IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2006-04-02

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pcardunesrichter: are you around?04:30
povbot`/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 5844:05:18
povbot`/svn/commits: I received the user story to be able to inherit specific requirements rather than inheriting an entire base. Now, if you try to add a requirement (via __setitem__) that is already parented, it will wrap it in InheritedRequirement.05:18
povbot`/svn/commits: Stephan, I hope you're ok with this.05:18
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povbot`/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 5845:12:37
povbot`/svn/commits: undid previous revision which was accidentally commited.  sorry.12:37
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povbot`/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 5846:17:05
povbot`/svn/commits: Made a PersistentInheritedRequirement class for requirements that are inherited, but not from bases.  They need to be permanently wrapped rather than wrapped on the fly.  Also made the IInheritedRequirement interface for easier recognition of both implementations as being Inherited Requirements.  Finally, I had a long conversation with a python developer about __iter__17:05
povbot`/svn/commits: in the InheritedRequirement class.  In short: don't delegate __iter__ dynamically by instance because the iter() function only uses the class definitions for complicated reasons involving C code.17:05
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huynhmorning, robbie18:28
rjellisoIt still feels like it's nighttime  : <  (SOMEBODY set his clock the wrong way and lost like 23948723 hours of sleep)18:29
rjellisoBut morning, anyway  : >18:30
pcardunewell its 8:30am here :)18:31
rjelliso *sigh*18:34
rjellisoDaylight savings time is stupid, anyway, it's always cloudy! What's the point of saving daylight when it's cloudy?!18:34
* rjelliso is cranky in the mornings.18:34
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jelknerpcardune: good morning!18:41
pcardunegood morning18:41
pcardunejelkner: you won't believe the success of me and Dave's meeting18:42
jelkneri heard18:42
pcardunejelkner: I've got all the hard parts of what we talked about basically implemented18:42
jelknerok, we have 15 minutes before class, let's take time for a bit of planning18:43
jelknerfirst of all, due to the different situations of the participants, skills levels are starting to really spread out among the participants18:44
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jelknerwdickers: good morning will!18:44
wdickersmorning jelkner, so you remembered to turn your clocks forward?18:44
jelkneri was just about to say "wdickers is leading the pack" ;-)18:44
jelknerwe did18:45
wdickershehe, well speak of the devil18:45
pcardune(thankyou kubuntu)18:45
jelkneranyway, linda and i are both behind, and likely to stay that way til summer18:45
jelknerwill and robbie have class time to work on this each day18:45
jelknerlinda doesn't18:46
jelkneri would say the best way to proceed is to take will and robbie as far and as fast as you can18:46
pcarduneyeah, classtime is definitely a major plus18:46
jelknerwhen summer starts they will be able to pair with us stragglers to bring us up to speed18:47
jelknerbtw.  i will only be able to stay for about the 1st 20 minutes of class today18:48
jelknerand we need to start out talking about tomorrows meeting at the NSF (national science foundation)18:48
pcardunewell, you know more about that than i do, i assume18:48
jelknerwe need to make sure will, linda, and robbie are ready to give what dave calls the "elevator speach"18:49
wdickersso...does anyone know where it is?18:49
jelkneron CanDo18:49
jelkneryes, it is at the NSF18:49
jelkneri'll get you there, so don't sweat it18:49
rjellisojelkner: elevator speech? *boggle*18:49
huynhand we're coming back at five?18:49
wdickershehe, okay18:50
jelknerok, let me describe "elevator speech"18:50
jelkneryou are at the meeting on monday, and some man in a suit walks up to you and says, "so Robbie, what is this CanDo thing all about?"18:50
jelkneryou need to be able to give him a smooth, 1 minute (hence "elevator") response that describes in broad terms what we are doing18:51
pcardunesounds like we need secret agent ear pieces.18:51
