IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-05-31

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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6137:13:52
povbot/svn/commits: * Add a new required field last_name to the add form (from demographics).13:52
povbot/svn/commits: * create evil dependency on demographics in
povbot/svn/commits: (addPerson) supplying a default last_name always.13:52
povbot/svn/commits: * change all the tests so they use the addPerson function, making it easier13:52
povbot/svn/commits: to change the add form.13:52
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PupenoKWhat is the proper way to get all members of a group ? I was using: getSchoolToolApplication()['groups']['teachers'].members, but today it stopped working (on the functional tests, it still works in the browser).14:59
ignasPupenoK: one note - avoid using getSchoolToolApplication15:06
ignasuse ISchoolToolApplication(None)15:06
ignasas you can stub it away in unit tests more easily15:07
ignasgetSchoolToolApplication is the low level call that you can't replace easily15:07
ignasand for tests15:07
ignascan i see a backtrace ?15:07
PupenoKI am not doing getSchoolToolApplication in the tests but in the code itself. The backtrace is not very usefull.15:08
PupenoKI am generating the list of teachers for a drop down list and in the browser it works, in the tests it doesn't.15:09
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MyNameIsNotBobwhats the default username and password?15:11
PupenoKmmmh... I think I've found the problem.15:11
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ignasPupenoK: don't use getSchoolToolapplication in the code15:12
PupenoKMyNameIsNotBob: "manager", "schooltool".15:12
PupenoKok, solve the problem.15:12
MyNameIsNotBobPupenoK, thank you15:12
PupenoKignas: Ok, I'll take a look at the alternative.15:12
PupenoKignas: but ISchoolToolApplication is an interface, how it is supoused to replace a function ?15:15
ignasread the documentation for getSchoolToolApplication15:15
povbot/svn/commits: * pupeno committed revision 6138:15:42
povbot/svn/commits: Relative paths instead of long absolute ones.15:42
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6139:17:01
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed a bug, you could not look at the calendar of the last day in a term.17:01
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6140:17:26
povbot/svn/commits: Hooked up README doctest.17:26
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6141:18:42
povbot/svn/commits: Added the <security:aggregate_crowd> ZCML directive.18:42
povbot/svn/commits: Declared the 'administration' crowd using <aggregate_crowd> instead of having custom crowd class.18:42
povbot/svn/commits: As an aside, fixed some discriminator definitions, refactored some code to reduce duplication.18:42
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TvHello people. I think I have a fix for
TvBut roundup doesn't seem to be sending me my registration email, so I can't put it there ;)18:59
th1aTv:  Cool!19:03
Tvemailing -dev19:03
Tvah, just got the roundup email19:04
Tvissue updated19:07
Tvsorry for rushing, I just wanted to finish this before I get interrupted19:07
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6142:19:35
povbot/svn/commits: * checkPermission now raises an AssertionError if no matching crowds are found.  * Removed commented debug statements.  * Split checkPermission into several methods.  * Made tests prettier.19:35
Tvwell, the mailing list refused my post anyway ;)19:49
Tvfortunately roundup allowed me to register19:49
ignasTv, thanks for the patch, though you should read ...20:09
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ignasas it would not really work correctly with most of the timezones ...20:09
Tvignas: I'm not claiming it's not right, I'm claiming it works and looks pretty ;)20:09
Tverr, one "not" too many20:09
Tv 10 The user's preferred timezone should only be used when accepting 11 datetime input from the user, and when determining the day boundaries 12 on the calendar views.20:10
TvI'd say the change in my patch seems to be doing exactly the latter one.20:10
Tvcan you be more specific?20:11
TvI'm too distracted right now to digest all of timezones.txt20:13
ignasouch, apparently "combine" is not mentioned in the document :/20:18
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6143:20:18
ignasread the part that is talking about replace20:18
povbot/svn/commits: Implemented a checker for our special 'crowd.*' permissions in the security policy.20:18
ignasand assume that same rules apply to providing the timezone for the constructor of time and datetime20:19
ignasline 6120:19
ignasor should i say 57 ;)20:19
Tvah, that seems like a simple change20:21
ignasoh and if you would write a unit test too ;) it would be perfect (as I would not have to do it :)20:23
Tvtoday = tz.localize(cursor)?20:23
ignastoday = tz.localize(datetime.combine(cursor, time))20:24
Tvah, right, I thought time was datetime.time there20:26
Tvor, wait20:27
TvI'm too distracted to think ;)20:27
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felipe__Can I subscribe to the schooltool calendar with the thunderbird calendar plugin?20:43
felipe__I'm trying but mozilla calendar is asking for the location of the calendar file20:44
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ignasyes you can, you should see open in ical in the actions menu20:56
