IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2006-05-30

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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6128:15:07
povbot/svn/commits: Move table macros into a more reusable location.15:07
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6129:15:31
povbot/svn/commits: Move more generic table code into skin.15:31
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6130:15:48
povbot/svn/commits: Added some preliminary documentation for the security policy.15:48
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* th1a returns after the Memorial Day weekend.16:13
ignasth1a: could you try out the svn+ssh:// branch16:14
ignasit is not completely finishred yet, though you could see the access control view16:14
ignasand look whether such model suits you16:15
th1aignas:  That's pretty much what I was imagining.16:28
ignasany notes, ideas for improvement ?16:28
th1aUh... "Access Control" should be bold?16:29
ignasthe list is generated automatically, thus anyone adding a plug-in for schooltool will  be able to add his own settings16:29
th1aAh.  That's good.16:29
ignasjust 1 zcml directive and you get your configurable setting in the "access control" view16:30
th1aignas: Isn't Zope 3 wonderful?16:31
ignasnah, not really16:31
th1aOK, let's get started.16:31
th1aI'm sorry I didn't send out my usual little reminder/agenda.16:31
* faassen waits for the gavel.16:32
faassenand the shuffling of papers.16:32
th1aWe went for a hike yesterday and I fell asleep yesterday.16:32
* th1a shuffles some papers.16:32
faassenyou went for a hike yesterday and you fell asleep during the hike?16:32
th1aFell asleep when I got back, I mean, earlier than usual.16:32
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th1aHi PupenoK.16:32
algaHi all.16:33
faassenhey. :)16:33
th1aAnyhow, I also couldn't think of anything pressing we needed to discuss, aside from everyone's progress.16:33
th1aAnd if you're running into any particular issues we need to discuss.16:34
th1aSo... shall we start with faassen?16:34
faassenuh, okay.16:35
faassenwe did a lot of things.16:35
faassenPupeno fixed the form layout and the display template layouts for formlib use.16:35
faassenI did quite a bit of work on utilities.16:36
faassenso it's easier to register local utilities.16:36
faassenthe person object is now created using such a utility, so it's fairly easy to make different person objects be created (though I want to discuss issues with that later, see also my email to the list yesterday016:36
faassenanyway, that person factory caused some code to get simpler again and move away from demographics.16:37
faassenI almost wiped out the use of the custom datewidget.16:37
faassenand using zc.datetimewidget now (which is now an egg dependency along with zc.i18n)16:37
faassenthere are some particularly funky cases in the recurrence form that I left in for now.16:38
faassenthough if we can clean those up that means we can dump our whole datewidget implementation with a centrally maintained one.16:38
faassenthe table of persons sorts now with the recent modified date on top by default, thanks to Pupeno.16:38
faassenwe extended the search stuff.16:38
faassenso you can now search for people by parent and student id.16:39
faassenthe sample data story was extended in demograhpics so parents are created.16:39
faassenit means that people can have two female parents, and such, according to the name, but who cares. :)16:39
faassenwe use formlib now for the addform, which was an incredible amount of work.16:40
faassenas we needed to fix tests all over the place.16:40
faassenso we use the password widget we introduced, and we're in a better position to extend it.16:40
faassen(though that also ties in to the later discussion I mentioned just now)16:40
th1aIn the email?16:40
faassenwe're currently working on making the drop-down lists select from the list of teachers for mentor and such.16:40
faassenyeah, in that mail.16:40
faassenand some zc.table code has moved into as it was reusable.16:41
faassenthat's basically it.16:41
faassenas to status for a release.16:41
faassenthere are a number of open issues.16:41
faassenthe selecting of groups and teachers for the schooldata form. we'll get that done today I expect.16:42
faassensorting by last name requires the last name to be required in the add form, which ties into the discussion again.16:42
