IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-01-05

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pcardunesrichter: ayt?00:20
srichterpcardune: yep00:35
pcarduneis there any reason why menus don't work after requirements h ave been accessed through their namespace?00:44
pcarduneI don't get any kind of schooltool menu, and thus can't register any menu items00:45
pcardunesrichter: wow, i just noticed the 9 minute lag00:46
hoffman9 minute IRC lag?00:46
hoffmanAre you using
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_pcardunei guess i'll use this from now on00:49
_pcardunehoffman: just looking through some code, i think the docstring could use some updating00:50
_pcarduneunless you know where add_title and add_url are used00:51
hoffmanfreenode is deprecating irc. for chat.00:51
srichter_pcardune: can you give me the URL where the menu items are missing>00:51
hoffman_pcardune:  You're welcome to update it.00:51
_pcardunehoffman: ok, sounds good00:52
srichter_pcardune: mmh, sounds strange00:52
srichterit does not make much sense00:52
srichterhave you tried to debug it?00:52
_pcarduneyeah, as much as I can00:52
srichterany clue?00:53
_pcarduneI mean, i figured at first that somehow it wasn't recognizing that the context implemented IRequirement00:53
_pcardunewhich is how it knows what menu items to show...00:53
_pcarduneexcept that it obviously does recognize the type if every other view for IRequirement works fine00:54
srichtermmh, the ++requirement++ namespace does nto work00:54
srichterdo I have to install CanDo?00:54
srichteror should it work with plain ST?00:55
_pcardunethe configuration for the browser views are in cando00:55
srichterah, ok00:55
srichterincluding the namespace?00:55
srichterthen it makes sense00:56
srichterI am updating my cando sandbox00:56
_pcarduneok great00:57
srichterI am getting:00:57
srichterel/etc/package-includes/cando-configure.zcml", line 1.0-1.2700:57
srichter    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/opt/zope/SchoolTool/st-cando/src/cando/configure.zcml", line 8.2-8.5100:57
srichter    OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/zope/SchoolTool/st-cando/src/cando/locales'00:57
_pcarduneyeah, if i remember correctly, svn doesn't like empty directories... but there is nothing to put in locales00:58
_pcardunei was going to have the makefile do that, but i don't know if that is the proper fix for that00:59
_pcardunelooking at the apidoc code i thought it might be necessary to "apply a skin" but that didn't seem to work either01:03
srichtercan you just add the locales directory?01:07
_pcardunesrichter: is it working?  are you as confused by the problem as I am?01:14
srichterclaudia got home01:26
srichterso I am otherwise busy ;-)01:26
_pcardunesrichter: oh, that's fine.  In any case if you ever take a look at it in the near future, I would be very thankful01:27
_pcarduneI'm sure it's something trivial that I'm just not seeing or don't know about01:27
_pcardunethanks anyways01:27
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povbot`/svn/commits: * hoffman committed revision 5562:08:33
povbot`/svn/commits: Documentation gaffe.08:33
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erchachewhere are schoolbell binary installation for mac os x? :-S12:31
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erchachehoffman: ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import, No module named libxml2")12:50
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 112:50
erchachedoing a make build update-translatiions on schooltool 0.11.3 with mac os x dmg package12:51
erchacheoopss mac os x package doesnt have correct .po files...going to download from web to translate by hand!12:53
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ChrisWanyone alive here and know how big (data wise) it's going to be if I do an anonymous checkout of
mgedmin178 megs or so, if you also run 'make' inside (which will check out Zope 3)13:00
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mgedmindu -chs ~/schooltool13:00
mgedmin472M    total13:00
ChrisWis there smaller thing I can checkout?13:00
ChrisWI have Zope 3 trunk here already13:01
mgedminwait a second13:01
