IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-03-06

pcardunesrichter: do you have a moment to look at a problem I'm having?00:13
srichternot really; I am not really here ;-)00:16
pcarduneoh ok00:17
carljmpcardune: saw the irc log for this AM - I'm a new schoolbell user, interested in contributing, i know python but not zope - seems like whatever class you're running is what I need.  is it too late to jump in?00:18
pcardunecarljm: nope, it's not too late.  check out for what we've been doing lately00:20
carljmpcardune: great, i'll look that over.  are classes every week, sunday, 1800 +0200?00:23
pcardunesend me an email with your email address so I can include you on the class mailings00:24
carljmsure, what address?
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tiredbonesI just had somthing scary happen. I was getting fustrated, so I left my system for and hour or so, ran the same command, and it ran01:32
tiredbonesis had to do with running test.py01:33
th1acarljm:  I'm also urging people to look at the "commendations" package which is specifically created as documentation.01:42
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carljmth1a: thanks, i'll check that out01:47
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ignassrichter, ayt ?14:02
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mgedminyou scared him!14:07
th1aignas:  srichter is coming over to my place.14:07
ignascan someone clarify - is it a workflow that has more than 1 process or is it the other way around ?14:19
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mgedminpovbot: tu durnas?14:34
povbotmgedmin: Error: "tu" is not a valid command.14:34
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mgedminso, were ST 0.11.4 and SB 1.2.4 released or not?15:07 still shows 0.11.3/1.2.3 as the latest releases15:08
jintymgedmin: indeed I did release them and they are already in debian/ubuntu. I think is a little behind...15:09
mgedminhmm, dapper still has schoolbell 1.2.3-215:09
* jinty starts bugging the people that can fix that15:10
th1ajinty:  Are you back home?15:15
jintyth1a: yep, I was just writing you a long e-mail;)15:16
jintymgedmin: schooltool 1.2.4 in ubuntu has been failing to build because it needs zope3 as a build dependency. Zope3 been installable until today.15:30
th1ajinty:  Zope3 has not been installable until today?15:31
mgedminyep, if I do apt-get source schoolbell, apt downloads 1.2.4-1build115:31
mgedminapt-get build-dep schoolbell15:34
mgedminE: Build-dependencies for schoolbell could not be satisfied.15:34
jintyth1a: not the most recent one which depended on a the very latest twisted package, which only arrived today.15:34
mgedmin(not a very friendly message)15:34
jintyor so I am told..15:34
jintymgedmin: why couldn't they be satisfied??15:35
mgedminapt doesn't say15:35
jintyand what does apt-get install zope3 say?15:35
mgedminapt-get install zope3 fails15:35
mgedmin  zope3: Depends: python2.4-mechanize (>= 0.0.10a) but it is not going to be installed15:36
* mgedmin runs apt-get update15:36
mgedminpython2.4-mechanize depends on python2.4-clientform, which is not available at all15:36
mgedminsame problem with python2.4-pullparser15:37
mgedminso, we're waiting until python2.4-pullparser and python2.4-clientform appear in ubuntu15:37
jintybasically. Most of these things are sorted in debian, it should be just a matter of waiting till the ubuntu guys pull the stuff in.15:41
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erchacheim upgrading to schooltool 0.11.416:03 it!16:42
erchachewhat is state about pdf report and ldap integration?16:46
ignaserchache, if you would look at the proposals you would see that we are not working on ldap integration, so if no one will step in and submit a patch+tests - it is not going to happen any time soon16:49 going to investigate if any programmer of my job can do it...16:50
erchacheand pdf reports?16:50
erchacheits planned to change it?16:50
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ignascould you be more specific ?16:54
erchachepdf reports are very very simple....will be modified to get a better presentation?16:55
erchacheits only a simple list16:55
ignasand what would you epxect ?16:55
erchachesomething like a ical ;-)16:57
erchachei publish on paper my calendars and actual print report is a f****d s**t....sorry :-S16:58
ignaserchache, if you would provide us with examples of pdf reports that you would like in some graphical format17:18
ignasmaybe we would consider implementing them17:18
erchacheignas: ok17:18
ignasth1a, ayt ?17:21
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th1aignas: srichter and I are here.18:19
th1aerchache:  I've budgeted money for LDAP.  We'll have it by summer, I hope.18:22
erchacheok, i talk about that with my boss. We have ldap environment recently installed18:22
ignasth1a, do we allow users to select a home period as the second/third period in the day ?18:32
ignasor it must allways be the first one ?18:32
th1aignas:  It does not have to be the first period.18:32
th1a(some schools want to improve their attendance statistics, so they make homeroom later in the day)18:33
ignasand what about day tardies/absences ? how should we treat inherited periods then ?18:33
ignasdo you "only have to go to administrator if you are late to a lesson that is *after* the homeroom period"18:34
th1aOh... I see.18:36
