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herbheartanyone here with a clue to schooltool development?08:31
herbhearttrying to checkout the source using svn but getting errors08:31
th1ahebheart:  What errors are you getting?08:33
herbheartsvn co
herbheartsvn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/!svn/bc/5843/trunk/schooltool'08:33
herbheartsvn: REPORT of '/svn/!svn/bc/5843/trunk/schooltool': 400 Bad Request (
th1aHm.  Works for me.08:35
th1aWhat OS are you on?08:35
herbheartubuntu 5.1008:37
herbheartthat's what I say too.08:38
th1aHas that happened repeatedly?08:38
herbhearthave you tried it within the past 2 days?08:38
herbheartI just tried it tonite, and not even ls works.08:38
herbhearthaven't tried it before now though08:39
th1aI copied and pasted the command you used above and it worked perfectly.08:39
th1aWhere in the world are you?08:39
herbheartcould it be a firewall issue?08:39
herbhearthttp:// == :8008:40
th1aI really have no idea, but I don't know what a REPORT request is.08:40
herbheartactually, I think I just fixed it08:45
herbheartI removed the iptables rule from my firewall that forwards connections on port 80 to squid08:45
herbheartso does this mean that svn doesn't like squid?08:45
th1aI imagine it depends on how your squid is configured.08:46
herbhearthmmm, well this is the first time it's happening, and squid is almost always involved in my port 80 trafficing08:47
th1aPerhaps squid discards requests that don't contain one of the standard HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE).08:47
th1aThat's a wild guess though.08:47
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erchachei delete a entry of homepage! :-S17:25
erchachei delete your lastest news :-(17:26
erchachei was triying to translate into spanish17:26
th1aIt looks like it is there to me.17:26
erchachebut i dont know what happs when i add spanish translation to menu17:26
erchachei dont knwo what happs17:27
erchachecan you revert my fail?17:27
th1aI don't see what's wrong yet.17:27
erchachesee principal homepage and go to news section17:28
erchacheyour lastest news about state of schooltool development dissapear because i delete it :-S17:29
erchachei dont know how...but i tried to translate it and forget17:29
th1aI can still see it.17:30
th1aDid it disappear if your browser is set to Spanish?17:30
erchacheperhaps must be this17:30
erchachea second17:31
erchachenope...i log out and dissapear on english page too..17:31
th1aWell... I still see it.17:33
erchachei cant17:33
erchachei dont know why17:33
erchachebut i cant17:33
erchacheth1a: you can see entire site without changes?17:35
th1aHm... go to
erchachenothing...i think i open a spanish weblog entrie17:36
th1aI think LinguaPlone is weirder than I thought.17:37
erchachesorry :-(17:37
th1aThere is also
erchachecollision between entires17:37
erchacheyeah...i create this and all problems come!17:37
erchachecan you delete?17:38
erchachedelete /noticias please17:39
th1aTry it now.17:39
erchacheim on zope interface too...i would do it ;-)17:39
erchacheno...bug fixes is the first entry instead your last about state-of-art of development17:40
th1aCan you undo that?17:42
th1aUndo the delete?17:42
erchachesee that17:43
erchachei delete a new17:43
erchachecan you see?17:43
th1aCan you undo the delete.17:44
erchachelastest news is a bug fixed, but you publish a new on 28 of may17:44
th1aI don't seem to be able to.17:44
erchacheno i cant17:44
th1aJust leave it then.17:44
th1aI'm going to have to turn this malfunctioning translation stuff off.17:44
th1aI'll deal with it later today.17:45
erchachesomething is wrong17:45
erchacheim trying to repair it but i cant see anything....and undo of zope zmi doesnt run too17:50
th1aYes, I noticed that.17:50
erchachewho is system admin of, perphaps mgedmin?17:51
th1aerchache:  I don't really want to talk about this right now.17:51
th1aI'll work on it later.17:51
mgedminI think17:51
erchacheok ok...i dont want to compromise somebody :-S17:53
erchachewhat is user and pass for
th1aThe username and password are the same.18:02
th1astudent001, student002, etc.18:02
th1ateacher001, teacher002, etc.18:02
erchacheyeah i see...this was changed after i translate it18:02
erchachethanks :-D18:02
erchachearrrggghhhh b. gates teaching maths! this is a very very bad joke! :-P18:03
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erchacheooops i have a problem, this is schooltool svn and im using schooltool 0.11.418:06
erchachewouldnt be a problem to do my spanish howto no?18:06
erchacheits only for demostration purposes18:07
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wdickerscan anyone explain zope3 skins to me?18:38
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jelknerwdickers: did you get a reply?18:43
wdickersjelkner: no I have not18:43
jelknersrichter: u here?18:44
jelknerjinty: u here?18:44
jelknerth1a: u here?18:44
srichterjelkner: here18:44
jelknersrichter: any chance we could trouble you for a quick zope 3 question?18:44
jintyjelkner: yep18:45
jelknerwdickers and dwoo are diligently studying to be ready for the schooltool sprint in new hampshire18:45
jelknerwdickers has a question18:45
wdickersare skins just a collection of page macros?18:45
srichterwdickers: no, by no means18:46
th1ajelkner:  I am here.18:46
srichterSkins are a very core ceoncept in browser views18:46
th1aAlthough I don't understand Zope 3 skins.18:46
srichterthey are a collection of layer interfaces18:46
jelknerth1a: looks like srichter has it ;-)18:46
srichterlayer interfaces on the other hand are specializations of the browser request interface18:47
wdickersbut after you define a skin with its layers, such as the skin WorldCookery as layers of worldcookery rotterdam default, what else is there to skins?18:47
srichterwell, you register all views and resources for a particular layer18:48
srichteralso, the skin is directly provided by the request object18:48
srichterviews are just adapters from (context, request) -> interface18:49
srichterviews are registered for (ISomeContext, ISomeLayer)18:49
srichterrequest provides ISomeSkin(ISomeLayer)18:49
wdickersAh, well it seems I need to read a lot more =)18:50
wdickersBut right now I must leave, class is over xD18:50
wdickersThanks srichter18:50
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th1asrichter:  I picked up a really nice new O'Reilly book yesterday:  "Information Dashboard Design"23:50

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