pcardunejelkner: i'd like to learn about this elevator thing.  I am poor at giving smooth 1 minute overviews about things I am very excited about.18:51
jelknerno, just a few short public speaking lessons18:52
huynhpcardune, you ramble?18:52
pcardunehuynh: oh, to say the least, yes18:52
jelknerok, let's start with you then18:52
jelknerso, paul, what is CanDo?18:52
pcarduneCanDo is primarily a philosophy18:53
jelknera philosophy?18:53
pcardunesecondly, it is a very advanced peice of software that brings that philosophy to the classroom?18:53
jelknerthat sounds like it will take a looong time to explain18:53
pcardunethat's true18:53
jelknerhow about something like this:18:54
pcarduneit is a... Competency Application for Neutralizing Deficiencies in Objectives18:54
jelknerCanDo is a software application written for Virginia Career and Technical Education teachers to empower them to effectively track the concrete skills acquired by their students.18:55
pcardune10 seconds down, 50 to go18:55
huynhcan we mention a GUI? does CanDo have one?18:55
huynhfor usability purposes18:56
jelknerIt is also designed to empower students to understand what they are supposed to know and to enable them to actively monitor their own learning process18:56
jelknerlinda: CanDo is web based18:56
jelknerpcardune: i already talked to welsh about giving the interns his presenation on CanDo (which rocks!)18:57
jelknerbut we won't have that in place by monday18:57
jelknera few other things about which the 3 interns should be aware:18:58
pcardunethey should take a look at the flash demo18:58
jelkneris there a flash demo?18:58
pcarduneyeah, it is incredible18:59
pcardunei'll see if i can find it18:59
jelknerwell, then, that's what we want18:59
rjellisoI think there *is* a demo server where you can test CanDo out18:59
rjellisoWithout installing it, that is18:59
rjellisoOh, found the flash video.19:00
pcardunethat needs to be put on the schooltool site19:01
jelknerwe also need to do some work this summer to make sure that the presentation works with gpl flash (it doen'st now)19:05
pcardunegpl flash exists?19:05
jelknerand it is in rapid development19:05
tiredbonesHi all, I trust everyone made it trhought the time warp.19:05
jelknergood morning19:06
wdickersmorning tiredbones....and I lost an hour T-T19:06
rjellisotiredbones: there's no chance of me getting the time right, I still think it's 2000. but g'morning, anyway  : >19:06
wdickersjelkner: how do we play a .swf file on ubuntu?19:07
pcarduneinstall flash19:07
wdickerserr where can I do that?19:08
rjellisothe flash player download site thingy will automatically detect your OS.19:08
pcardunejust go to a page that has flash on it19:08
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pcarduneclick on install plugin (it will be obvious where to click)19:08
tiredbonesjelkner, In one simple sentence, what is CanDo?19:08
pcardunethen it will eventually direct you to a page for manual installation19:08
flintthis damn time change, sorry I am late...19:08
jelknerCanDo is a competency tracking application19:09
flintwdickers, regarding flash, have your tried automatix?19:10
huynhthis is what I have right now:19:10
huynh"CanDo? It's an interesting project. It's a software that is going to be used by Virginia Career and Techinial Education teachers and students.  With the web-based software, teachers will be able to track their students' projects, and students will be able to track their own progress.  The fact that it is web-based helps a lot in the usability factor because it can be accessed anywhere. "19:10
huynhI condense everything, so my speech won't be a minute19:11
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tiredboneshuynh, So you have to have a project?19:12
flinthuynh, good afternoon linda19:12
huynhwell, it is a task list thing19:12
wdickersflint: nope, I'm using rjelliso's site19:12
pcarduneok, i successfully installed it19:12
pcarduneit is very easy19:12
carljmhi all19:13
pcarduneit even has sound!19:13
carljmsorry i missed class last week19:13
huynhhey, carljm19:13
wdickerswhat's the installation path for mozilla? this doesn't work /usr/lib/mozilla)19:14
flintpcardune, i missed the url.... i would be most interested in rjelliso's site, as the automatix method is not welcome among the ubuntu development community.19:14
pcardunewdickers: I just used the one automatically chosen by the installer19:15
wdickersthere isn't one for me, I'm in root btw19:15
