IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-07-05

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jelknermorning paul17:43
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pcardunegood morning17:44
jelknerpcardune: morning paul17:44
pcarduneor afternoon for you I guess17:44
jelknernot yet17:44
jelkneranyway, let's not give up so easily17:44
pcarduneoh right, wrong direction17:44
pcarduneoh... so I wouldn't have to present until 2:30 my time17:45
pcardune(again I was thinking in the wrong direction)17:45
jelknernick thinks we could do it17:45
jelkneri would do an intro17:45
pcarduneand data?17:45
jelknertell folks what cando is, why we developed it, what it hopes to accomplish17:46
jelkneryou would just give a quick tour17:46
jelknerdo we have data anywhere?17:46
pcardunenot for the new version really17:46
pcarduneI mean... we have those zope 3 competencies17:46
pcardunewhich I can import17:46
jelknernick plans to use nx and vnc-reflector together to give you access to a running version that will diplay here17:46
pcardunewe have the virginia CTE data... but that is *too much* data for a demo17:46
jelknerok, let me call nick17:47
pcardunei could import the zope 3 competencies which nicely show off arbitrary tree depths17:47
pcarduneadd some fake users and the grading is pretty fast17:47
pcarduneWe could also hook up some curriculum and journals17:47
jelknerfolks will be so wowed by the technology that whatever you show them will come off well17:47
pcardunewell the airconditioning is broken here at devis17:48
pcarduneso it's liberal leave today17:48
jelknertake it17:48
pcardunebut I still need to make up the hours for yesterday as well as today17:48
pcarduneI probably be here on friday instead of at ACC17:49
jelknerthat makes perfect sense17:49
jelknerand will work much better17:49
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povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6344:18:52
povbot`/svn/commits: Move security declarations out of the base security policy package,18:52
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specpcardune: hey, my server's down, my girlfriend is going to my house to get it back up now19:03
specpcardune: call me with skype - dragoncow219:03
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Specpcardune: back in action19:31
pcarduneserver up?19:31
Specyes indeed, call me on skype19:32
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spec_hey, pcardune , my laptop keeps crashing19:42
pcardunethat is not good19:42
spec_let's test freenx/x11vnc without skype (it could be my wireless card or skype)19:42
spec_and see if that works19:43
spec_then i'll downgrade from beta and test skype19:43
spec_im on wired now19:43
spec_ok, connect with vnc - no password this time19:43
spec_ok, go and open firefox and do whatever it is you do :)19:43
pcarduneI can only see white screen19:44
spec_hmm, no good19:44
pcardunemaybe you should vnc into my laptop19:44
pcarduneand we can run the demo on my laptop?19:44
spec_that's possible19:44
spec_set that up real quick, i'll brb19:45
spec_do you have the 'x11vnc' program?19:45
spec_that'll make your current x11 session vnc-able19:45
pcarduneim installing it now19:47
pcardunespec_: what options should i use to run it (i need to use port 8005)19:49
pcardunethat is how port forwarding is set up19:50
spec_x11vnc -desktop :0 -rfbport 800519:50
spec_assuming your desktop is on :019:50
spec_freenx is on :1000, then :1001, etc, but you're not using freenx are you?19:51
spec_also, are you on skype?19:51
spec_i have older version of skype on now19:51
pcardunei am19:51
spec_can you call me?19:51
pcardunei dont see you listed19:51
pcardunetry to connect to
spec_are we connected?19:52
pcardunei can hear you19:52
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specpcardune: pick up?20:01
pcardunespec: ayt?20:12
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Specusing diff laptop now, pcardune20:15
Spectired of mine dropping connection20:15
pcarduneare you on skype?20:16
Specok, let me download/install skype and vncviewer20:16
pcarduneoh boy20:16
pcardunei'm going to get something to eat20:16
Specbe quick20:16
pcarduneSpec: we are running out of time20:25
Speci know20:25
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Specpcardune: ping20:33
pcardunei'm here20:33
Specdid you do the command?20:33
pcardunewhich command, you got cut off20:33
pcardunecall me on skype20:33
Speci just pmd you20:34
Specerr, i messaged you? does it work20:35
pcardunedid not get it20:36
Specpcardune: in irc?20:36
Specpcardune: i /msg'd you...20:36
pcardunedo it again20:36
Specjust /msg me20:36
pcardunejust did20:37
Specdid you get my response?20:37
Specvncviewer -shared <my_ip>20:37
pcardunei need your password20:38
pcarduneor should I jsut log in20:39
Specno password20:39
pcardunei get the xscreensaver20:39
pcardunei need password for Spec20:39
pcarduneSpec: I can't hear you20:40
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ubuntu__pcardune: say something20:41
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ubuntu__pcardune: ping21:01
pcarduneim here21:01
ubuntu__answer skype :p21:01
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ubuntu__pcardune: see ya22:43
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