IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-03-29

flintI am actually working on a job so I will come and go...00:01
tiredbonespcardune, vacation all over, already?00:02
pcardunetiredbones: yeah.00:02
th1aflint has a job?00:03
flintyea, trajic ain't it. a php house... kinda like working as a piano player in the "house of the rising sun"...00:07
flintth1a, Tom try to have some charity, I needed the money...00:07
pcarduneth1a: is working for you?  It won't resolve the hostname00:15
th1aWorks for me.00:16
pcardunei've tried it on two computers, every other website works...00:17
th1aAh... I don't know what I would do.00:17
th1aIt seems to be working otherwise.  I don't understand DNS.00:18
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dwelshwelsh here00:28
pcardunehi dwelsh00:31
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pcarduneth1a: are you around?01:20
dwelshth1a:  you there?01:20
th1aI am here.01:20
dwelshpaul and I are going over cando0601:20
dwelshwant to have a 3-way re: curriculum linkages01:21
dwelshwhen's good?01:21
th1aI'll have to make dinner in a bit.01:22
pcarduneth1a: we were thinking some other day01:22
dwelshcan you talk for 10mins. now?01:22
th1aI can talk for a bit now.01:23
th1aOh.  401-785-3648.01:25
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vmxdoes schooltool use the python icalendar library (the one from max m/Martijn Faassen)?03:47
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erchacheth1a: i read your lastest document18:31
erchachearrghhh i feel so frustrated because i cant help more! :-@18:31
erchachewhere are a test server of schooltool to finish my spanish howto translation?18:39
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erchachei need to make a new timetable and after do it i cant delete it :-(19:18
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