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SteveAany one here know why the schooltool mailman got stuck a few weeks ago, and what unsticked it?00:13
SteveAthere's a similar-looking problem with one of the canonical mailmans00:13
th1ajinty fixed it.00:13
th1aLet me try to find the email.00:13
* SteveA checks the archives00:14
th1aThere is a "Mailman problems?" thread on schooltool-dev00:14
th1aFrom March 8-9.00:15
SteveAthanks tom00:16
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srichterth1a: that sounds very interesting!00:30
th1asrichter:  It has many, many examples of the kinds of displays we need to add.00:31
srichterI'll come to your place when I am to have a look! :-)00:33
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th1auh-oh.  alga's up.  I'd better go to bed.10:30
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vmxignas: i'm still not sure if an extra class for alldayevents is the right way to go. so please don't spend your freetime on it unless you sure that this is the right way to go :)14:11
mgedminvmx: ignas is Very Busy right now14:32
mgedminin fact, we all are14:32
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vmxmgedmin: i know, therefore i said it. it said that there's a very very small chance (almost none) that he would spend some time on it at the weekend. and i think he shouldn't spend the time15:11
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Gwynnhi, thisfred17:37
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thisfredGwynn: hi17:52
Gwynnthisfred, I've seen you've done a _lot_ of schooltool translations in Rosetta17:53
thisfredyep, I did most of the dutch translation, but that's been a while18:03
thisfredis an update needed? ;)18:03
thisfredto be fair, there were others working on it as well, but I went through all the strings and made them consistent18:05
Gwynndont know about an update, scrolled through, filled in a few blancs18:08
Gwynnbut I started on the website (allthough I'm not sure if that's really called for yet) and maybe you'd like to go and have a looksee, dot some i's, cross some t's :)18:09
thisfredok, I'll put it on my list! (which has some stuff on it already, so don't hold your breath, please ;)18:22
Gwynnthisfred, it's not really important, it aren't even main pages :) I'll continue with it but a bit on the side, it doesn't appear to _need_ dutch on the website yet really18:24
thisfredwell, it would be good to have the site in dutch I think, not essential, but good18:26
Gwynnyes, and because it's good I'll continue with it on the side, were it essential I might throw in more of my sparse resources (aka Time)18:27
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thisfredheh exactly ;) I'll chip in when I can19:08
Gwynnlikewise :) And since there is a limited numbers of swings on the axe, I like to have them chip as much wood as possible :)19:11
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