pcarduneflint: if you are using firefox, just go to a page with flash on it, and you will see a big fat button that says "install plugin"19:16
pcardunego from there (that's what I did)19:16
pcardunethat demo screencast is really great19:17
flintgotcha... i already got it on this machine... will test this on edubuntu dapper flight 519:18
pcarduneI put it on the schooltool site under cando documentation19:18
flintthis has sound eh?19:19
pcarduneflint: yep, dave welsh is speaking19:20
jelknerok, it isn't working for me, and i don't have time to mess with it now19:21
jelknermake note of the url and watch it when you can19:21
flintpcardune, i'll bet he is, I know my sound is working... thanks.19:21
jelknerwe will make sure this summer that we save it in a way that will work with gpl flash, then playing it on ububuntu will be transparent19:22
jelkner(it isn't now)19:22
flintjelkner, i understand wink can do this in a pure linux environment.19:22
jelkneri'll follow up with that and try it out19:23
tiredbonesI guess I have to install my sound system?19:23
jelknerok, let's move on19:23
jelkneri need to leave to pick up my kids19:24
flinthow did Welsh pick an non compatible audio codec?  I have run these flash things before on my system...19:24
jelknerso i'll check back later to find out what i miss19:24
flintjelkner, they are getting quite large... are you up to it? :^)19:24
jelknerpcardune: i think that is enough prep for tomorrow, back to learning new things ;-)19:25
pcarduneso, as I understand, you all figured started working with bzr19:26
pcardune(minus the figured)19:26
pcarduneso i presume that you all have bzr branches in your home directories?19:27
wdickersmmhm, and it's annoying to remember to keep commiting >.<19:27
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pcarduneok, so I also suggested that you all work together to make implementations of the worklog stuff19:28
pcardunehow far did you get working together?  (I know will added a number of new classes, which are in the main bzr branch)19:29
pcarduneI'd like to go over the implementation before we move on19:30
pcardunedoes everyone have an updated branch?19:32
* tiredbones BOOKMARK19:33
wdickerswhat do you mean by 'updated'?19:33
pcarduneI mean, the latest revision19:33
pcarduneas in, if you are in the timeclock directory19:33
pcarduneand it is a bzr branch (which is should be)19:34
flintwhere should we pull from?19:34
pcardunethen you should be able to type "bzr update"19:34
pcarduneflint: pull from
flintresult of bzr update:19:34
flintbzr: ERROR: exceptions.IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/home/wdickers/zope3/lib/python/timeclock/.bzr/branch-lock'19:34
flint  at /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/ line 4719:34
flint  in _open19:34
flintpcardune, i will do the pull you advise...19:35
flint bzr pull
flintbzr: ERROR: exceptions.IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/home/wdickers/zope3/lib/python/timeclock/.bzr/branch-lock'19:36
flint  at /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/ line 4719:36
flint  in _open19:36
wdickersI got19:36
wdickers0 revision(s) pulled.19:36
flintdoes will have to close or commit before I can pull or update?19:36
pcarduneflint: why don't you make a fresh branch (as in "bzr branch timeclock")"19:37
flintworth a try...19:37
pcardunerjelliso and huynh how are you doing?19:37
pcardunetiredbones: did you also get set up using bzr?19:37
pcarduneflint: first delete the timeclock directory19:38
tiredbonespcardune, I have it installed, but I haven't played with it yet.19:38
pcardunetiredbones: if you've used any other revision control system, it is *very similar*, i suggest performing the same command I advised flint to do19:39
rjellisoLikewise here, it's installed and I've done the tutorial, haven't fiddled around with it too much yet19:39
huynhditto robbie19:40
flintindeed "bzr branch" worked well.19:41
pcardunewell, it is very simple to use.  Have each of you performed this command?19:41
rjellisoThe bzr branch?19:41
wdickersyes, got flash working at last =)19:42
pcarduneok, so lets take a look at what will put in there19:43
pcardunefirst open up timeclock/interfaces.py19:43
pcardunethis all looks good except for the commented out person attribute in IWorkLog19:44
pcardunewdickers: were you having problems with this?19:44
wdickersthe person attribute? Yes19:45