faassenand we want to finally make the table view the default view for pesrons, and do away with the old index.html16:42
faassenthis still requires some tweaks of various templates, to preserve all original functionality.16:43
faassenin particular, the default person display form needs to be integrated with the demographics.16:43
faassenalso, I don't know whether this release needs evolution scripts, but if so, we will need to quite a bit of work on that, as we introduced catalog indexes which need to be installed and filled and such fun.16:44
faassenthe main blocking thing is the whole add form discussion.16:44
th1aOK.  We'll come back to that, then.16:44
faassenwant to do the PoV report first and then go into a discussiona bout that?16:44
faassenoh, and in general:16:44
faassenit would be nice if someone looked at the UI and gave UI feedback.16:44
th1aOK.  I will.16:45
faassenwe keep running into stuff where we suspect things could be better, but we can not determine priority, and some of the work that could be better would be quite a bit of work.16:45
faassenand we probably miss stuff that could be better entirely that *could* be improved. :)16:45
faassenas another topic I'd like to discuss today is the release planning.16:45
faassenas the deadline for that is today.16:46
faassenand how we proceed from there as Infrae.16:46
faassenokay, done for now. :)16:46
th1aThanks, faassen.16:46
ignasWell, we added customisation interface for access control settings, fixed some functional tests, implemented a few cells in the permission table16:48
ignasadded a self relationship and a membership relationship16:48
ignasat the moment i am converting the open office table into a plain text one16:48
ignasso it would be easier to track changes that we are making16:49
ignasas some parts like "changing password" will eventually need their own permissions16:49
ignaswe can't really cover everything with edit / view permissions16:50
ignasgintas started working on the documentation for the security policy16:50
th1aI suspected that, but it made it a lot easier to get 80% there.16:50
ignaswell, we will still need some testing from your side, just to be sure that users can see everything they need16:51
ignasand can't do anything they are not supposed to16:51
ignasas the table does not cover 100.0%16:51
ignasof the functionality16:51
ignasthough extending the policy with new rules is a breeze16:52
ignashope it's not because me and gintas have designed it from the bottom and know everything ;)16:52
th1aI hope so too.16:53
ignasthat's it i think16:54
th1aSounds good though.16:54
faassenI'm glad the new security policy story seems to be working out. :)16:54
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th1aHi HL116:55
th1aI'd like to introduce Helen King (HL1)16:55
ignasfaassen: hope you will be as happy then you will see the code and ways of extending it :)16:55
th1aShe's the International Relations person at The Shuttleworth Foundation.16:56
faassenhi HL1. :)16:56
faassenwhat does that mean?16:56
HL1Not sure why it is HL1 - supposed to be HLK16:56
th1aIt means she's the person at TSF I talk to :-)16:56
HL1but I can deal16:56
HL1oh - I thought you meant the name!16:56
th1aAnd she flys around the world talking to bigwigs.16:56
th1aSorry to interrupt the flow of things.16:57
th1aHL1 and I have some things to discuss after the meeting... in the meantime.16:57
th1aShould we return to faassen's email?  Does everyone have that?16:58
th1aDoes anyone not?16:58
faassenHL1: I didn't mean the name, but that's interesting too. :)16:58
faassenHL1: perhaps there's already a HLK here, I think often the software then replaces the last letter with 1 or something like that.16:59
faassenHL1: (somewhere on irc)16:59
th1afaassen:  So the sticking point is that the way things are set up now we can't require last name?16:59
faassenthat's the specific problem. the general problem is what belongs in person and what belongs in demographics.16:59
th1aI'm not in favor of a solution that would take a lot of time at this point.17:00
faassenwhen I start moving the table.html to become the index.html of person that will become even more important.17:00
faassenas table.html is defined in demographics. index.html is defined in person.17:00
