IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-01-19

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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5662:17:36
povbot/svn/commits: Fix another dprecation warning. Sigh.17:36
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5663:17:37
povbot/svn/commits: Implemented ordered requirements. While doing this I discovered a bunch issues with the inheritance implementation. I fixed those and documented everything well.17:37
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srichteranyone here?22:09
th1aI am.22:09
srichterI cannot find the div.row CSS declarations22:09
* mgedmin is also lurking22:10
srichterbtw, I hate DIVs and CSS 2.0; they suck soo much it's unbelievable22:10
th1asrichter:  I'm a little worried about that.22:10
th1aI don't want to start having a bunch of tables.22:11
mgedmintables are perfectly fine for tabular data22:11
th1aYes, of course.22:11
srichterall I want to do is implement a widget that is a little bit more than a simple input field22:12
srichterso I do  this using spans and it does not work22:12
srichterI have no clue how to fix it22:12
srichterespecially without those declarations22:12
srichterI really do not know where they are22:12
mgedminsrichter, what exactly are you looking for?22:14
srichterwhere the CSS class div.row is defined22:14
* th1a is pinging tvon on AIM...22:14
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th1aThanks for popping in tvon.22:15
mgedminfind src/ -name '*.css'|xargs grep --color=auto -w  row22:15
tvonI have a meeting in any second, but I'll be back after22:15
mgedminsrc/schooltool/app/browser/resources/layout.css:FORM.standalone .row {22:15
mgedminsrc/schooltool/app/browser/resources/layout.css:FORM.standalone > .row {22:15
srichtermgedmin: that's not it; I grepped the code already too22:15
th1asrichter is looking for where div.row is defined.22:15
mgedminbut but but... we have no more css?22:16
mgedminunless some is inherited from zope 3?22:16
srichterI checked even the HTML to see whether a CSS from Zope22:16
srichteris imported22:16
srichternot that I could see22:16
th1aWhat if it isn't defined?22:16
* mgedmin stares suspiciously at Zope3/src/zope/app/rotterdam/zope3.css22:17
tvonsrichter: did you try the web developer extension for ff?22:17
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* tvon goes to a meeting22:17
srichtermgedmin: that's what I thought too, but I cannot see zope3.css anywhere22:17
mgedminsrichter, perhaps there simply are no CSS declarations for div.row22:18
th1asrichter: That web developer extension os quite handy.22:18
* mgedmin manages without it; with the dom inspector and a few bookmarklets22:18
srichterwhat is the web dev entension?22:18
srichterwhat does it do for me?22:18
mgedminsince no one is answering...22:23
srichterI am feeling so powerless with the new div layout stuff22:23
mgedminsrichter, the web dev extension gives you a new toolbar full of stuff22:23
mgedminthat can highlight various things with the document structure22:23
mgedminplay around with css rules22:23
mgedminchange the browser window size22:23
mgedminenable/disable random things22:23
srichterI see22:23
th1aYes, sorry...22:23
srichterso pretty much what mozilla has too22:23
th1aRight, that's what I was referring to.22:24
th1aYeah, that.22:24
* mgedmin is wondering what exactly srichter is trying to achieve22:25
srichterOkay, I have a field score system22:25
srichterit is a fairly complex widget22:25
srichterit has a choice field, but also let's you create a new score system on the fly and has thus a few (2) options22:26
srichterof course I want this layed out liek the rest of the form22:26
srichterall those options and select input should be indented behind the label22:26
srichterbut when I do that it always wraps to the beginning22:27
srichterit is really dubious22:27
srichterif I create a box, in this case div.field, why oh why is not all of its content bound to the boundaries of this box?22:28
mgedminare the contents floating?22:28
mgedminis the div floating?22:29
srichterI dunno22:29
srichterI think the div is floating, though I don't have the CSS22:29
mgedminthe dom inspector is useful for finding out22:29
mgedmins/useful/VERY useful/22:29
srichtermaybe this is the problem22:31
srichterdiv.row and div.field are not even declared :-)22:31
mgedminthat's what I said 15 minutes ago ;-)22:31
mgedminI believe they're only styled when they live inside a <form class="standalone">22:32
srichterright, so div.label is in schooltool.css22:32
srichterno, outside too, but differently22:32
mgedminoh, that's div.row that's unstyled22:32
* mgedmin finds the split of CSS into 'layout.css' and 'schooltool.css' confusing22:33
th1a I'm afraid we're going to have to limp through with what we have.22:33
mgedminI think what you want to have is a floating label of a certain width, and a floating div with several input controls inside22:33
th1aNo more grand reorganizations 'til next year.22:34
mgedminand in your form div.row ought to have "clear: left" so that fields and labels do not just stack horizontally22:34
srichterok, I put a fieldset around the thing22:34
srichterdoes not look pretty, but at least its understandable22:34
srichterI am not going to fight CSS22:34
th1aI'm not paying you to fight CSS ;-)22:35
srichterth1a: Iam so happy you just said that! :-)22:35
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huats_ /msg nickserv link huats racoon23:07
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* tvon returns23:57
th1ahauts:  Hi Chris.23:57
huatsth1a, hi23:58
th1atvon:  I think srichter solved his problem.23:58
huatssorry I've quite long to notice23:58
th1aThat's the problem with having cool irc handles ;-)23:59
huatsthat's it23:59
huatsI am discovered23:59

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