wdickersExcept I don't remember what they were. Let me try runing it uncommented19:45
wdickers  File "/home/wdickers/zope3/lib/python/timeclock/", line 54, in IWorkLog19:46
wdickers    person = Object(19:46
wdickerszope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/wdickers/zope3/etc/site.zcml", line 7.2-7.5519:46
wdickers    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/wdickers/zope3/etc/package-includes/timeclock-configure.zcml", line 1.0-1.3119:46
wdickers    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/wdickers/zope3/lib/python/timeclock/configure.zcml", line 3.219:46
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wdickers    NameError: name 'Object' is not defined19:46
wdickersoh wait, let me try importing Object19:46
pcardunealso another thing, whenever you are editing these files, or just using python in general, use spaces instead of tabs19:46
pcardunefor each new level of indentation, you should add 4 spaces19:47
wdickershaha, that worked19:47
wdickersreally? Okay, 4 it is then19:47
pcardunewith most editors you can make the tab button use spaces instead of actual tabs19:47
wdickerswhat about vi? Since that's what I have to use on the command line19:48
rjellisoI'm sure there's a way to do it, probably in the .vimrc19:49
pcardunein command mode, type ":set et"19:49
pcarduneand ":set ts=4" i believe19:49
pcarduneif you put that in .vimrc, you won't have to type it in every time you start up vim19:49
wdickerswhere is .vimrc?19:50
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wdickersis it in $home? Because apparently I don't have one19:50
pcardunewdickers: just create one19:51
wdickersAnd what should be in it, just :set ts=4 ?19:52
pcarduneumm, i think you just do the same thing except without the colon19:53
wdickerswell I have19:54
wdickers:set et19:54
wdickers:set ts=419:54
rjellisoNo colon.19:54
wdickersand it seems to work19:54
flintok editing interfaces .py and fixing the container broke the code for me.19:54
pcarduneok, I'm copying what I have onto the maddog server19:56
flint"NameError: name 'Object' is not defined19:56
flint" god I wish i understood this stuff... I have tried.19:56
wdickersyou have to import Object from zope.schema19:56
pcarduneat the top of the file19:57
pcardunewhat I have is available at
flintadd object with a comma19:57
flintthis worked...from zope.schema import Text, Datetime, Object19:58
pcarduneok, so judging by our amount of conversation about the interfaces two classes ago, I assume everyone understands what's going with the interfaces19:59
pcarduneif not, please stop em19:59
pcardunenow lets look at the implementation (which is in
pcardunesince we uncommented the person attribute in the interface, we need to add it in the implementation20:01
wdickersright, but how does it know which person we want to use?20:01
pcardunewdickers: it doesn't, and we won't worry about that for now.20:02
pcarduneall we want to do is put a person attribute in the WorkLog class and set it's value to None20:02
wdickersWhat do you mean by None, "" or litterally None?20:03
flintpcardune, does it matter where we put it in like the bottom or the top?20:03
carljmbtw, in the branch i got from pcardune just now there was also a typo in browser/configure.zcml that kept me from running it20:03
flintcarljm, ok what was it? what line?20:04
wdickerscarljm: where was it?20:04
pcarduneflint: you want to put the person attribute in the WorkLog class20:04
pcardunecarljm: was that the one that said work.interfaces instead of timeclock.interfaces?20:05
carljmwdickers,: yep, that one20:05
flintthat is currently "class WorkLog(BTreeContainer):20:05
flint" eh?20:05
wdickersxD whoops, sorry20:05
carljmflint: around line 6020:05
carljmflint: i mean 78 :-)20:06
carljmflint: nope, I mean 10820:06
wdickers*checks* but that part was commented out20:07
wdickersI mean in the browser/configure20:07
carljmhmm, not in what I pulled from pcardune20:07
carljmanyway, I fixed that, and the indentation20:07
carljmcan be pulled from /home/cmeyer/zope3/lib/python/timeclock on maddog20:07
pcarduneok, so flint, do you have the person attribute in place?20:08
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wdickersWould it be like this?20:08
wdickersperson = None20:08
flintcarl i am looking at line 109 in timeclock/browser/configure.zcml, and it looks like this:                 for="work.interfaces.IWorkLogEntry" is that correct?20:09
