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blue-froghi have downloaded a po file from rosetta. translated it completely and compiled it, restarted schooltool. Still have english in the site. is there an easy way to find out what I need to implement in the po file to add translations?13:51
jintyblue-frog: Is your browser's default english? Is the lang config file variable set to auto?13:53
blue-frogwill verify this in a moment.. am installing kubuntu on a separate partition right now (4 minute left..)13:55
blue-frogbut i believe the answer will be yes as am doing this when useing fr language for the session13:55
blue-frogalso in ../fr/LC_MESSAGES i ahve a and are both files used?13:56
jintyonly I believe13:57
jintydid you contact Nicolas?13:58
blue-froganother thing when gtting the po file from rosetta, had to do some reformatting of the file. format was not good all the way13:58
blue-frogyes am talking with him thru email13:58
jintyyou mean rosetta gave you a file with a bad format?13:59
blue-frogwhile in rosetta I went thru (almost) all translations, a lot of them were garbage (especially in the sections and terms translations13:59
blue-frogyes for bad format (not all of it though)13:59
blue-frogfew strings were not correct and some "  were missing14:00
jintyI've seen some things like that before...14:00
jintyperhaps filing a bug on rosetta might help14:01
jintywill you be translating the current trunk, or stable release?14:01
blue-frogsry don't understand, 2 days ago was my first time translating something ever..14:02
jintyah, ok14:02
jintywe have 2 releases, the old one which is in ubuntu right now14:03
blue-frogam willing to translate whatever from the start to the end as if you don't have the whole picture somr translation may be akward in the end14:03
jintyand the one which is being developed right now14:03
blue-frogbtw rosetta says schooltoll is translated 100% in french, it's far from being the case, is that normal?14:04
jintyIn my opinion it's a bug14:05
blue-frogsry where do I see default language for firefox?14:06
blue-frogok got it14:06
blue-frogfrench is at the top14:06
jintyok, that's right, now is the lang option in the schooltool config file set to auto?14:07
blue-frogah ah hang on, quick hint to find the conf file pls?14:07
jintyyou installed the schooltool package?14:08
blue-frogi installed edubuntu14:08
jintyif so then /etc/schooltool/schooltool.conf14:08
blue-frogok got it14:08
jintythen it's there14:08
blue-froghave nothing about language apparently in there14:09
jintyok, is the translation working anywau?14:09
blue-frognot everything, some yes14:09
blue-frogfor example..14:10
jintyok, then it's picking up your language setting. only the translation is not complete14:10
jintyif you want a good translation of schooltool, you will also need a good translation of schoolbell and zope itself14:10
blue-frogI just did localhost:7080, have the calander pour schooltool (normal i left schooltool as it is) but then I have Monday but I translated the days in the po file for sure14:11
jintyeach depends on the other14:11
blue-frogbtw in the po file from rosetta some links points to /home/jinty/... meaning that when I compile it won't find the actual file on my pc, correct?14:12
jintybut those are just comments, no?14:13
blue-frogyes indeed they have # in front14:13
jintyanyway, it's a small bug that is long since fixed on the schooltool trunk14:14
blue-frogsomething weird.. I click on log in, then the log in page is displayed and on the menu on the left I have actions and underneath show calendar (voir le calendrirer) calendrirer is spelled wrongly, I make a search in ht epo file and can't find calendrirer, does it link to what you were sayning to me about zope and schoolbell?14:16
jintyI think most of the calendaring related translations would come from schoolbell14:17
blue-frogok will translate this then.  one last thing. I will have reviewed, corrected soon the po file I have downloaded. what's the next step? I upload it to rosetta?14:18
jintybut in my opinion it would be better if you were translating the schooltool trunk14:20
jintyrather than the released version14:20
jintyunless you need to use the translated released version.14:20
blue-frogwell as I told you I can translate whatever BUT i need to translate what I have now as I would like to make a demo next week at a school and I would prefer having as little english as possible14:21
jintyok, then that first;)14:22
blue-frogoh found a bug in schoolbell apparently just now :)14:22
jinty-> issues.schooltool.org14:22
blue-frogabout this schooltool trunk where do I find that?14:22
jintyinstall subversion14:23
blue-frogyes yes it's giving me  the issue tracker14:23
blue-frogsubversion ah am afraid this will have to wait14:23
