IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-07-06

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pcardunesrichter: ayt?18:07
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th1apcardune: Hi.18:17
pcardunehi th1a18:17
th1aAt the sprint I want to work on UI.18:17
th1aWe have lots of little glitches, particularly in Safari (KTHML/Konqueror) and IE.18:18
th1aAlso, there is an infinite supply of small UI fixes that primarily would require some HTML and ZPT.  Skills.18:18
pcardunethose are the skills I'm trying to develope in my interns18:19
th1aAlso, we could use a system for keeping track of these issues, which are so plentiful and small that filing individual bugs seems like overkill.18:19
th1aWe need a big table of views in the rows and browser versions in the columns, to track issues and ideas.18:20
pcardunei'd say "yes! another opportunity to write a new zope app" but that seems like overkill18:21
th1aI'm thinking more like a spreadsheet.18:21
pcarduneyou know what we could use...18:21
pcardunegoogle spreadsheet18:21
th1aOh... is that up?18:21
pcarduneI wonder if you can make those publicly available/editable18:21
pcarduneyeah i believe so18:22
pcarduneI tried it out the other day18:22
th1aActually, we could use a wiki, since we don't need too many columns.18:22
th1aWiki tables aren't too bad if you only have a few columns.18:22
th1aThat is probably the most sane approach.18:22
pcardunethat works for me18:23
th1aIt would be cool if we could pull a list of views from ZCML automatically.18:23
pcardunewe could spider the source tree for the *.zcml files and use some xml parser to grab them18:24
pcardunethat would be a neat trick18:24
th1aHave you tried lxml?18:24
pcardunei've only ever touched xml using javascript18:24
th1aThat's a super easy XML library that Martijn started.18:24
pcarduneoh cool18:25
th1aI'm using it on another project, which has turned out to be way easier than I feared, thanks to lxml.18:25
pcarduneth1a: If you set up a wiki, I will contribute to it18:38
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pcardunesrichter: ayt?19:52
srichteryeah, but I am anout to leave20:06
srichter(I am in Austria)20:06
pcardunewell then20:06
pcarduneso sorry about germany20:06
pcarduneI was just wondering if you knew how relationships got security proxied20:07
pcardunebut don't answer if you are about to leave srichter20:07
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eldardoes anyone here know anything about untrustedpython in zope3?21:23
pcarduneth1a: ayt?22:27

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