IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-03-15

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tiredbonessrichter, when I run pdb in testrunner it show the path to my instance to be correct,['--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '--test-path', '/usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/stephanInstance/lib/python']. What other reason would I get ImportError?00:12
srichterwhat are the details of the import error?00:13
srichterit might be a circular import00:13
tiredboneswould the last few lines of the tracback show that?00:15
tiredbonesFile "/usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src/zope/testing/", line 1094, in import_name00:16
tiredbones    __import__(name)00:16
tiredbonesImportError: No module named
srichterlib.python shoudl not be part of you import statement00:17
srichterit shoudl be from book import messageboard00:17
tiredbonesshould that be an import in one of the example modules?00:21
tiredbonesI just compared my code with that in the book and I don't see that import in the code. Would you off the top of your remember the module it should me in?00:30
srichterI dunno00:32
srichtersomewhere you import book.messageboard, but it looks for the wrong thing00:33
srichterI would try setting the Python path, though you should not need it00:33
th1atiredbones:  You have installed python-dev, right?00:34
tiredbonesth1a, I installed breezy. Does that install python-dev?00:35
th1aThat looks like a typical error if you haven't installed that package.00:35
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tiredbonesShit! All day on this error.00:36
tiredbonesth1a, If the test ran for timeclock should that also run for Stephan's book example?00:37
th1aWell, I don't know why one would work and the other wouldn't.00:38
tiredbonesany I'll check to see if I have that package.00:38
th1aIt seems like you wouldn't have even gotten started without that package.00:39
tiredbonesI just did dpkg -l *python* and it shows no python-dev. Is that the correct name/00:45
tiredbonesHow about python2.4-dev?00:47
tiredbonesIf I set PYTHONPATH to point to /instance/ should that allow test to run?00:53
tiredbonessrichter, the command in the book, python bin/test -vpu --dir lib/python//book/messageborad, is a typo. the two slashes should only be one/01:04
srichterthe PYTHONPATH must be set to instance/lib/python01:08
tiredbonesThanks for your time, none of that works and my PYTHONPATH is set instances/lib/python. I leave you guys alone now, I know your busy.01:14
srichterit si hard to debug the error remotely01:15
srichterdo you have my book on hand?01:15
tiredbonesright in front of me01:15
srichterbecause it disucsses this in detail01:15
srichteranother option would be to use a checkout01:15
srichterits easier there01:15
srichterno path setup required01:15
tiredbonesright in front of me!!! I read it everyother day.01:16
tiredbonesI'll do the checkout tomorrow. thanks01:17
tiredbonesby the way. I follow your book instruction to a "T".01:17
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povbot`/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5800:11:36
povbot`/svn/commits: Shut up message-merge so that the nightly tarball e-mails are not so verbose.11:36
povbot`/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5801:11:52
povbot`/svn/commits: Tell zpkg where the schoolbell module is, it was warning that it could not find the schoolbell resource. If this was intentional, let me know.11:52
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tiredbonesfaassen, I'm trying to learn a little more about X-Chat. Would you mind if I try to send you a private message?15:04
faassentiredbones: sure.15:07
faassentiredbones: just send one.15:07
tiredbonesI guess you didn't get.15:09
faassendidn't get it.15:09
tiredbonesfaassen,I guess you didn't get.15:09
srichtertiredbones: you have to be a registered IRC user15:10
tiredbonessrichter, Iam15:10
tiredbonesIs there a way to verify ones registry?15:11
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* tiredbones looks at notes15:11
tiredbonesscrewed that up!15:14
* tiredbones testing15:25
tiredbones/me testing15:25
tiredbones/me 04testing15:25
tiredbonesshould be red15:26
tiredbonesI notice alot of irc commands don't work. Is that because they been turn off my ops. I tired who with no results.15:38
srichterwhois works well15:39
srichterfor example: /whois tiredbones15:39
tiredboneswell i just tried /whois srichter. no respones.15:41
tiredbonesI'm using xchat. I know I can get that information if I click on your name and then ask whois.15:41
tiredbonesbut I can't get it from typing it in.15:42
tiredbonesI hope you folks are not see the output from my testing. If so, I apologize for it. let me know an I'll stop15:58
tiredbonesdo you folks use Direc Client Connection("DCC")?16:02
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povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5802:16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: Changed strategy for managing terms:16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: - We still have term types which are interfaces to identify terms. Added a16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: term types vocabulary though.16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: - Introduced Term Template components, which provide a blueprint for the16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: term tree. This abstraction was necessary to provide sane APIs for courses, sections and gradebooks.16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: - Enforced connecting terms in a sequence and factored out common16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: functionality.16:09
povbot`/svn/commits: Overall I am much happier with this approach since it moves some complexity from user space into programmer space. This means that integrety errors are less likely to occur.16:09
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erchachejinty....and tom?18:46
jintyer yeah18:47
erchachewhere is tom?18:48
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pcardunejinty: are you the one handling system administration of the svn repositories?19:10
erchacheanybody knows when tom will connect?19:10
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_pcardunesrichter: do you know if schooltool supports having different skins?  I'm trying to use the zwiki product with the wiki skin, but it comes up with component lookup errors no matter what skin i try to use22:00
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srichter_pcardune: I don't think it does22:03
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srichterbecause the skin is specifically set when traversing to the SchoolTool application object22:03
srichteryou would basically have to implement this feature22:04
pcarduneso, would I have to make a new traverser for the wiki objects and apply that skin?22:04
pcarduneis the reason for that to get rid of having the ++skin++schooltool in the URL 24/7?22:05
srichterI would suggest writing new views for ZWiki22:05
srichterwell, there are some other reasons22:05
pcarduneoh no... not new views... that would be really time consuming and I think the zwiki ones are just fine22:05
srichterbut it is the major one22:05
pcarduneit seems like that traverser could use some extending (for purposes of having add on packages)22:06
srichterbut the ZWiki views are written for the rotterdam skin or an extension thereof and I am not sure whether they are compatible with SchoolTool's skin22:06
srichterI mean you can hook in ZWiki's skin by means of a traverser, but what's the point?22:07
srichterit will be totally disintegrated with SchoolTool22:07
pcardunei suppose your right22:07
pcarduneintegration is a pretty large benefit22:08
pcardunewell, i guess I will just rewrite the views then - you've convinced me22:08
srichternote that you can reuse the Python classes22:09
srichterall you have to redo are some of the forms22:09
srichterand you won't even need them all22:09
pcarduneright, so would i just create a package in cando with a browser configure file and a bunch of templates/view classes?22:10
pcarduneand add zwiki as a dependency22:10
pcarduneonce you get past the trough... zope's flexibility is mind bending22:10
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_pcarduneok srichter, I've patched up the zwiki stuff pretty well.  In fact, the page templates work perfectly as do the view classes, The only problem is with the breadcrumbs23:40
_pcardunenevermind, I got it, although now the breadcrumbs don't reflect the fake hierarchie23:53
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srichterpcardune: cool23:55

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