blue-frogam a network admin and advanced user but there are some stuff still unknown to me as I am no devs. I know what it is and what it's used for but going into that now may be above my timing14:24
jintyif you want to try out a recent version of the trunk have a look at demo.schooltool.org14:24
jintyor download one of our nightly tarballs at:
blue-frogwill have a look. about subversion if there is a page for dummy explaining how to install/configure it and access quickly schooltool trunk I would have a go14:26
blue-frogbut then I assume I need a "special account" to use it no?14:27
blue-frogright now am just launhpad registered user14:27
blue-frogcool ty14:27
jintyno, just to get the code from subversion you don't need any account14:28
blue-frogi mean to work on po file14:28
jintyyes, if you want to commit your changes, then you need an account14:29
jintythat can be easily organised, but you should speak to th1a about that14:29
blue-frogthat means having gpg key getting certified by a dev of my country and so on..?14:29
jintynormally to commit to the schooltool repository you need an ssh key. thats all.14:30
jintyTom Hoffman, but he's not around at the moment14:31
jintydifferent timezone;)14:31
* jinty forgot that blue-frog will also need to sign a contributors agreement to commit. but I can't find a link to one14:35
ignasnothing interesting there, any feudal contract from XV century will do14:37
blue-frogwell that is much for me those days... need to do my cv in english apply to jobs, find jobs..14:37
blue-frogor create a company and find customers :)14:37
blue-frogjus to make sure things like ${instructors} must not be translated, correct?14:42
blue-frogbut then if not what are they doing in the po file? well going to tranlaste them as well14:45
blue-froghang on all those ${whatever} are variables, If I translate them is the site going to work?14:48
* jinty get's back from his coffee break15:00
jintyblue-frog: I'm not certain, but I think those should not be translated.15:01
blue-frogyes what I think15:01
blue-frognot going to. and as they are variables, ppl should not see them anyway so..15:01
blue-frogmaybe you can help me, there are 2 abbrevation am not sure to understand.15:07
blue-frogCal    (for calendar?)15:07
blue-frogand TT15:07
blue-frogtimetable ok15:07
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blue-frogam abit slow today..15:08
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blue-frogin /browser/templates/  what's timetable calendar? personal timetable or school timetable?15:13
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blue-frogjinty think I have a clue about formatting errors in the po file retrived from rosetta. depends iftranslators put corresponding " when they write a first one16:14
jintyblue-frog: I'm not the right person to talk to about these errors16:15
jintythere should be a rosetta help page/bug tracker somewhere16:16
blue-frogok but I won't fill in a bug as I don't think it is one16:16
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povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6122:17:51
povbot`/svn/commits: We now use formlib for the person add form, including the new password widget and a source-based multi-checkbox widget.17:51
povbot`/svn/commits: A rather enormous amount of code was affected; fixing the tests cost at least as much effort as actually doing the implementation...17:51
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ignasth1a: hi18:31
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povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6123:18:37
povbot`/svn/commits: Change some proper drop-down lists.18:37
povbot`/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 6124:19:39
povbot`/svn/commits: Committed our security requirements table.19:39
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felipe__whats the administrator username and password for a newly installed schooltool20:04
jintymanager:schooltool ?20:04
felipe__jinty, thanks20:05
felipe__Is there a manual for basic configuration? I'm trying to learn how schooltool works20:11
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 6125:20:21
povbot`/svn/commits: Better display of person data.20:21
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felipe__I have one section for a course, I have a time table and two terms. I want that the same section is in a diferen period that the first term I created. THe thing is, it is not saving the changes.20:41
felipe__as a student, can I see my schedule for classes?20:51
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povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6126:21:05
povbot`/svn/commits: Add membership relationship for groups.21:05
povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6127:21:08
povbot`/svn/commits: Replace schooltool.create permission with schooltool.edit for timetables.21:08
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