IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-06-01

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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6145:15:10
povbot/svn/commits: Decided to not go with the idea of crowds implicitly defininf a permission with the same name.15:10
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jelknerpcardune: got a few minutes?16:13
pcarduneI guess so16:13
jelknerpcardune: why the "guess"?16:14
pcardunewell, I'm showing woo around the new schooltool16:14
pcardunebut we can stop for a few minutes16:14
jelknerok, let me be brief then16:14
pcarduneI mean, we only have one computer, so we'll have to stop at some point no matter what16:14
jelknerr u ready 4 saturday?16:14
pcarduneWhat's on staurday?16:15
pcardune(that was woo)16:15
jelkneri think we should have our modus operandi in place by then16:15
pcarduneIs it really this saturday?16:15
jelkner10 am to 5 pm16:15
jelknereveryone will be there16:16
jelkneryou are leading ;-)16:16
pcarduneI guess it really is already the first of june16:16
pcardunewell, no. I'm not ready for saturday16:16
jelknerwell, you have today and tomorrow to change that16:16
pcardunewe need to set ourselves up over here at ACC16:16
jelknerwhat can i do to help?16:16
jelknerjstraw will help with that16:16
pcarduneI guess we'll have to take over a classroom16:17
jelknerjason can tell you that16:17
pcarduneand we are going to need enough computers so people can at least pair16:17
jelknerwelsh and straw, not your worry16:17
pcarduneand you and I need to come up with a written down list of what is going to happen16:17
pcarduneincluding a schedule16:17
pcardunelike maybe the first hour should be a walkthrough or something16:17
pcarduneIt won't take more than an hour to get ready for saturday16:18
jelknerthat is generally how sprints work16:18
pcardunebut i haven't really had a spare hour yet16:18
jelknerthe first few hours should be some kind of tutorial16:18
pcarduneor at least one with you or welsh for better user stories16:18
jelknerthe rest of the day spent hacking16:18
pcarduneby better i meant more16:18
jelknertalk to dave about that today16:19
jelkneri'm sorry he isn't there16:19
pcarduneit's fine16:19
jelknerlet's postpone all this discussion until he gets here16:19
pcardunewe have stuff to work on in the interim16:19
jelknerwhat we need to decide now is the repository quesiton16:20
jelknerat least as far as saturday goes16:20
jelknerif we use bzr on local machines, can you take anything produced and get it into the main code base?16:21
pcardunei think so16:21
pcardunelet's go ahead and try bzr16:21
jelkneryes, i think that makes the most sense16:21
pcardunesaturday can be the big test day for bzr16:21
jelknereasiest to accomplish16:21
jelknerkjcole will be there to help with that16:22
pcardunewe can switch back to svn if we need to16:22
jelknerok, i'll let you work with woo16:22
pcarduneok then16:22
pcardunebye bye16:22
jelkneri'll check back in at 1:30 pm16:22
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6146:17:23
povbot/svn/commits: Make advisor and team selection work.17:23
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6147:17:53
povbot/svn/commits: Added Crowds for section instructors and pupils of sections.17:53
ignasfaassen: ping17:54
faassenignas: pong.18:01
ignasit's WIP18:03
ignasbut you can look at it to know what to expect18:03
ignasWork In Progress18:03
faassenah okay.18:03
faassenI'll take a look, thanks.18:03
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whaddonpcardune: I still do not understand how to create an adapter18:45
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6148:18:46
povbot/svn/commits: Make section information and section calendar access configurable.18:46
ignaswhaddon: which part don't you understand? how to write a class/function that is an adapter or how to register it in ZCML?18:46
ignasor how to register one in unit tests ?18:47
pcarduneor how they are suppose to work conceptually18:48
whaddonI do not understand how to convert an existing class into an adapter18:49
pcardunedo you have the adapter registered in zcml already?18:50
pcarduneremind me again what you are adapting18:50
whaddonI was adapting a class representing a person into one representing a student18:51
pcarduneoh right18:51
pcarduneyour adapter should be a function18:52
whaddonWhat do you mean?18:52
ignasfaassen: are you going to fix the deprecation warning in the zc.resourcelibrary egg ? or maybe you have fixed it already and all i need is to do some magic to update the egg ...18:52
pcardunewell, an adapter is just anything that converts one object into another object, it doesn't matter what form it is in18:53
faassenignas: I still need to go fix it, I'll do that.18:53
pcarduneyou can convert objects using functions if you want18:53
pcarduneso you would have a function called personToStudentAdapter18:53
ignasfaassen: thank you18:53
pcarduneand it would take as an argument the person object18:54
pcardunethen you would want to create a student object, in this function, using whatever attributes cross over (like first name, last name, etc.)18:54
pcardunefrom the original person object18:54
pcarduneit might look like student = Student(person.firstName, person.lastName, .....)18:55
pcardunethen you want to return the student object18:55
pcardunestart with that18:56
whaddonShould first name, last name, etc. still be in the student interface?18:56
pcarduneyes, as those are important aspects of what defines a student18:56
whaddonOK. I will do that.18:56
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6149:19:01
povbot/svn/commits: Renamed CalendarParentCrowd to ConfigurableCrowd.19:01
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6150:19:17
povbot/svn/commits: Moved ConfigurableCrowd to the security policy module.19:17
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pcardunefaassen, or anyone else:  how do you use the date format settings to display some date and time according to a user's settings?19:41
faassenpcardune: let me find you some sample code.19:42
pcardunethanks, i couldn't find any after a brief search19:43
faassenwhere ViewPreferences you get like this..19:43
faassenfrom import ViewPreferences19:43
faassendatetime needs to be stored as UTC.19:43
faassenit will use the user's timezone settings to render.19:43
faassento make a now() utc, do:19:44
faassenwith a: from pytz import utc19:44
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mgedminmake UTC now!19:59
mgedminsounds like a spammish email subject19:59
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faassenin the future, every line you say will be like a spammish email subject.20:04
faassenas spammers will generate all possible sentences.20:04
faassenand all impossible ones too.20:04
faassenlike viaGARRGGHH here!20:04
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wdickersHey, pcardune?20:25
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pcardune<dwoo> william, what are you doing here?20:30
wdickersxD I'm waiting for some help, I e-mailed you about my tal:repeat problem. I dont' know how to make it cycle through WorkLog's objects20:30
pcardune<dwoo> Carduner is afk.20:31
wdickersOh, hey Woo. Do  you know when he'll be back?20:32
pcardune<dwoo> Right now.20:32
wdickersExcellent20:32 he back?20:38
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wdickersnvm, class is over -_-20:42
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th1aWhoa.  Rapid consolidation in the US SIS market:
jelknerpcardune: you here?21:00
pcarduneif you tried to call, i get no cell phone reception here, and welsh is on the phone21:01
pcardunehe got here 30 minutes ago21:01
jelknercan i call him on his office phone?21:01
pcardunehe is in a conference call21:01
jelknerdo you have a local extension i can call?21:02
pcardunei don't know21:03
jelknercan u find out?21:03
pcardunethat one should work21:05
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