faassenand I try to keep the two apart so that person can theoretically be reused.17:01
faassenbut that's not really testable right now.17:01
ignasthe hacky and fast way is to make last name an attribute of person.Person, and fix all the tests17:01
faassenignas: well, fixing all the tests takes hours of work.17:01
faassenignas: I just did it with the password change yesterday.17:01
faassenignas: I guess it will be a trifle faster this time round, but it was a pain.17:02
faassenignas: but yeah, that'd be the hacky way.17:02
th1aThe reason there are so many tests to fix is that so many tests of other objects create persons?17:02
ignasthe nice and slow way would be to (at last, we needed that a lot) to make functional tests test layers17:02
ignaslike all ftests that involve timetables are in the timetable module17:02
ignasand any other module that does not depend on timetables17:02
ignasjust can't see them in the user interface17:02
ignasthough it would be a considerable amount of work17:03
ignasstarting from person/person duality would be an idea ...17:03
faassenth1a: yeah, that's the reason, there's lots and lots of places, so each time that form is changed, all the tests break.17:03
faassenalso it's just ..these conflicting pressures.17:03
th1aGah. :-(17:03
faassenon the one hand you want stuff to be done quickly.17:03
faassenon the other hand we know we need to be able to quickly modify stuff n the coming months, when people start testing this.17:04
faassenand in addition, in september or so we know there will need to be alternative demographics screens.17:04
faassenand then there's also the "schoolbell needs to work!" issue.17:04
ignasfaassen: another way is (not a nice but usable) to add functions that use REST interface into some testing module17:04
ignasand not use the real UI for creating persons17:04
faassenwhere I can't modify person so much that schoolbell will be hopelessly intertwined iwth demographics.17:04
th1aDon't worry about SchoolBell.17:04
ignasthough that defeats the purpose of the functional testing in a way17:04
faassenwell, the intertwined issue is relevant.17:04
faassenwell, what I would prefer is a functional test layer taht includes the demographics layer.17:05
faassenand one without the demographics UI layer.17:05
faassenand then you can test both.17:05
faassenI'm talking about two concepts of layer here.17:05
ignasschooltool test runner doesn't have layers iirc :/17:05
faassena functional test layer and a skin layer.17:05
faassenyeah, the special way schooltool does setup bit me.17:05
faassenand the special test runner did too (it makes moving eggs  from Zope3/src into src impossible I think)17:06
faassenas the special test runner lacks a feature to run the egg tests.17:06
faassenwhen eggs are installed in development mode.17:06
faassenanyway, yesterday I was swearing at the heavy testing a lot. it really makes it harder to make what one would expect trivial changes.17:06
faassenexpect to be.17:06
faassenof course it catches errors, but it's sapping agility too.17:07
th1afaassen:  I wonder about that too.17:07
faassenanyway, of cousre we can hack in lastname.17:07
faassenand update all the tests.17:07
faassensomeone in the future adding something else to this form17:07
faassen(and this is very likely to come up in the next months!)17:08
faassenwill have to do the same.17:08
faassenat least if it's required.17:08
ignasfaassen: not really17:08
faassenignas: not really what?17:08
th1aWell, I think next time we fix it for real.17:08
ignasif i understand correctly, now we are very time constrained17:08
ignasand it is the ONLY reason why one would hack17:08
ignassomething like this without a long term solution17:08
faassenwell, I'll have to go through all the test a second time.17:08
faassenand if next week we think, oops, we want 'foo' as well being required in the add form.17:09
faassenthen we'll go again.17:09
ignasand I hope that such things like sacrificing long term design for short term speed will not become a common thing17:09
th1aThey might for the next four months or so.17:09
th1aIf we're ever going to release a beta.17:09
th1aThen we'll have some time to refactor.17:10
PupenoKThe main problem was sorting on last names, right ?17:10
faassenanyway, I make short term choices all the time, this one is just one where I see the right fix as not being that far awy from the hacky fix, if this happens a few more times.17:10