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th1aIf having homeroom after first period hopelessly complexifies things, then we can force it to be first period.18:43
th1aOk ignas?18:44
ignasth1a, it's a cake compared to the second home room period ;)18:44
th1aignas:  I knew you'd be mad at me about that.18:44
ignasnot mad, it's just really difficult to spec it out18:44
ignasthus - hard to estimate, and hard to implement properly18:45
ignasth1a, now what about the day absence - we had all day events for them18:45
* th1a becomes srichter18:45
th1aworkflow: one process is actually one workflow18:45
erchacheth1a: errr.....i see on lastest updates, locales files arent update...i need to get it from rosetta, can be revised on futher releases?18:45
ignasgaaah now we've got 2 of them18:45
th1abasically process is a short version of workflow process18:46
th1ain WfMC several processes (workflows) are defined in one XPDL file18:46
ignasnow with 2 homeroom periods should we have 2 all day events ? or events covering inheriting period absences ?18:46
th1athe idea is that you can store all processes of an institution in one place18:47
erchachewho is system administrator of
ignasth1a, i see, i have solved the problem by extending the existing explanation workflow to accomodate correction18:47
erchacheftp doesnt run18:47
th1aignas:  You mean all day events on the calendar for day absences?18:48
th1aOh... that's not a big concern.18:49
ignasthe word "day absence" becomes really hazy when you try thinking of it as 3 distinct time periods18:49
th1aI know... more like multi-period absence.18:49
th1aOK... we've got to go pick up our food.18:49
erchacheooopsss...i was wrong...ftp runs :-S18:50
erchacheth1a: can do i add a new entrie for schooltool 0.11.4 on web server?18:51
erchachei see when refer to schooltool....uses schooltool calendar or schooltool 200618:51
erchachewhich type is schooltool 0.11.4?18:51
jintyI think that schooltool 0.11.x == schooltool calendar.18:52
erchachecan add entry for schooltool calendar 0.11.4 on web server or other will do that?18:55
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ignasth1a, we are missing only the description of the control panel/dashboard now19:12
ignasoh, and i didn't find anything that would need the timeout functionality19:13
ignaslike - expire unexplained attendance records after time set in app preferences19:14
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tiredbonesHow does one know if an issue assign on is closed?21:31
mgedmintiredbones: you can add yourself to the nosy list for a particular issue21:35
mgedminthen you get email notifications21:35
tiredbonesmgedmin, If an issue is not assign to anyone does that mean it's not looked at?21:49
mgedminnot necessarily, but that's a pretty safe assumption21:49
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5783:21:53
povbot/svn/commits: Replace the bugfix for issue 461 with a nicer one (the startdate >= start if statement appears in all other _scroll methods for other recurrence types).21:53
povbot/svn/commits: Thanks, Carl Meyer.21:53
carljmyou're welcome21:55
carljmi'm curious if the three other patches i submitted pass muster - all three appear to work, and none of them break the unit tests21:57
mgedminI'm looking at them now21:58
mgedmincarljm: usually the idea is to write a new unit test (one that fails), and then see if a bugfix fixes that test21:59
mgedminthen you get a regression test that will prevent the bug from reappearing21:59
mgedminsometimes the thought that not only you have to fix a bug, but you also have to write a test makes a lazy developer postpone bugfixing...22:01
carljmi noticed that some of these bugs have been around for a while, and they aren't tough fixes for someone who already knows the code - some of them are crazy easy22:02
carljmseems like you guys need a bugfixer22:02
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5784:22:18
povbot/svn/commits: Bugfix for when the user's preferences specified that weeks start on Sundays, the yearly view was broken.22:18
povbot/svn/commits: Thanks to Carl Meyer for the patch.  I just wrote a regression test for it.22:18
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5785:22:22
povbot/svn/commits: Backport changeset 5784 to the release branch, in case we decide to make another bugfix release (SchoolBell 1.2.5).  Original changelog:22:22
povbot/svn/commits: Bugfix for when the user's preferences specified that weeks start on Sundays, the yearly view was broken.22:23
povbot/svn/commits: Thanks to Carl Meyer for the patch.  I just wrote a regression test for it.22:23
carljmmgedmin: on issue 449, i did not test with the included Data.fs, because I didn't have any login info for it.  Is there a trick I don't know?22:34
mgedminthere was some way to change the manager's password...22:37
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mgedmincarljm, here's how you can do this: run schoolbell-server --restore-manager and the manager's password will be reset back to the default one ("schoolbell")22:39
* mgedmin is about to go home22:39
mgedminthe README ought to say something about --restore-manager22:40
* mgedmin makes a TODO22:41
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dwelshthis is elkner and welsh23:08
dwelshth1a:  you there?23:08
dwelshsrichter:  you there?23:09
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