IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-03-11

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tiredbonesIs there a utilitie that lets me look at Data.fs?17:07
tiredbonesOut side of zope.17:07
mgedminseriously, what exactly would you like to see inside?17:08
mgedminthere was a Python script for dumping a list of transactions and object records inside a Data.fs17:08
tiredbonesI want to see the the object I added is recorded.17:08
mgedminthere was a tool that printed statistics on the numbers of objects stored and their sizes17:08
mgedmindebugzope is a very useful script17:09
mgedminit loads your ZCML and opens the Data.fs, then gives you a Python prompy17:09
mgedminyou can do anything in that prompt17:09
tiredbonesI can't see it from zope and I get no errors.17:09
mgedmindebugger.root() returns the root folder from the ZODB17:09
mgedminthen you can poke around, look at the objects contained within, etc17:10
srichtermost likely your component is not persistent18:09
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tiredbonessrichter, Can you clarify something for me. If I download schooltool from the trunk do I need to create an instance for it?19:16
mgedmintiredbones: no19:26
tiredbonesmgedmin, where to install? here - /usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3 or here /usr/local/Zope-3.2/zope3/src?19:46
tiredbonesmgedmin, or how do you have it?19:47
th1aWhere to install your checkin?19:47
th1aI mean.19:47
th1aZope 3 checkout?19:48
tiredbonesth1a, schooltool19:48
th1aSchoolTool gets its own Zope 3 checkout.19:49
th1aSo you could just go to /usr/local/ and checkout the schooltool trunk.19:49
th1aA Zope3 instance will be downloaded into the SchoolTool root when you do 'make.'19:50
tiredbonesth1a, the web page had the svn command for doing svn, I don't see it there. Could youpoint me to it?19:51
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tiredbonesth1a, does schoolbell come with that download?19:55
th1atiredbones:  Sort of.19:55
th1aFuture versions of SchoolBell will be derived from the same source tree, but we haven't actually done that yet.19:55
tiredbonesth1a, I'm going to give another try. I think I got rid of my seg faults.19:56
th1aLet's hope so.19:56
th1asrichter:  I was thinking today that we are going to need to make a different class of requirements for things which aren't actually required of the kids, but have to be completed by teachers.19:58
th1aThat is, like "final grade"19:58
th1aor St. Ives "E" and "A."19:58
th1aThis might be called "Assessment"19:58
th1aThey don't have to have a lot of different functionality,19:58
th1abut they have a very different role.19:59
th1a"Final grade" should show up in a teacher's gradebook,19:59
th1abut not in a student's list of upcoming assignments, however.19:59
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pcardunetiredbones: did you ever figure out the solutions to the problems you were having?21:24
pcarduneI saw your emails but haven't had a chance to reply21:24
tiredbonespcardune, Hi Paul, yes I did. I can to get a better understning of what an instance was.22:05
tiredbonespcardune, ayt22:07
pcardunehi tiredbones22:10
pcarduneso, do you have any questions left?22:11
tiredbonespcardune, how dow I see the object that was created/22:11
pcardunewell, after you click on the type of object you want to add, then enter a name for it, then click the "apply" button, you should see a link to the object22:12
tiredbonespcardune, is "apply" the same as add?22:16
pcardunetiredbones: in this case, yes22:17
tiredbonespcardune, I just added another object add I don't see anything. where do I see this link?22:18
pcarduneit should be in http://localhost:8080/@@contents22:19
tiredbonespcardune, should I have to key in the http address?22:19
tiredbonespcardune, or do I just click on some icon?22:20
pcarduneyou can click on "top"22:22
tiredbonespcardune, when I enter this,http://localhost:8080/@@contents, I get an error message that the page is not available.22:22
pcarduneif you are using runzope to run the zope server (instead of zopectl) then you can look at any error messages that may have come up22:23
tiredbonespcardune, when I add my object I go to the screen where I started zope to see if an error message is recorded there, nothing.22:24
tiredbonespcardune, I use runzope22:24
pcardunewhat is the URL displayed when you adding the object?22:25
tiredbonespcardune, this time I have something different, http://localhost:8080/+/AddPersonContainer.html%3D22:26
tiredbonespcardune, I also gor a system error has occur.22:26
pcarduneif you send me a tarball of your code I will look at it22:27
tiredbonespcardune, On the screen where we add are objects there is a button for "refresh", what actual gets refreshed?22:28
pcardunein this case, nothing.  It doesn't really do anything.22:29
tiredbonespcardune, I compaired my code with what's on the site. I'll look over it again, although some things are missing, but I took the info from the irc logs.22:31
tiredbonespcardune, Can I ask a Q. about your last email, where we talked about testing?22:32
tiredbonespcardune, you said, "Each grouping of python commands is considered one test." what defines the beginning of a group and how in the end marked?22:34
pcarduneI believe it's by indentation22:35
tiredbonespcardune, if I have >>>1+1=2, True, is the one group/22:36
tiredbonespcardune, in other words does the test beigin with >>>22:37
tiredbonespcardune, and end with True22:37
pcardunecorrect, unless you have more python statements after "True"22:38
tiredbonespcardune, just to make sure I understand, test beigin >>>1+1=2  True now something else  >>> print "cool"   cool. do I have two test?22:39
pcarduneno, you have one22:40
pcarduneif you separate these python statements by a comment (just regular text that is not indented and not preceded by >>>), then you would have two tests22:41
tiredbonespcardune, I new I making this to hard.22:42
tiredbonespcardune, are you the only person working on CanDo?22:43
pcardunethere is one other developer at the moment22:43
tiredbonespcardune, Can one use svn to checkout cando?22:44
tiredbonespcardune, thanks for your time.22:44
pcarduneno problem22:44
tiredbonesth1a, ayt22:56
tiredbonesth1a, I'm get an error from running 'make build update-translations' I'm missing "src/schooltool/locales//schoolbell.pot. Is this a problem in going forward?22:58
tiredbonesth1a, this was download last week.22:58
th1aIt shouldn't interfere with what you're trying to do.22:58
tiredbonesth1a, I can go ahead with test and ftest?22:59
tiredbonesthe test are still ticking.23:21
tiredbonesI was reading the zope3-dev archives and came across a note that faassen wrote a book on zope3. I tried googling for it, but had no luck. Is anyone aware of the name of his book/23:33
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