faassenPupenoK: yeah, if we want to do that, last name has to be required, and thus in the add form.17:10
th1aPupenoK:  True.17:10
faassenwe could drop the sorting on last name option, but I agree that it is silly to sort on first + last name.17:10
th1aWe could also hack in a hacky heuristic to guess the last name.17:10
ignasfaassen: an idea17:10
PupenoKwhat if we just generate the last name from the full name for the time being, that might be a good-enough-by-now solution.17:11
ignasfaassen: listening ?17:11
faassenthat won't even work probably for the testdata we have now, th1a..anyway, it's silly as we have a last name field and it *should* be easy to change that form.17:11
faassenignas: yes.17:11
ignasfaassen: what i see as the bigest problem with current tests is not that they are too brittle (they got a lot better with testbrowser)17:11
faassenPupenoK: lastnames and first names with multiple components will make this hard to do reliably, and it feels entirely wrong to me as we *have* a last name field.17:11
ignasfaassen: but the amount of duplication17:11
th1afaassen, Oh yeah.  We know the last name.17:11
th1aWell, if they don't have a last name, they're first in the sort?17:12
th1aHow about that?17:12
ignasfaassen: and the short term solution that i would bet on is - moving creation of a person into a function in some testing module (we did that with mongo timetable setup) and only fixing that 1 place instead of doing it in 20 functional tests17:12
faassenignas: the amount of duplication is definitely the cause of lots of pain here. it's used in test setup code everywhere.17:12
th1aWe need some DRY in ftests.17:13
ignasth1a: yes, exactly17:13
faassenth1a: I guess that's possible. we could expose lastname explicitly.17:13
faassenignas: there's a function like that already, i'ts just not used in most places.17:13
faassenignas: but yeah, that's what I thought of yesterday.17:14
faassenignas: that would be an intermediate fix.17:14
th1aIn reality, the particular problem that is hanging us up is not a big problem.17:14
th1aI mean, sorting by last names.17:14
th1aWe're not testing in any country that doesn't use last names.17:14
ignasfaassen: i think not just intermediate, if you have the functionality of adding a person in a single place, you can change the form all you want pretty painlesly17:14
faassenno, this is technically simple. though of course now the add form is in person and we want to add the last name in demographics and there's no way to override but a brittle ZCML override.17:15
faassenI really don't think this is the right solution on the long term, as the add form is *not* changing in schooltool core.17:15
ignasfaassen: i even wanted to inherit from a base testbrowser class, so i could do manager = SchoolToolBrowser(); manager.createPerson(name="John")17:15
faassenit's going to change in extensions. and demograhpics pretends to be an extension.17:15
faassenwhether that's a fiction or not I've gotten conflicting input about from the start.17:15
faassenignas: you'll still have to make up a fake required last name as a default paramater, but yeah, that can work.17:16
faassenagain, let's not focus on last name as the only story here. it's just the 50th time I run into the whole demographics, what is it? question.17:16
ignasfaassen: we have a random name generator in sample data ;)17:16
faassenI'll run into it again and again, as I replace the table for instance.17:16
ignasfaassen: moving functionality from schooltool test runner into zope3 testrunner and using zope3 testrunner was the plan, though no one actually implemented it yet :/17:16
faassenright now, there are probably lots of tests for persons/index.html17:17
faassenonce I use table.html there, which in demographics add columns, which could change, we have a related 'how do we test this scenaro'17:17
faassenI can of course punt on this for last name and I understand the consensus to be so, and we can make a createPerson function (or extend the existing one and put it into a reusable place)17:17
ignasfaassen: not that there are many tests, there is a lot of duplication though, all the test follow the same pattern ...17:17
faassenbut i's not the solution to all our problems.17:17
faassenanyway, the underlying problem is that we want to test person, and test demographics, independenty.17:18
