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srichterth1a: One of the things we gotta do at some point is to change the breadcrumbs from ids to titles (when available)01:12
srichteroh, I hit a big snatch01:20
srichterevaluations are annotated on the person, so I have to figure something out in terms of security01:20
srichter(and suddenly srichter questions his decision to store scores on the students....he still thinks its right though)01:22
srichterok, I just security unwrap it; seems the right thing to do01:24
th1aSo you can't assign different permissions to an annotation?01:24
srichterthe view is still secured01:24
srichterI can01:24
srichterbut what I need to be able to say is: all teachers can edit evaluations01:24
srichterit's a matter of not enough infrastructure being in placw01:25
th1aWell, not really.01:25
th1aYou need to be able to say teachers can edit their own evaluations.01:25
srichter(note the plural form of evaluations)01:25
srichterthat is no quiet either01:25
srichterall teachers teaching  asection can modify the gradebook01:26
srichterthis is how the security works on the view01:26
srichterthus I think it is no problem to unwrap the evals01:26
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srichterth1a: what we really want is a group for each section's teachers01:50
srichterthen say that this group has access to all evaluations that are for an activity of the section01:50
th1asrichter:  That sounds right.02:23
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5658:14:53
povbot/svn/commits: Optimize sample attendance data so it is not excessively painful, and enable it.  It still doubles the time taken to run functional tests on my machine.14:53
povbot/svn/commits: The principal change is Ignas's idea to reuse PRESENT attendance records for all section members.  I'm not entirely confident the optimization is always safe; but it will definitely work if we record presence for all members of a particular section in a single transaction, which is what we do now.14:53
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5659:16:12
povbot/svn/commits: Added security declarations for several components.16:12
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5660:16:15
povbot/svn/commits: Finished initial stab at gradebook UI. The browser code is not very pretty yet, but I am going over it again, anyways.16:15
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* srichter is surprised that pcardune has not been online screaming at /me because of the requirement API changes ;-)16:20
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vinscihow does schooltool calendar and schoolbell relate to each other?18:39
mgedminschoolbell is a subset of schooltool, feature-wise18:43
vinscido they share the codevase?18:43
mgedminit has no timetabling, attendance tracking, courses, sections or other school-specific stuff18:43
mgedminthey do share the codebase18:43
mgedmin(although after the last release we did a massive refactoring which left schoolbell in a bit of a limbo)18:43
erchachewhat happs with recursive events?18:44
mgedmin(it should work, in theory, but there are no tools to pick the appropriate subset of packages and build it)18:44
mgedminrecursive calendar events are part of calendaring, which is part of schoolbell18:44
erchachemy boss are anxious to solve this....and are streesing me :-S18:44
vinscican schoolbell be built as an svn bundle?18:44
mgedminvinsci, I don't know18:45
mgedminerchache, I'm sorry to hear that18:45
vinscimgedmin, ok, thanks18:45
mgedminvinsci, zpkg is supposedly capable of bundling several packages together18:45
mgedminand we have zpkg metadata files all over the place18:45
mgedminbut I do not know zpkg well, or at all18:45
erchachei see zope code and i know what is the bug....but i dont know how to solve it....i dont know zope programming18:45
vinscimgedmin, same here18:46
mgedminerchache, could you pass me a link to the issue?18:46
erchache a second...need to get paper handbook18:46
* mgedmin has some time now, while he waits for unit + ftests now18:46
erchacheissue 45218:48
erchacheand 46118:48
erchacheget system date instead a public variable18:48
* mgedmin wanted a full url so he could just click on it18:48
mgedminoh well18:48
erchachei send issues for these bugs18:49
mgedminerchache, 452 is a iCalendar format restriction18:50
mgedminyou can just change the date field in the web form to another day18:50
mgedminand then you can uncheck the checbox18:50
erchachewait im need to see that :-S18:50
mgedminiCalendar requires that if you create a weekly recurring event with a DTSTART field on a Tuesay (for example) then it MUST recur on tuesdays18:50
erchacheand this other....18:52
mgedmin461 is a "whoa"18:52
mgedminI do not know what causes that bug, sorry18:54 too18:55
erchachethis is the problem....18:55
* mgedmin is trying to reproduce18:56