pcardunewdickers: yes, that's right20:09
pcarduneflint: no, it should say timeclock.interfaces instead of work.interfaces20:09
flintpcardune, got it.20:10
wdickerscorrected and committed20:11
flintinterestingly enough that was not a fatal error...20:11
pcarduneso, this is pretty strait forward, we are keeping it very simple for now20:11
flintbut adding person = none appears to be a fatal error... to the runzope start anyway...20:12
pcarduneflint: well, it should be person = None (with a capital N)20:13
flintyep, taking it out of and python started right back up...20:13
wdickersworking for me20:13
flint /python/zope3/20:13
flintthere is nothing I like more than a language that is case sensitive...20:14
carljmexcept I get a system error if I actually try to add a person20:14
jelknercan i sneak a quick word in here about tomorrow?20:14
pcardunejelkner: sure20:15
jelknerwdickers, rjelliso, huynh: you will need to bring a photo id to get into NSF20:15
huynhschool id?20:15
rjellisoOh dear   : <20:15
jelknerif that is all you have20:15
rjellisoWhat else besides a school ID could we bring?20:16
jelknerschool id will have to do, i think20:16
jelknerpassport would be better20:16
rjellisoAh... I could probably bring that, long as i don't lose it20:16
rjelliso: >20:16
flintjelkner, what kind of facist state does not allow children into government buildings?20:16
huynhme too20:16
jelkneranyway, don't dress to dumpy20:16
rjellisoDefine 'dumpy'?20:16
jelknerwdickers: i'll pick you up at the glass doors at 3:25 pm20:17
rjellisoClean, more-or-less casual clothes okay?20:17
wdickersokay, see you there jelkner20:17
jelknerhuynh: i'll pick you up by the pool at 3:40 pm20:17
jelknerhuynh: sure20:17
jelknercya tomorrow...20:17
jelknersorry for the interruption20:18
flintrjelliso, i can define facist...  come to vermont and tour the government buildings without "your papers"20:18
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:18
rjellisoI'm tempted to do that just to give ye olde governmente officiales a bad time. : >20:18
flintrjelliso, i sincerely wish this were funny...20:18
flintrjelliso, do not fight battles you cannot win...  I shall return.20:19
pcarduneso where were we?20:20
carljmpcardune: the branch I got from you an hour ago also had the old "container/contained" typo bug back in it20:20
carljmin, line 2320:20
pcarduneI have an updated branch20:21
pcarduneI will upload it in a minute20:21
carljmanyway, i've got a working branch now in /home/cmeyer/timeclock20:22
carljmwith all the indentation standardized20:22
flintwhat file is the "container/contained" typo in20:22
carljmflint: interfaces.py20:23
carljmline 2320:23
carljmif you got the same branch off that I did20:23
flintcarljm, IContainer?20:24
flintcarljm, class IPersonContainer(IContainer):20:24
flint ?20:24
carljmflint: IPersonContained should inherit IContained, IPersonContainer should inherit IContainer20:24
carljmjust watch the r's and d's :-)20:25
flintcarljm, line 24 in my stuff...20:25
rjellisoOne sec, el luncho20:26
flintlooks good...20:27
pcarduneok, i have a working branch on
flintpcardune, mine is currently working should i pull from you?20:28
pcarduneno, if it's working, you are fine20:28
flintpcardune, i define working as no major zope3 startup errors when you runzope.... how's that for a loose definition?20:29
pcardunethat's passable20:29
carljmflint: the only reason you might want to merge is to fix the indentation stuff - if you edit a file with tabs in it and later use spaces, python will choke20:29
flintcarljm,  i fixed those in my branch, the reason to update would be to sync for bughunts...20:30
pcarduneso, we've gone over the interfaces and implementation20:31
pcardunewill started making some browser views (auto generated forms)20:31
pcardunealthough they don't work20:31
pcarduneso if everyone is ok with the interfaces and implementation, open up timeclock/browser/configure.zcml20:32
pcarduneYou can start your zope server20:33
pcarduneand browser to the main screen20:34
pcardunelog in20:34
pcarduneand click on "Top"20:34
pcarduneso that you see the add menu on the left20:34
pcarduneWill has defined an addform for IWorkLog20:34
pcardune(around line 60 in browser/configure.zcml)20:35
flintgot a "Work Log" but no IWorkLog...20:35
pcarduneflint: the IWorkLog is in the configuration20:35
