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th1ahi mhz00:06
th1aSchoolTool itself would be the higher priority.00:06
mhzth1a: by 'irself' you mean the application?00:06
mhzapplication = system00:07
th1aYes.  We use Bazaar on
th1aThe application.00:07
mhzoh, okis00:07
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mgedminpovbuildbot, where are you? :-/13:30
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strichtermgedmin: everyone I show the coverage HTML to loves it! I think it would be one of those tools that should make it into Zope 3 core.13:40
mgedminz3's has --coverage, doesn't it?13:48
mgedminall you need is the plaintext2html conversion script13:49
mgedminschooltool's --coverage was inspired by zope 313:49
mgedminalthough I had to tweak it a lot to make it work13:50
mgedmin(e.g. move test module imports under the profiler, so that top-level of various code modules isn't marked as "not covered")13:50
strichterI see13:51
strichteryes, Zope 3 has --coverage13:51
strichterbut the plaintext2html script would be useful13:51
strichtermaybe you can also port your tweaks13:52
mgedminthat's on my (long) todo list13:52
strichterI am trying right now to get your script working on a trunk Zope 313:52
mgedminthe 2html script is in the schooltool repository (bin/
strichterright, I copied that into the trunk, but it does not do anything there13:52
strichterso I have to look what's going on13:53
mgedminwhich trunk?13:53
strichterZope 3 trunk13:53
mgedmindo you have coverage/*.cover files?13:53
mgedminlook at schooltool's makefile13:53
mgedminthe 'coverage-reports-html' rule13:53
strichteryes, that's all the same13:53
mgedminI just remembered13:54
mgedminbin/ has a hardcoded rule13:54
mgedmin"ignore everything that does not match schooltool*.cover"13:54
mgedminthere are a lot of misleading zope.*.cover files13:54
mgedminnot to mention strangely-named <doctest\ *.cover13:54
mgedminin coverage13:54
mgedmin+1 for making the filter pattern a command-line argument13:54
strichterok, now it is doing something13:55
strichterI am just gonna checkout how well Zope is tested.13:56
strichtermmh, it di dnot generate an index.html13:57
strichteroh, it's zope.html13:57
strichterwow, in comparison to Zope 3, SchoolTool is amazingly well-tested13:58
strichtermmh, there must be some false positives13:59
strichterI know that I tested the number parsing really well, but it shows it as not being tested13:59
strichterit also does not seem to catch all files14:01
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mgedmindid you notice any false positives in schooltool?14:06
srichteryeah, a few, but they are hard to check14:06
srichterfor example, I have an AbstractScoreSystem14:06
srichterclearly the raise NotImplementedError calls are never executed14:06
srichterhowever, I would be okay writing a test for it14:07
mgedminbut those are not false positives14:07
mgedminI mean, have you noticed any places that are tested, but the coverage tool misses them?14:08
srichteroh, no not yet, not in SchoolTool14:08
mgedmin(I remember there once were problems with doctests)14:08
mgedmin(and I remember I had problems like this when I tried using hotshot for tracking coverage)14:08
mgedmin(and I remember problems with in Python 2.3)14:08
srichterif doctest would not be working, we could not have 93% coverage in schooltool.requirement :-)14:09
mgedminhmm, I wonder why is not mentioned at all in
* mgedmin finishes hookig up the coverage report generator to buildbot and runs a final test14:15
mgedminit would be nice to push upstream into Python14:21
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5738:14:28
povbot/svn/commits: Mention HTML unit test coverage reports.14:28
povbot/svn/commits: Remove the ancient obsolete and incorrect text about functional test interdependencies.14:28
mgedmina long article about test coverage reports:
mgedmindoesn't say anything unobvious, though14:46
srichterI think Tim would be able to apply the fix14:47
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5739:17:14
povbot/svn/commits: Unit Test coverage reports:17:14
povbot/svn/commits: * show the revision number and generation date in the footer of each page * disable syntax highlighting (instead of omitting the source code altogether)17:14
povbot/svn/commits: when enscript is not installed17:14
povbot/svn/commits: * enclose filenames in double quotes before passing them to os.popen; this17:14
povbot/svn/commits: is not fullproof, but at least should handle spaces in pathnames17:14
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mgedminpovbuildbot, hello17:24
mgedminpovbuildbot, help17:24
mgedminpovbuildbot: help17:25
povbuildbotGet help on what? (try 'help <foo>', or 'commands' for a command list)17:25
mgedminpovbuildbot: commands17:25
povbuildbotbuildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, excited, force, hello, help, last, list, source, status, stop, version, watch17:25
mgedminpovbuildbot: status17:25
povbuildbotpov-schooltool: idle, last build 448827 secs ago: build successful17:25
povbuildbotpov-schooltool-coverage: building(computing unit test coverage)17:25
mgedminpovbuildbot: help watch17:25
povbuildbotUsage: watch <which> - announce the completion of an active build17:25
mgedminpovbuildbot: help dance17:25
povbuildbotNo usage info for 'dance'17:25
mgedminpovbuildbot: dance17:26
mgedminpovbuildbot: hello17:26
mgedminpovbuildbot: last17:26
povbuildbotlast build [pov-schooltool]: 448868 secs ago: build successful17:26
povbuildbotlast build [pov-schooltool-coverage]: 615 secs ago: exception svn17:26
mgedminpovbuildbot: list17:26
povbuildbottry 'list builders'17:26
mgedminpovbuildbot: list builders17:26
povbuildbotConfigured builders: pov-schooltool pov-schooltool-coverage17:26
mgedminpovbuildbot: watch pov-schooltool-coverage17:26
povbuildbotwatching build pov-schooltool-coverage #5 until it finishes..17:26
povbuildbotHey! build pov-schooltool-coverage #5 is complete: Success [build successful]18:06
povbuildbotBuild details are at
mgedminhm, what's the difference between 'Revision' and 'Last Changed Rev' in 'svn info' output?18:13
mgedminthe python folks use 'last change rev':
mgedminno, svnversion is a better bet18:17
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5740:18:17
povbot/svn/commits: Use svnversion instead of svn info.18:17
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srichtermust be fun chatting with povbuildbot19:21
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