IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-02-08

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faassenth1a: hey.16:55
faassensrichter: hi stephan! :)16:55
faassenignas: Stephan says I need svn checkin rights for schooltool. :)16:56
ignasonly you ?16:58
ignasare you the only one in infrae working on ST ?16:58
faassenignas: no, but I need it now.16:59
faassenignas: and the others aren't working on it right now.16:59
faassenignas: Stephan is sitting next to me.16:59
faassenStephan, say something uniquely Stephany that only you could've said and that I couldn't have made up.16:59
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faassenso I can prove Stephan is here.16:59
faassenhey alga16:59
faassenStephan is saying, Zope 3 rocks!16:59
ignasi have told about that to alga, so you should get it in like 10-15 minutes17:00
faassenalga: fast 10-15 minutes.17:00
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algafaassen: you either need to sign a committers agreement or become a paid developer17:00
algaalso, I need your ssh pubkey17:01
faassenalga: okay, I think I'm a paid developer but I don't know the formal status of this.17:01
faassenalga: anyway, i'll send the pubkey where?17:01 i guess17:02
algayeah, that'll do17:02
faassensent it.17:02
ignasalga, told me that he'll just wipe the floor and set it up17:02
faassenwipe the floor?17:03
faassenthanks for wiping the floor anyway. :)17:03
* faassen grins.17:03
algafaassen: faassen@source.schooltool.org17:06
algaor rather svn co svn+ssh://
faassenhm, doesn't work somehow.17:10
faassenperhaps the public key got some problem (whitespace?) or something is weird here.17:10
faassen(I get it asking me for a password even though I have my key ssh-add-ed)17:11
algaI got it with two newlines and changed them to spaces17:14
faassenalga: oh, just sent you another key. let me try again though.17:15
faassendidn't help. anyway, try my other key, it's attached in a new mail.17:15
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algaalrighty, try again17:16
algaoh, wait17:17
algait's HIS fault17:17
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algaok, try now17:17
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algamgedmin made a script to add new schooltool committers17:19
algabut I think it left incorrect ownership of the authorized_keys file17:21
jelknersrichter: stephan, are you here?17:21
jelknerth1a: tom, are you here?17:21
jelkneranyone know where to find an on-line version of stephan's book?17:22
jelkneralga: it doesn't seem like the same book as the hard copy one i have17:24
jelknerpcarunde is giving us a zope3 tutorial and assigning readings from the book (ch 8)17:24
jelknerin the on-line version, there is no chapter 817:24
ignaswhat is up with issues.schooltool.org17:25
ignasor should i say what is _down_17:25
th1aOK, I'm here.17:25
jelkneragla: never mind!17:25
jelknerduh, i'm such a fool! ;-)17:25
jelknerit is there, and it is the same17:25
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jelknerth1a: tom, i was just looking for stephan's book17:26
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jelknerok, gotta go (students are asking questions ;-)17:27
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th1aI got out of bed for this?17:27
algaI cant' reach as well17:27
th1aPerhaps our uptime stopped at 164 days.17:29
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th1aOK, I sent an email to henrik@ubuntu to have them kick the server.17:42
th1aI guess I don't have a direct connection to ServerPronto.17:43
ignassrichter, how can a Zope3.1 application a.k.a. SchoolBell1.2.x stop working with Zope3.2 ?17:52
th1aignas:  Does it?17:52
ignasno BBB warnings17:53
ignasswitch to wsgi servers was harash17:53
th1aWhat happens?17:53
srichterit should not17:53
ignasit can't find http server17:53
* th1a wonders what he actually did when he tried to test it himself.17:53
srichterif it stopped working, then that's a bug17:53
ignas    from import http17:53
ignasImportError: No module named http17:53
srichterbasically just switch over to wsgi17:54
ignasi know how to fix it17:54
srichterlike we did for the trunk17:54
srichteryou could also fix it in the Zope 3.2 branch17:54
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ignassrichter, is it even possible to wrap http to use wsgi underneath ? iirc not just the name was changet, but the way server is used was changed too ...17:57
srichterit is not that hard17:58
srichterI thought I had written this wrapper17:58
srichtermaybe it got lost in some refactorings17:58 springs back to life.18:00
th1aIt wasn't down.18:01
ignasth1a, do we need compatibility with Zope3.1 ?18:03
ignasor should i just switch release versions of schooltool/bell to Zope3.218:03
th1aOne thing I did was test the current version against the release of 3.2 instead of a svn checkout.18:04
th1aI don't know if they are supposed to be identical or not,18:04
th1abut it worked with the release.18:05
th1aPerhaps you should try that.18:05
th1aignas:  Overall, it would be nice, but it just depends on your cost/benefit analysis.18:07
th1aIf it is easy to keep 3.1 compatibility, yes.  If it is hard, no.18:07
th1asrichter:  My teachers have found a small bug in your gradebook.18:12
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ignassrichter, is there a place where i can check out the same code that is in Zope3.2 final release ?18:50
ignasi have tried both tags/Zope3-3.2 and branches/3.218:50
ignasand they are different things18:50
ignasfrom the tar.gz in the website18:50
th1aignas:  That's what I thought.18:51
ignasbecause well i'd like to update the Makefile18:53
ignasso one could do "make test ftest" without downloading the tarball19:02
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povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5741:20:33
povbot/svn/commits: Add functionality to get the fractional value of a score.20:33
povbot/svn/commits: Also converted everything to use Decimal.20:33
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5742:20:34
povbot/svn/commits: We don't want to security proxy Decimals, as unfortunately Decimals do isinstance checks on the Decimal itself, which breaks in the face of Zope 3 security proxies. We've therefore done an insecure thing if untrusted code is ever to be written with Schooltool: we've turned Decimal into an unproxied rock.20:34
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5743:20:35
povbot/svn/commits: Work with decimals.20:35
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5744:20:35
povbot/svn/commits: Work with decimal, not floats.20:35
povbot/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5745:20:36
povbot/svn/commits: Implement and test getTotalScoreForStudent, based on getFractionalValue functionality in the requirement package.20:36
povbot/svn/commits: Also convert to use decimals.20:36
th1aWelcome aboard, faasen!20:36
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