IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-07-07

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andi5hi... is it ok to ask a question here?21:44
andi5hi pcardune: i have never run schooltool, but i would like to get away what is a windows-based closed-source report printing software (report is the name for something listing marks?) ..... i would like to know what schooltool has to offer there, whether this fits into your vision and what else you want to tell me :) thanks in advance21:45
pcardunewhat you describe is one of the many functions schooltool can/will handle21:47
pcarduneYou can manage classes in schooltool and there is some functionality for grading student assignments21:48
pcarduneI don't believe any reports are generated yet but I think that is in the plans for the coming months21:48
pcardunesrichter has been working on grading as far as I know21:48
andi5sorry for becoming too personal, but is srichter resided in germany?21:49
pcarduneHe is from Germany yes.  Are you also from Germany?21:49
pcarduneso sorry about the world cup...21:49
andi5your are french or italian?21:50
pcardunemy father is french and I technically have citizenship :)21:50
andi5hehe... from my pov, france repeats history (1998)21:50
pcardunethat is what I'm hoping for21:51
andi5do you think that i could just try schooltool, is it worth it or does "alpha" beens pre-alpha? ... actually i am running ubuntu dapper drake and hoping i can install it easily from there :)21:52
pcarduneabsolutely give it a try21:52
pcarduneit is very easy to install21:52
pcardunealthough I've always installed it from source so I can't really speak about using the installer21:53
pcardunethis is a page explaining how to set up a schooltool sandbox:
andi5yes, if i like what i see i will go that way too of course :)21:54
andi5oh, thanks21:55
pcarduneit takes about 10 minutes depending on your internet connection.21:55
andi5it is installed, but probably not configured yet :)21:56
* andi5 is going to explore mode21:56
andi5wow.... it is as simple as pointing firefox to localhost:708021:59
pcarduneyep :)21:59
andi5nice nice22:11
andi5branches/srichter-term-gradebook-work2 is not merged into the trunk, right?22:14
pcardunei don't think so22:14
srichterit is very very slow progress22:51
srichterit touches a lot and as soon as I made a change I had many tests failing22:51
pcardunethat's unfortunate22:52
andi5srichter: is there some document describing your goal?23:00
andi5yes, i meant more precisely srichters goal with the branch :)23:01
pcarduneoh, nvm then...23:01
srichterandi5: make terms sane :-)23:05
srichterandi5: basically, terms are becoming the central driver for ST23:06
srichterread README.txt in the st/terms package23:06
srichterin the branch23:06
andi5will do23:06
andi5ok... thanks so far!23:39
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pcardunejoy, removing ContentRepository breaks my zope server23:40
pcardunewoops... wrong window23:42

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