faassenor not.17:18
ignasindeed, but devising a system that would allow to test schooltool in separate layers like (schoolbell layer, schooltool layer, demographics layer etc.) is not something one can do in 10 minutes :/17:18
faassenif not, I can move demographics into person and just test that.17:18
faassenyes, of cousre not.17:19
faassenI'm just bringing it up as I bump into it over and over again.17:19
PupenoKAnother idea for the tests.17:19
ignasand if i understand you don't really have the time required to implement it now ...17:19
faassenanyway, conclusions: we'll start using a reusable createPerson function for browser tests.17:19
faassenwe'l put in a fake last name in there.17:19
ignasfaassen: +117:19
faassenand modify everything.17:20
faassenI don't know what to do for the add form.17:20
faassenI mean, the browser test will implicity become aware of demographics.17:20
faassenbut the core shouldn't know about demographics. or should it?17:20
ignasfaassen: if you will encounter some other easily refactorable places and will be in a mood of fixing them ... ;)17:20
faassendo we override the addform in person in demographics? if so, how do we even *test* the add form in person?17:20
ignasfaassen: the core is aware of timetables and pretty much everything17:20
PupenoKWhy not having each module prefixing its name to the all the forms and pages and doing tests to its own functionality. And then ensuring the right extension is picked up by giving some generic names to those same pages.17:20
ignasso at the moment the core knowing about demographics is not making it that much worse17:21
faassenPupenoK: I think you're talking about test layers hacked up by prefix?17:21
th1aI agree with ignas.17:21
faassenignas: yeah, I know.17:21
faassenbut I am responding to rather strongly worded complaints.17:21
faassenremember I started modifying person?17:21
faassenand I also kept hearing, well, we'll need to customize this.17:21
ignasPupenoK: they are using a common ZCML for functional tests at the moment thus it is not really easy to unhook everything and make prefixes work17:21
faassenwe're really going back and forth on this.17:22
PupenoKso demographicsAddForm.html is the demographics add form and personAddForm.htm is the person add form, and addForm.html is one of them (configurable somewhere) but it is never ever used for testing.17:22
PupenoKfaassen: yes.17:22
PupenoKignas: ok.17:22
faassenPupenoK: you can solve that prettily using skins.17:22
th1afaassen:  It is the great dilemma of SchoolTool.17:22
faassenPupenoK: you simply have tw addForm.html, one for both skin.17:22
faassenPupenoK: and then you test each skin.17:22
faassenPupenoK: skins can also extend each other, etc.17:23
faassenth1a: yes.17:23
ignasit is the dilemma of - whether we want a cleanly extensible core, or a working beta :/17:23
faassenwell, I vote working beta too.17:23
faassenbut in that case I'll give up demographics independence from person for now.17:23
faassenI suspect I have to anyway.17:23
faassento replace bits of the UI.17:23
th1aOK.  You have my blessing.17:23
th1aI'll protect you from mgedmin and srichter.17:23
faassenI still believe I have pieces in place to refactor this relatively easily to reusability.17:24
faassenin a few months.17:24
* mgedmin puts down his crossbow quietly17:24
faassenokay, good, thanks.17:24
faassenI mean, I am frustrated by it, not so much by mgedmin or srichter17:24
faassenit's that I want this to be customizable, so I go back and forth in my mind too.17:24
faassenthe benefit is that I have lots of ideas and I think we can make this work while still not making it insanely hard to program.17:24
th1aThat is good ;-)17:25
faassenbut I'll worry about that later.17:25
faassenmgedmin: why a crossbow by the way? how that is going to help against my unobtanium shielding?17:25
th1aIt seems like a classic Lithuanian weapon.17:26
mgedminI have irresistable force bolts ;)17:26
mgedminyour unmovable unobtainium shielding has no chance17:26
faassenoh, good.17:26
th1aLithuania was at its military peak in the 14th century, so that's about right for crossbows.17:26
mgedminwell, at least the tickets will sell good17:26
faassencrossbows make for better movies?17:27
faassenmgedmin, vampire hunter?17:27
th1aOr are crossbows later?17:27
faassenI think crossbows were around then.17:27