ignaswhen looking at your calendar20:56
ignasif you would copy that link to your mozilla calendar it should just work20:56
felipe__hmm I'll see20:57
ignasok, not just work, mozilla calendar can't handle timezones properly as well as schoolbell ...20:57
ignasschoolbell is kind of buggy and mozilla calendar just can't do timezones20:57
ignasso you will encounter weird bugs probably20:57
ignasbut if you are not using timezones20:57
ignaseverything should be more or less fine20:57
felipe__ahh...using timezones?20:57
ignasthere is a setting in your preferences20:58
ignasthat set's the timezone you are in20:58
felipe__how long does it takes to load the calendar once I hit ok?21:00
ignasshould not take long21:01
ignasit's quite fast i suppose21:01
ignasunless you have gazillion of events in there21:01
felipe__OK, It worked :)21:01
felipe__where's the timezone settings? to aviod it21:02
ignasin your user prefferences21:03
ignasshould be somewhere in the menu on the left21:03
felipe__I just installed SchooTool yesterday and Im playing with it. There is almos no documentation on how to do things21:05
felipe__If I make changes through mozilla calendar will they be reflected on schooltool?21:05
felipe__what about the calendars from courses or other things do they also are shown in mozilla calendar?21:06
ignasfelipe__: no calendars for courses are not shown in mozilla calendar21:07
ignasand i think you have to click on publish or something like that to synchronize mozilla calendar with schooltool calendar21:08
felipe__mmn, is there a weay that I can get the links for the other calendars in schooltool so I can add them to mozilla calendar?21:09
ignasgo to the calendar of some other user21:09
ignasand there should be a link "Open in iCal" too21:10
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6144:21:11
povbot/svn/commits: Added a missing unit test for checkCrowds of SchoolToolSecurityPolicy.21:11
felipe__what about the groups calendars?21:13
felipe__What I want to do I subscribe to all the calendars my user has in schooltool with mozilla calendar..21:14
felipe__Well I managed to subscribe to a student calendar :)21:17
felipe__I'll see if I can do the same with a course calendar21:17
ignascourse - not really, group - yes you can21:18
ignasyou can't subscribe to calendars generated from timetables ...21:19
felipe__well I just subscribed to a section calendar :)21:20
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ignasand it has no events ;)21:21
ignaswell ok, homeworks are events21:21
ignasbut nothing else21:21
ignaslike - actual section meetings21:21
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felipe__let me check it21:34
felipe__why it doesnt has events?21:36
felipe__Well basically I can subscribe to everything I have access in schooltool but the calendars generated by de time tables.21:47
th1afelipe__: Can you see your own timetable?21:48
felipe__nope :(21:49
* th1a checks the IRC backlog...21:50
felipe__BTW I'm not using the newest schooltool, Im using the one that comes with ubuntu breezy.21:51
felipe__thla, Is there a way to obtain the path for all the calendar one in subscribed in shooltool?21:53
th1aI'm not sure what you mean.21:54
felipe__thla, Well I'm using mozilla calendar and I have there my calendar(default), my gmail calendar, and I added my user schooltool calendar, the groups calendar and other. To do this I had to hunt for the path using the manager user. So If could get this info in one place it will be easier to add the calendars to other calendar software such as mozilla calendar.21:56
felipe__English is not my first language so....sorry for any mispelling :921:57
th1aNo problem.21:57
felipe__So, is there a link to get these paths?22:00
th1afelipe__:  I guess it is pretty clear that we've been focusing on the web interface and not use with external clients.22:00
th1aThe .ics file should always be in the same place relative to the web calendar.22:01
th1aI guess that's obvious though.22:03
felipe__thla, Well I can guess now the path to the calendar files, so for me is not a big deal, but to someone else it could.22:03
felipe__it would be nice to have a place where to get this paths easily. Just and Idea :o)22:03
th1aI'll give it some thought.22:03
th1aYou're right that it isn't easy enough.22:04
felipe__I'll be back I'm going to lunch22:04
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felipe__I'm back22:24
th1aI'm still here ;-)22:25
felipe__No lunch?22:25
th1aIt is after 3:00 here in Providence, RI.22:26
th1aRhode Island, USA.22:26
felipe__2:36 over here. Quito, Ecuador.22:26
th1afelipe__:  Do you work at a school?22:27
felipe__thla: No I just came back from Chili after finishing the univerisity. Currently I'm looking for a job. When I have time I try to learn everything related to edubuntu, I want to present a proyect here to help schools with low resourses :o)22:29
th1aI see.22:29
th1aI'm working on some code & a proposal for integrating more of the parts of Edubuntu (including SchoolTool).22:29
th1aSharing more data between the parts.22:30
felipe__thla: and my father has something to do with a small school, so they'll be my guinea (<- did I spelled that right) pigs.22:30
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felipe__I have to go, nice chatting with you. Its great to have direct access to the developers :o) and be heard.22:32
th1aThanks for your input, felipe__22:32
felipe__thla, Np. bye22:33
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