IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-01-25

jelknerand i must advise you to be persistent and not let it slide00:00
pcarduneno problem00:00
pcardunedo they still do direct deposit?00:00
jelknerthe buracracy in aps is much more challanging than dealing with cic00:00
jelkneri hope00:00
jelknerwe can ask chris00:00
jelknerok, do you know what mitchell will be doing in the next week?00:01
ffsnoopyyeah, i know what im doing00:02
ffsnoopywe discussed it a few days back00:02
jelknerpcardune: do you think we can be ready by next tuesday to read the Data.fs?00:02
pcarduneWe can shoot for that00:03
jelknerok, let's call it a day, then00:04
pcarduneI can give you a better estimate once i learn more about the problem00:04
th1apcardune:  A question...00:04
pcarduneth1a: yep?00:04
th1aHow far along is the web interface in CanDo2006?00:04
pcarduneth1a: not very unfortunately00:05
pcarduneth1a: I don't work nearly as much and as efficiently as stephan :)00:05
th1aThat's fine.00:05
th1aI'm actually going to mutilate the gradebook interface to do some end of the semester assessments up here.00:06
th1aBut I wasn't sure if I could do the same thing more elegantly with CanDo yet.00:06
pcarduneyeah, not yet00:07
jelknerok, i need to run00:07
jelknercya next week00:07
th1abye jelkner.00:08
pcardunebye all00:08
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srichterth1a: I am back01:24
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th1asrichter:  Still there?05:10
th1aI just remembered what I wanted to tell you.05:10
srichterif it is short, otherwise I am off to bed05:14
srichterth1a: pong05:14
th1aFor discrete score systems (not ranges) we should use drop-downs.05:14
th1aIn the gradebook.05:15
th1aThat's the only issue I found.05:15
srichteryeah, you are right05:15
th1aThat shouldn't be hard.05:15
srichterexcept that we shoudl do it right an implement a widget05:17
th1aWhatever you say, chief.05:17
srichterok, I am off to bed05:17
srichtergood night05:17
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5689:13:03
povbot/svn/commits: Changed i18n:domain and also the generator URL in
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th1asrichter:  Any chance we can have those drop-down menus in svn by Friday?17:36
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th1asrichter:  OK, I guess I can fake it.20:21
th1ai.e., just hard-wire what I need.20:21
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srichterI am sorry, but I need to do some research before I leave and I am in transite all Friday20:24
th1aI couldn't remember when you were leaving.20:24
th1aIt isn't a big deal.20:24
th1aThis is the kind of programming I'm good at.  Cheap hacks to get something to work in one specific case.20:25
th1aWithout having to understand much about the underlying system.20:25
th1ajinty:  Do you know anything about using chroots?20:26
srichterwhat we really want is a score field with a score widget20:26
srichtervery similar to the score system one20:26
jintyth1a: I hope so20:26
th1aI've been stuck because bskahan set up these chrooted schooltool servers on, and I can't figure out how to control them.20:27
jintyth1a: how do you want to control them?20:28
th1aAnd bskahan has fallen off the face of the earth.20:28
th1aStart them, stop them...20:28
th1aThe init scripts in the chroots don't seem to do anything,20:28
th1aand I can't figure out if they're even called on boot.20:28
th1aIt doesn't look like it.20:28
jintynormally, you have to as root go 'chroot /ssss /etc/init.d/xxx start'20:29
th1awhat if I chroot in the the chroot and do /etc/init.d/schooltool start ?20:30
jintyyeah, that's probably a better idea20:30
th1aYeah.  Nothing happens when I do that.20:30
th1aI just get a fresh bash prompt.20:30
jintybut you should really write a script to do that kind of thing from the top level20:30
th1aIt doesn't seem like the init script is right.20:31
th1aYes.  I think this wasn't really finished.20:31
jintyhave a look in /etc/default on the chroot20:31
jintywhere are they on the machine20:31
th1aThey are in /var/chroot20:32
jintyand that init script?20:33
th1aWhoops.  /var/chroot/fhs/etc/init.d/schooltool20:34
jintywell, in the chroot there is no /etc/default/schooltool, so the daemon is disabled20:36
jintyprobably there was a reason for that20:36
th1aWell, at this point, I'm beyond trying to divine the original intent, and just need this to run.20:36
jintyif you go into the chroot, can you see if a schooltool package was installed?20:37
th1aIt is in /opt/schooltool in the chroot.20:38
jintyweee, what fun!!!20:38
th1aI really have to go, unfortunately.  Thanks for taking a look at this jinty.  Could you let me know how much would be involved in getting this running properly?20:39
jintylooks like just an un-packed tarball.20:39
th1aI needed this one to be from svn.20:40
jintyHmmm, on a machine where I have no idea how it was setup...20:40
th1aWe can scrap the current chroots.20:40
th1aOK... I REALLY have to go.  If you could fix this for $$$ before Monday, let me know.20:41
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5690:22:43
povbot/svn/commits: Student attendance view (initial): just a list of unresolved absences/tardies in the last 2 months for now.22:43
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