faassenwikipedia has them entering european warfare around 800.17:28
ignasth1a: crossbows were too hight tech for lithuania, mostly there were clubs, and perfect knowledge of the terrain (99% woods and unpassable swamps) ;)17:28
faassenof course the chinese had been using them 50 million years before already, using paper money arrows.17:28
th1aAnd the best horses in the world.17:28
algawhy crossbow?17:29
faassenanyway, Pope Urban II banned the use of the crossbow against christians in 1097.17:29
algaelves use normal bows17:29
faassenI'm sure lots of people obeyed that order.17:29
faassenwell, mgedmin is a high tech elf.17:30
th1aAnd with that, our hour is up.17:30
* th1a bangs the virtual gravel.17:31
th1aHave a good week, folks!17:31
faassenokay. the demographics package willl weaves its evil tendrils all into schooltool.17:31
faassensucking its life energy from it.17:31
ignasfaassen: ;)17:31
faassenth1a: thanks17:32
faassenth1a: anyway, release?17:32
faassenth1a: I thought we were going to wrap up stuff for an alpha today?17:32
faassenth1a: or something like taht?17:32
th1afaassen:  When you're ready.17:32
faassenokay, I'll try to be ready by tomorrow or thursday.17:32
th1aThis is an arbitrary deadline, as opposed to the real deadlines we'll start having soon.17:33
faassenI'll send a mail to the list then.17:33
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:33
faassenwell, I have to do some other stuff too here, planningwise.17:33
th1afaassen:  Yes.17:33
faassenoh, by the way, next week monday is another holiday here, ascension day.17:33
faassenluckily pupeno can proceed.17:33
faassenoh, we should give him svn access.17:33
faassenwho should we contact for the keys to the svn?17:33
th1aEssentially, you'll be blocked by srichter for the month of June.17:33
faassenth1a: okay.17:34
th1aOh... mgedmin or alga, I believe.17:34
faassenI'm okay with reviewing his patches for now.17:34
th1afaassen:  Plan on some SchoolTool time in July, please.17:34
faassenanyway, we'll contact them later this week.17:34
faassenand get it arranged.17:34
th1aAnd it will be much less deep voodoo.17:34
th1aHopefully ;-)17:34
faassenth1a: okay, i'll try, though my vacatino is also planned into july, and europython into early july.17:35
mgedminfaassen: just email the ssh public key and a preferred username17:35
faassenmgedmin: okay, I'll have him do that.17:35
faassenPupenoK: you hear that? mail that to mgedmin. :)17:35
PupenoKmgedmin: email address ?17:35
th1aHL1:  Still here?17:36
th1aHL1: Hi again.17:37
th1aDo you have any more sense of what information they actually want from this request?17:38
HL1not really717:39
th1aIt is a strange document.17:39
HL1I think we should go with original plan17:39
th1aDo we need to discuss the accept/don't accept questions?17:39
HL1we do - if we want them to read the rest of it17:39
HL1pain - I know - but am happy to do it17:40
th1aI mean, do we need to discuss what our answers will be?17:40
HL1I went through them  - I was not opposed to accepting any of them - they are all very 'in principle' - i.e. if you were to get the contract etc....17:40
HL1did you look at the bottom part of:
HL1the gov OS strat has not been touched since June last year....17:41
th1aI can write something up.17:41
HL1but they are there in principle...17:42
th1aThe thing is, realistically, the most that is likely to happen is to import/export according to the data dictionary they're already working on.17:42
th1aWhich one would hope they were planning anyhow.17:43
HL1implications for interoperability?17:43
th1aI mean, that's how you'd handle interoperability, short of building a full web service system,17:43
th1awhich would be considerably more complex and risky.17:43
HL1ahhh - ok17:43
HL1so that is all good?17:44
th1aWhat it comes down to is that we can make a pretty simple technical request.17:44
th1aWhich hopefully they were planning on doing anyhow.17:44
th1aI should read over the document to see what it says about that.17:44
HL1never assume ANYTHING!17:44
HL1it does not say much about that sort of thing - just gives a huge list of odd 'specs'17:45
HL1they don;t appear to be real specs17:45
HL1just a list of user requirements - saying what but not how17:45
th1aIs it OK if I write a draft later today?17:46
HL1sure thing17:46
th1aOK.  I'll do that.  Should be short and simple, I presume.17:47
