IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-04-03

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povbot`/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5847:15:22
povbot`/svn/commits: Renamed the test class to match the name of the class it's testing.15:22
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povbot`/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 5848:17:32
povbot`/svn/commits: Added a timetable booking relationship and the corresponding adapter.17:32
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povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5849:18:29
povbot`/svn/commits: Added ZCML registrations for SectionBooking relationships.  Refactored functional tests.18:29
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povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5850:18:43
povbot`/svn/commits: Made section timetable events visible in resource calendar.18:43
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erchachejinty: can do talk us on a private, please?18:46
erchacheignas: no? :-S18:57
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gintashe said no18:58
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povbot`/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 5851:19:33
povbot`/svn/commits: Ripped out location as a resource's attribute.  Locations will soon be implemented using relationships.19:33
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povbot`/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5852:19:55
povbot`/svn/commits: Logger handles closing of streams itself.  Closing it ourselves was breaking unittests on dapper.19:55
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povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5853:22:27
povbot/svn/commits: A function that finds all timetables derived out of a given schooltt.22:27
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th1a_jinty:  OK, that was much worse than I thought it would be.22:59
jintyth1a: what?23:00
th1a_Three hours of my life I'll never get back.23:00
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th1aGetting my S3 account to work.23:00
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jintywhay such a pain?23:00
th1aReally just a web page UI issue on the setup page.23:01
jintyI thought you were trying to fix plone for a moment;)23:01
th1aYou set up your "Amazon Web Services" account.23:01
th1aBut you still have to hit an "Activate Web Service" button on the S3 page.23:01
th1aWhich I didn't think I needed to do, since I'd already set up my Web Services account.23:01
jintyconfirm the confirmation23:02
th1aIf it had said "Activate S3," there wouldn't have been a problem.23:02
th1aIn them meantime, I'm wondering if there is a problem with the Python client, so I'm downloading the Ruby client, getting lost in dependencies, discovering I need a Ruby library from a site that is offline, etc.23:03
th1aYou know how these things go.23:03
* jinty will make his own account as soon as he gets a new CC23:03
th1aI think I'll have to give you my secret key.23:03
* jinty is trying out this library
jintyth1a please. why not put it on the server in /root23:05
th1aYay!  I made a bucket!23:06
th1ajinty:  OK.  I made a file called s3.txt in /root/doc23:10
* jinty was just wasting some hours of his life with dbus.23:10
th1aPlease don't use my account to manage your porn collection.23:10
jintyI don't think my porn collection fits23:11
th1aIt doesn't fit in infinity?23:11
jintyI have a dirty mind23:11
th1aI set 'schooltool_' as the prefix in bitbucket.23:11
th1aSo we've got 'schooltool_www-backup' for starters.23:12
jintyso the bucket name is schooltool_www-backup?23:12
* jinty closes his eyes and presses enter23:14
jintyhmm, guess i'll have to fix my backend a bit23:14
th1aWhat did you get?23:14
jintyI had a bug in my backend, I was passing some kind of object and not the name of the temporary file23:18
jintybut fixed now, I think it's transferring, or hung...23:19
jintywonder what this means:23:20
jintyTraceback (most recent call last):23:20
jinty  File "/usr/bin/duplicity", line 358, in ?23:20
jinty    if __name__ == "__main__": main()23:20
jinty  File "/usr/bin/duplicity", line 351, in main23:20
jinty    if not sig_chain: full_backup(col_stats)23:20
jinty  File "/usr/bin/duplicity", line 134, in full_backup23:20
jinty    bytes_written = write_multivol("full", tarblock_iter, globals.backend)23:20
jinty  File "/usr/bin/duplicity", line 86, in write_multivol23:20
jinty    backend.put(tdp, dest_filename)23:20
jinty  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/duplicity/", line 236, in put23:20
jinty    self.bucket[remote_filename] = bits23:20
jinty  File "/home/jinty/pylib/", line 441, in __setitem__23:20
jinty    self.send_file(bits)23:20
jinty  File "/home/jinty/pylib/", line 533, in send_file23:20
jinty    raise BitBucketDataError("ETags don't match")23:20
jintybitbucket.BitBucketDataError: BitBucketError: ETags don't match23:20
th1aDuplicity is the name of your script?23:21
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jintywell, one bug in bitbucket worked around...23:22
th1aThe iteration thing?23:23
jintyno, they check the md5 sum of the uploaded file i think23:24
jintybut reference the md5 binary as /sbin/md5 -q23:24
jintyI only have /usr/bin/md5sum23:24
jintyer, it's a mac-linux difference, and they have different results23:26
th1ajinty:  It doesn't look like BitBucket does ACL yet.23:31
jintyis that necessary?23:31
th1aNot really.23:31
th1aI'm just curious about it.23:32
jintywhat got me was it's simplicity of interface. but the code may be undercooked.23:33
jintyI also don't quite like where he was going with the prefix feature.23:33
jintyyay, you should now have a random backup in that bucket23:34
jintyth1a: can you check if there is anything there?23:35
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th1aAh.  Just had to tell it to fetch_all_keys() to update the cache.23:38
th1aI think the prefix feature is necessary because it is all one big namespace.23:39
jintyyeah, but then perhaps in a higher level library, I wouldn't put that feature at this level23:40
th1aI think it is probably necessary.23:40
jintyth1a: did you find any items yet?23:42
th1aOh.  Yes.23:43
th1aOnce I cleared the cache.23:43
jintycan you list them here?23:43
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th1a_linuxAWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = '03Q5QV3T6D3W4BGZA3R2'23:44
th1a_linuxAWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = 'iCvahIxCwxPRStX5qHPR+A8UI2ksnNFeBkd9Atby'23:44
th1aThat was not good.23:44
th1aOK.  I'm going to shut off that account now.23:44
* jinty starts uploading his porn23:45
th1a_linuxThis whole project has gone exceptionally well.23:50
jintyth1a: I need to construct a url to to identify the bucket, what do you think of how about s3amazon://access_key:secret_key/bucket/[possible-prefix]23:56
th1aI'm a bit confused.  They have URL's.23:58
th1ahttp:// urls.23:59
jintyi need a protocol that identifies this as S3 at least23:59

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