* mgedmin has reproduced the error in an interactive python session18:59
erchachewhat is diagnostic doctor? cut for health part?19:01
* mgedmin has a failing unit test now19:03 long do you estimated will be solved?19:04
* mgedmin shrugs19:05
* mgedmin sees a bunch of unrelated potential timezone bugs in CalendarEvent.expand19:07
erchachelike i supose....a structural bug...fuck19:09
erchacheim fighting against linguaplone to know how runs....19:09
mgedminI think the bug is in WeeklyRecurrenceRule._scroll19:17
erchacheuhm....i dont know anything about schooltool classes :-S19:18
mgedminI have a possible fix19:19
mgedminerchache, if you're very impatient, you might want to try this patch:
erchacheuhmm....i copy paste and try making a dd of a partition of my server....and are down19:21
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5661:19:28
povbot/svn/commits: Bugfix for weekly recurring events have infinite recurrences before their start date.19:28
povbot/svn/commits: I have looked at the equivalent code in other recurrent events (daily, monthly, yearly) and concluded that they do not have this bug.19:28
mgedmin should be fixed in trunk19:29
erchachehehehe....i make my first page with lingua plone19:34
erchachebut kupu doesnt run properly19:34
mgedminI only just now noticed that epoz is zope written backwards!19:34
erchacheyepa...i install epoz on my plone server19:36
erchacheinstead kupu19:36
erchachearrgghh i hate kupu19:38
erchachei want epoz!19:39
mgedmin(we're not particularily interested)19:40
erchachei need to learn kupu writting :-(19:41
erchachewell i solve problems....on hard code...but....19:45
erchachekupu is a shit!19:45
erchachei have little content integration problems between plone and linguaplone....19:46
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pcardunemgedmin or srichter, what is the path to the addform macro?  I tried context/@@standard_macros/addform but that doesn't work and I cant seem to find any view registered for it20:25
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pcardunenevermind, i seem to have figured it out... although i'm not sure it is the best way.20:28
mgedminthat's good, 'cause I don't know20:32
* mgedmin dislikes zope 3 add forms20:33
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srichterpcardune: I am now convinced that most of the browser code you put into the requirement package should not be there21:02
srichterpcardune: it is very CanDo specific21:02
srichterpcardune: and some of the menu registrations show up in my views too, because they are registered for IRequirement and IActivity extends it21:03
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mgedminoh, crap22:06
mgedminbuildbot times out waiting for one single functional test (guess which)22:06
mgedminsample data takes more than 1200 seconds on our buildbot slave22:06
mgedmintime make test ftest takes less than 12 minutes on my laptop22:07
mgedminthat single functional test times out after 20 minutes22:08
mgedminis it swapping?22:08
th1aOnce it starts swapping a lot you're cooked.22:09
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mgedminit shouldn't be swapping...22:13
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mgedminok, 'make ftest' on my laptop takes 10m34s and eats 360 megs of RAM22:35
mgedminmuskatas has 512 megs of ram22:35
pcardunesrichter: yes, i know about the browser view stuff... I haven't taken out the registrations yet, but go ahead and get rid of them as you see fit22:55
pcardunesrichter: what about views for conflict resolution in naming?  that seems like something that should go in the requirement package22:55
srichterconflict resolution: those might, yes22:56
pcarduneI like what you've done with the score systems... but why aren't they persistent?22:57
srichterI have to do that next22:57
srichterbasically we will have a Local.... for both discrete values and ranged values22:58
srichterI could not make them inherit Persistent and support a custom __reduce__ at the same time22:58
pcarduneoh i see22:58
pcardunewhat is a "Local"22:59
srichterLocalDiscreteValuesScoreSystem and LocalRangedValuesScoreSystem23:00
pcarduneoh, ok23:01
srichterI will also implement IOrderedContainer for IRequirement23:05
srichterpcardune: btw, are you ok with my changes to IEvaluations? :-) I thought this might totally break your code23:05
pcarduneyeah, it's fine23:05
srichterok, great23:06
srichterso evaluations are now keyed by activity23:06
srichterand see, you did not read up on key reference for nothing :-)23:06
pcarduneor rather, you mean evaluations are keyed by requirement23:07
srichterof course23:07
mgedminon muskatas (the buildbot slave machine) swapping starts 30 minutes in 'make ftest', with python eating 310 megs of ram23:10
mgedminhey, it finished23:11
mgedminafter only 3 minutes of swapping23:11
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