pcardunein the display you should see "Add Work Log"20:35
pcarduneif you click on it you will get a server error20:36
flintI see "Work Log" under the "Add" menu.20:36
flintwhich I believe is what /timeclock/browser/configure.zcml calls for.20:37
flintat line 6020:37
pcarduneflint: yes, click on that20:37
pcarduneyou should get an error like ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Object object at 0xb3d52fcc>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/@@+/action.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')20:38
flint new screen with "A system error occurred." is the result of clicking on this...20:38
pcarduneif you go to the command line where the zope server is running, it will show you the traceback20:38
pcardunewith an error like that at the end20:38
pcarduneone of the many skills you will develope in working with zope is learning how to decipher error messages20:39
wdickersyeah, but I have some more junk after that20:39
wdickers  File "/usr/local/src/Zope3/src/zope/component/", line 154, in getMultiAdapter20:39
wdickers    raise ComponentLookupError(objects, interface, name)20:39
wdickersComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Object object at 0xb45785ac>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')20:39
wdickers69.143.168.221 - - [2/Apr/2006:13:37:05 -0400] "GET /@@+/action.html?type_name=AddWorkLog.html HTTP/1.1" 500 84 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20051010 Firefox/1.0.7 (Ubuntu package 1.0.7)"20:39
wdickers69.143.168.221 - - [2/Apr/2006:13:37:05 -0400] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 404 4241 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20051010 Firefox/1.0.7 (Ubuntu package 1.0.7)"20:39
pcarduneyeah, you will, i pasted the relevant portion20:39
pcarduneComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Object object at 0xb3d52fcc>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/@@+/action.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')20:39
pcarduneso everyone look at that error20:39
flintI am so happy to not be the only one with this error!20:39
pcarduneso the only thing that you will really be able to recognize is the part that says zope.schema._field.Object20:40
pcarduneand if you read up on auto generated forms, you will no what the word widget refers to20:41
carljmit doesn't know how to display an entry form for an IPerson20:41
pcarduneso, we know there is a problem involving a schema field... of the Object type20:41
pcardunecarljm: exactly20:42
pcarduneso, zope has these preset "widgets" which are just pieces of html for entering different kinds of data20:42
pcarduneit has widgets for the Text, TextLine, Choice, List, and some others20:43
pcarduneone of the ones which it does not have a predefined widget for is the Object schema field20:43
flintrichter goes into great detail on how to use re to filter these widgets.... why?20:43
pcarduneas will said before "how is it going to know which person we want the work log to be for?"20:43
pcardunebasically, this is a difficult problem to solve.  at least to difficult for there to be a predefined widget.  Eventually we are going to have to define our own widget for selection a person20:44
flintwe know that the person is identified as a string of some type throught the widget interface.  the person is not id'd as say html.20:44
pcardunefor selecting a person*20:45
flintpcardune, I bet you mean something with the asterisk...20:45
pcardunewe aren't going to do that right now, because it is fairly involved and time consuming20:45
pcardunei just mean that i meant to say "for selecting a person" instead of "for selection a person"20:45
pcarduneso, since we don't want to create a Person widget now, nor do we want to make custom add views, we have to find a way to circumvent the problem for now20:46
pcardunewe have to tell zope that we don't want to enter anything in person field, and not to display a widget for it20:47
pcardunewe have to edit the addform configuration in browser/configure.zcml20:47
pcarduneif you look up the addform zcml directive in apidoc (you should all know how to use apidoc by now)20:48
pcarduneyou will see we have the option of specifying a "fields" attribute20:48
pcardune(in fact, you can see the fields attribute in action for the Person addform (line 32)20:49
pcarduneanyways, we want to add the fields attribute to the addform for IWorkLog20:49