HL1I will set up the doc with all of the accept/do not accept etc....17:47
HL1short and simple - the name of the game!17:47
HL1thanks Tom17:47
th1aThank you Helen.  Shoudl I post it on the wiki or email it?17:47
th1aOr both?17:47
HL1later potater17:48
PupenoKmgedmin: mail sent.17:51
mgedminPupenoK: mail received17:53
mgedminPupenoK: account created, please test -- access instructions are on
mgedminnote in particular that the filesystem path part differs for http:// and svn+ssh:// access17:56
jintyfaassen: still there?17:56
PupenoKmgedmin: thanks.17:57
PupenoKworking :)17:59
faassenjinty: on phone18:01
*** alga has quit IRC18:09
faassenjinty: back18:11
jintyfaassen: ok, re the zc.* eggs18:11
jintysince you seem to be taking care of them18:12
jintyor not, I don't know18:12
jintyany objections if I re-release them with updated copyright18:12
jintyand include tar.gz with the eggs?18:12
jintywell, not re-release, more just a new release18:15
*** PupenoK has quit IRC18:15
faassenjinty: sure, do you want to update the version numbers?18:17
faassenjinty: or not?18:17
faassenjinty: no objections to you releasing newer versions.18:17
faassenjinty: I'm taking care of them, in the sense that I just did the minimal stuff to have them work. :)18:17
jintyfaassen: yep, like 0.5 -> 0.5118:18
* jinty will add his own minimal stuff18:18
jintyany ideas how I can guide people to always release a .tar.gz when they release an egg?18:19
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6131:18:19
povbot/svn/commits: Updated security policy docs.18:19
jintyfaassen: my current best idea is a makefile rule18:19
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6132:18:24
povbot/svn/commits: Removed the old ACL page.18:24
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6133:18:26
povbot/svn/commits: Noted that local grants are gone.18:26
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool18:27
faassenjinty: where does one release a .tar.gz?18:28
faassenjinty: I mean, I only release the eggs, but where would one put the tgz?18:28
jintythe same place as the eggs I presume?18:29
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6134:18:29
povbot/svn/commits: Mentioned the custom security policy in app/security.txt.18:29 has quit a few tar.gz there18:29
*** whaddon has quit IRC18:30
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool18:32
faassenjinty: okay, I'll place them there.18:33
faassenjinty: a makefile rule would be easiest for me, sure.18:33
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6135:18:33
povbot/svn/commits: Cosmetic fix.18:33
jintyfaassen: thanks, I'll go and get them copyright clean enough to pass the debian gatekeepers.18:36
faassenjinty: great!18:41
*** whaddon has quit IRC18:52
*** whaddon has joined #schooltool18:53
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6136:18:55
povbot/svn/commits: Remove password editing logic from the person edit form; we now have a separate form for this.18:55
*** whaddon has quit IRC18:57
*** HL1 has left #schooltool19:26
ignasth1a: ping :)19:31
*** srichter has quit IRC20:02
th1aignas:  pong.20:31
ignassome questions ...20:31
ignaschangePassword is a preference or deserves a row of it's own?20:32
ignascalendar overlay list should go where, as at the moment we are leaning to special casing it (only allow owners look or edit the overlay list)20:33
th1aI think it does deserve a row of its own.20:33
th1aBut if it is going to break a bunch of stuff...20:33
th1ait might not be worth it.20:34
th1aCalendar overlays:  that sounds right.  Owners only.20:34
ignasth1a: not really break, and if we will get LDAP some time, we will want to disallow users changing their passwords while still letting them to edit their preferences ...20:34
th1aThey are different things, really.20:35
ignasgintas just explained me a way to do a really simple security policy that would cover all schooltool usecases elegantly20:36
ignasbut there is no way to do that in Zope3 :/20:36
ignasok, byew20:38
th1aGood night!20:39
*** ignas has quit IRC20:56
*** faassen has quit IRC21:08
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool21:17
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool21:48
*** thisfred has quit IRC22:15
*** srichter has joined #schooltool22:20
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:51

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