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toothpickHello, is schooltool going to use any of the CENTRE/SIS source ?06:47
hoffmanCentre is PHP, we're Python.06:48
hoffmanProgramming languages, that is.06:48
toothpickhoffman ok, we had some company come to my school today and gave us a $35,000 estimate for their server/support/program06:49
hoffmanNot that surprising.06:49
toothpickOur school only has 417 students.06:49
hoffmanNot really cost effective, either, then.06:49
hoffmantoothpick:  Where are you?06:50
toothpickUS, New Jersey06:50
hoffmanI'm in Providence, RI.06:50
hoffmanWhich part of Jersey?  We're working with a school in Philly.06:51
toothpickAbout 50 miles from Philly....06:52
toothpickMaurice River Township Elementary School06:52
toothpickIt is in Cumberland County06:52
toothpickThey currently have no online grading, and use a database on an AS/400 system for school records.06:53
hoffmanHow old's that thing?06:53
toothpickBefore I started teaching there, my guess would be about 15 years06:54
toothpickbut that could be a couple years too old.06:54
hoffmanI was doing some work with a school in Chicago a couple years ago.  The CPS's system dated from the late 60's.06:56
hoffmanThey try to replace it a couple times a decade.06:56
hoffmanNot sure if they have yet.06:56
toothpickI hope not.06:58
hoffmanIt will be designated a historic landmark soon, and then they'll never be able to get rid of it.06:59
hoffmanAnyhow, I presume you're looking at open source options?06:59
toothpickYes, that is what I am doing.07:09
toothpickThought a linux box would be the best solution...not real familiar with running a server, but I'm not afraid of reading manuals.07:10
hoffmanIs this something that absolutely has to hit the ground running this fall?07:11
toothpicknot really, but I think they would like it to do that.07:11
toothpickI was thinking of picking up some summer work helping set it up.07:11
hoffmanYou're not a programmer though, I assume.07:12
toothpickNot an active programmer...07:14
toothpickI've taken classes through the years, but never had the time it would take to develop any talent.07:14
toothpickPascal, ada, C++ (did well in the classes, but they weren't too extensive.)07:14
hoffmanAre you a teacher?07:15
toothpickYes, 5th grade07:15
hoffmanCentre is obviously further along than we are at this point, but I would be afraid to try to use it without a service contract with the Miller Group.07:17
hoffmanIf I'm getting the name of their company right.07:17
toothpickYou're getting the name.07:19
toothpickA few years ago (five) schooltool was what centre has become.07:20
toothpickAnd I am not referring to this SCHOOLTOOL, the old one by someone else.07:20
hoffmanThere is schooltool.com07:20
hoffmanWhich is a completely separate commercial product.07:21
hoffmanHas no relationship to us at all.07:21
toothpickno, 1 sec I'll pull up the link for you...kinda interesting imho07:21
hoffmanThere is ye olde Java SchoolTool.07:21
hoffmanThat was a failed version Mark started in South Africa.07:21
toothpickIs that the same thing?07:23
hoffmanYes, that was the first attempt.07:23
hoffmanBoth were funded by Mark Shuttleworth.07:23
toothpickok, gotcha.07:23
hoffmanBut we had to start over from scratch.07:23
toothpickInteresting, because the Centre comes up via a link from and that site07:23
toothpickI hadn't heard of Centre until today.07:23
hoffmanI've met some people who use it.07:24
hoffmanWell, like I said, I wouldn't use it without a service contract.07:25
hoffmanHowever, beyond that, it appears to work.07:26
hoffmanThey just don't have much of a community outside the Miller Group.07:26
hoffmanSo if you have a problem, you're probably pretty much stuck asking them.07:26
hoffmanAnd they're obviously in the business of being paid to support Centre.07:26
hoffmanI don't mean that as a dig.07:27
hoffmanIt is a valid approach.07:27
hoffmanBut you should know what you're getting into if you try to run it entirely yourself.07:27
toothpickI'm going to try to get it up and running on this laptop so I can play around a bit with it.07:28
hoffmanAre you running Windows?07:30
toothpickI run debian sid on my laptop.07:33
hoffmanAh, excellent.07:33
hoffmanYour first comment about running a Linux server made me think you hadn't used Linux much.07:34
hoffmanThere aren't so many people who run Linux on their laptops who don't also run servers one way or another.07:34
hoffmanWe're going to have a development snapshot next Tuesday that has a lot of new documentation and some new features.07:35
toothpickThis is my new laptop =) a cheapo relatively speaking, but running real nice...much better than the one I upgraded from, it was a p100 with 40 megs of ram and almost a 2 gig drive.07:35
toothpickI've got time to get both of them set up here and I can play around with them.07:36
hoffmanThat's the beauty of open source.07:36
toothpickThanks for taking the time to educate me a bit.07:36
toothpickI'm getting too tired to be of much value.07:36
hoffmanNo problem.07:36
toothpickHave a great night.07:36
hoffmanOK.  You too.07:36
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hoffman srichter:  I'm shooting for getting to your place between 9:00 and 9:30.14:42
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