pcardunedoes anyone have any idea what we want to put for the fields attribute?20:50
pcardunecarljm: that is a pretty good guess (that was my first guess)20:51
pcarduneunfortunately, if we put fields="", then it will just use the entire schema instead and we will have the same problem20:51
pcardunewe have to put something in fields20:52
wdickersmaybe list all the attributes except object?20:52
pcardunewdickers: exactly, except that we don't have any other attributes20:52
wdickersoh yeah, I'm thinking about WorkLogEntry20:52
pcarduneso, we have to create some other attribute for our worklog to have20:53
pcardunewdickers: we want some really simple attribute20:53
pcardunei suggest just making that same old generic "title" attribute20:53
pcarduneit's simple, fast, and title's seem to come in handy even when we don't realize it (we can always remove it later if we don't need it)20:54
pcarduneso, who needs help in doing this?  (flint?)20:54
flintpcardune, you might as well be speaking greek.20:55
pcarduneok, think about what we are doing20:55
flintpcardune, show me what to do... the line number reference in configure.zcml is not correct, and I am still looking for addform in the apidoc.  but i found the apidoc.20:56
flinthuynh, lisa you got all this?20:56
huynhit's coming along20:56
flinthuynh, courage my dear...20:57
*** ffsnoopy has joined #schooltool20:57
wdickerstitle = TextLine(20:57
wdickers               title = u"IWorkLog Title",20:57
wdickers               description = u"Title of IWorkLog",20:57
wdickers               required = False)20:57
wdickersbesides the horrible spacing, would that work?20:58
pcardunewdickers: that works, except you probably want to say Work Log Title instead of IWorkLog Title20:58
flintput in the AddWorkLog.html area?20:59
wdickers    <addform21:00
wdickers        label="Add Work Log"21:00
wdickers        name="AddWorkLog.html"21:00
wdickers        schema="timeclock.interfaces.IWorkLog"21:00
wdickers        content_factory=""21:00
wdickers        permission="zope.ManageContent"21:00
wdickers        fields=title21:00
wdickers        />21:00
wdickersIs that how it should look?21:00
pcarduneflint: no, this is a schema field.  It goes in the IWorkLog schema/interface (in
pcardunewdickers: good, except title should have quotes21:01
*** lhuynh has joined #schooltool21:01
pcarduneok, i have a working version on the branch21:02
wdickersokay, mine is working too, I just had to import TextLine21:04
*** jinty has joined #schooltool21:04
pcarduneok, it's 2pm21:05
flintpcardune, i did not find the working example at ""21:05
ffsnoopypcardune: i guess gaim doesn't support PMs21:05
ffsnoopyi tried messaging you 5 mins ago21:06
pcarduneffsnoopy: diddo. yeah, i thought so21:06
pcardunethat's because i said: "ok, i have a working version on the branch"21:06
ffsnoopyjinty: are you there?21:06
wdickerswell it's past 2 and I must be going. See you all monday or next Sunday21:06
pcarduneffsnoopy: you should use xchat or konversation or some derivative21:07
*** wdickers has quit IRC21:07
flintpcardune,lets pretend that I know that and have a full url to this branch... :^)21:07
ffsnoopyokay, ill install it21:07
*** ffsnoopy has left #schooltool21:07
pcarduneflint: you should, i pasted it above.  if you need it again, the full url is
jintyffsnoopy: yep21:08
flintpcardune, one of the religious beliefs I hold about programming is that it never hurts to be pedantic...21:08
*** ffsnoopy has joined #schooltool21:08
jintyffsnoopy: yep21:08
flintpcardune, why make a confusing partial reference when a full reference is just a mouse click away?21:09
pcarduneflint: it saves me from typing :)  i'll be more explicit in the future21:10
ffsnoopyjinty: how do I use access the svn repository now that I have an account?21:10
flintpcardune, explicit is such a better word than pedantic :^)21:10
jintyffsnoopy, try this: svn co svn+ssh:// cando21:11
rjellisoGah, ought to be heading out now, dog must be walked... I'll see you next sunday (Monday)   : >21:14
*** rjelliso has quit IRC21:14
jintyffsnoopy: you should also subscribe to the cando checkins list:
*** srichter has joined #schooltool21:16
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flintsrichter, good afternoon Stephan, you up for lunch sometime next week?21:17
jintyffsnoopy: how's it going?21:18
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