI'm afk for a take care..22:49
mhzreddux: pleas stop by and talk to th1a22:49
redduxI will later I'm basically gonna lag till someone msg me..I think thats how its done..I send him a I'm sure he will get back to me.22:50
mhzhe will22:51
mhzhe's very commited22:51
redduxawesome..take care for now..I have to get food!22:51
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