IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-02-09

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srichtermgedmin: do you think it might be easier to port your coverage code to Zope's testrunner than fixing the current one.17:31
srichterI will send you a list of false positives of the Zope 3 trunk using the Zope testrunner17:32
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mgedminsrichter, I will take a look when you send me the example I asked for17:41
mgedmincurrently I do not know17:41
mgedminfixing might be easier17:42
mgedminalso, I don't know about porting -- the ST test runner was written on time paid by the Shuttleworth foundation, which therefore gets the copyright17:43
mgedminand it is GPLed17:43
mgedminthe coverage 2 html tool was not paid by Shuttleworth17:43
mgedminso we can easily merge it into Zope 317:43
* mgedmin not a lawyer, /me hates thinking about copyright/licencing issues17:48
ignasmgedmin, yes, the code should be free!17:49
povbot`/svn/commits: * faassen committed revision 5746:17:57
povbot`/svn/commits: Fix indentation issues. They were in fact already inconsistent yesterday, but we increased the problem. :)17:57
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mgedminvidasp, have you signed the Zope 3 contributor's agreement?18:22
vidaspmgedmin: no18:22
th1avidasp:  That's necessary if you're contributing unpaid work.18:23
vidaspam I?18:24
mgedminthe point is, you have to sign a piece of paper if you want to get commit rights to the Zope 3 repository18:25
mgedminand I think you can only check in code that is copyrighted by you18:25
mgedminum, I'm confused again18:26
mgedminanyway, it would be great to patch the z3 test runner to have HTML unit test coverage reports18:26
vidaspah, now I see why I need it :)18:27
ignasbut pov was paying you to do that, so i am still confused18:28
mgedminit's a simple matter of printing it out, signing, scanning, emailing the scan to jim, and faxing the paper version to zope corp18:28
mgedminyeah, if is (c) Programmers of Vilnius18:29
mgedminthen I suppose any of us could check it into zope 318:29
mgedminwhere's a lawyer when you need one?18:29
mgedminanyway, lunchtime is way overdue18:30
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ignasth1a, do we really need schoolbell/ schooltool in dapper ? :D20:32
ignasi mean how badyl ?20:32
mgedminbreaks schooltool's restive interface quite a bit21:07
mgedminor rather the bugfix for #396 broke ST, since ST depended on buggy behaviour21:07
mgedminmultiadapter lookup of (PersonContainer, IBrowserRequest) -> IPublishTraverse used to return ItemTraverser in Zope 3.121:08
mgedminit now returns RestPublicationTraverse in Zope 3.221:08
mgedminas a result REST traversers get used for browser views21:08
mgedminwhich is totally Not Good21:08
mgedmintime to introduce IRestRequest?21:09
mgedmindo we have one in trunk?21:09
th1aignas:  Hi.21:24
ignasth1a, hi :)21:24
th1aI'd rather have SB/ST in Dapper without REST than not have them in there.21:24
th1aIf that's an option.21:24
th1aConsidering who's paying for all this, it is very important.21:25
th1aTo have SB/ST in there.21:25
ignasth1a, now that we know what the problem is, i can at least estimate how long it will take us fixing it21:30
ignasth1a, at the time of writing it was the middle of a loooooong debugging session21:30
th1aOK.  Did you figure out what was up with the difference between the 3.2 tarball and svn?21:30
ignasth1a, the PYTHONPATH :D21:31
ignasi had Zope3.1 installed on my machine (apt-get) so anything not Zope3 in schooltools Zope3 directory was well - using the installed one21:31
ignasthus working21:32
th1aI had a feeling that something like that was probably going on.21:32
ignasZope3.2 from the tarball is not really different from the one in svn, so properly installed tarball Zope3.2  is breaking schooltool21:33
th1aYes, I see.21:33
mgedminyay! progress! only 3 ftests fail now!21:39
mgedminand now that is really true -- only 3 ftests fail even if I run both browser and rest ftests21:49
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mgedminthere is progres... still 3 tests fail, all are about HTTP PUT over 7080 as opposed to 700122:22
th1aGood work22:22
ignask, Zope3 is a pile of eeky poo stuff, going home 10:30 pm here22:25
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