ChrisWit appears SchoolTool is the best example of a Zope 3 app13:01
mgedminyou should not check out /trunk directly -- it contains other things besides schooltool13:01
mgedmincheck out
mgedminthen make a symlink schooltool/Zope3 -> location_of_your_zope3_dir13:01
mgedminthen the makefile will not check out another copy of Zope 3 for you13:02
ChrisWhow bit is that?13:02
ChrisW(and I'm mainly looking for source code examples here..)13:02
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mgedminaargh, what is it with me an accidental Ctrl+Alt+Backspaces?13:03
mgedmina fresh checkout of trunk/schooltool is 31M13:04
ChrisWokay, I'll have to pass ,that's still too big for me :-S13:04
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mgedminwell, you can always browse the whole source tree on-line (with syntax highlighting!) if you are looking for source code examples13:08
ChrisWhehe, the problem is that I'm in deepest darkest (well, okay, it's the middle of summer and blazingly hot and sunny here) Africa, and I'm working ofline 99% of the time ;-)13:10
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th1aI've run into an error in my section attendance sample data generation.16:55
th1aTypeError: ('Could not adapt', <schooltool.person.person.Person object at 0xb6d700ac>, <InterfaceClass schooltool.attendance.interfaces.ISectionAttendance>)16:55
th1aThat's when I try to do:                     ISectionAttendance(student).set(section, fall.first)16:55
mgedminis that in a unit test?16:56
th1aSo it isn't reading the ZCML.16:56
mgedminyou need to set up the adapters manually16:56
th1aIn the unit test?16:57
mgedminin the setUp of the unit test ideally16:58
mgedmin        >>> setup.placelessSetUp()16:59
mgedmin        >>> setup.setUpAnnotations()16:59
mgedmin        >>> from schooltool.attendance.attendance import getSectionAttendance16:59
mgedmin        >>> provideAdapter(getSectionAttendance, [IPerson], ISectionAttendance)16:59
mgedmin(in my snippet provideAdapter is zope.component.provideAdapter, not
th1aShould I use the testing version of provideAdapter when I'm testing?17:00
mgedminI don't think it matters17:04
mgedminI do not know why there are two versions of provideAdapter with different argument order17:04
th1aOK.  Think I got it.  Should I do this in schooltool.testing.setup?  Create setupAttendance?17:04
mgedminI don't like that idea17:05
mgedminwe're trying to reduce cross-package dependencies17:06
mgedminI assume you're putting the sampledata plugin inside schooltool.attendance?17:06
th1aOK.  I won't do it then ;-)17:06
th1amakes sense.17:06
mgedminmusings about the future:17:07
mgedmin  if package needs some setup of package st.bar17:07
mgedmin  then should have a setUpBar17:07
mgedmin  and will from import setUpBar and call it17:07
srichteryep, that would be ideal17:08
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th1aAt this point, is there no way to get a list of sections a student is a member of, without getting all groups he is a member of?18:24
srichterI think we really have to start thinking of implementing a catalog with indeces that do this sort of work18:26
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algath1a: getRelatedObjects(student, URISection)19:29
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th1aSo... the first and last attributes of a term don't have a tzname?22:22
th1aI can't use them directly expand a calendar?22:22
th1aOh... are they strings and not datetime objects?22:26
mgedminthey are dates22:28 objects22:28
mgedminyou cannot use them directly to expand a calendar22:28
mgedminyou need to convert them to datetimes22:28
mgedminin the school's timezone22:28
mgedmin(there should be a function somewhere to do that)22:28
mgedminand by "should be" I mean "there isn't", not "I forgot its name"22:29
mgedminthe attendance code does something like this somewhere22:29
mgedmina method called getSchooldayBounds somewhere?22:29
th1aThey are datetime.dates instead of datetime.datetime?22:30
th1a    @property22:34
th1a    def date(self):22:34
th1a        app = ISchoolToolApplication(None)22:34
th1a        tzinfo = pytz.timezone(IApplicationPreferences(app).timezone)22:34
th1a        return self.datetime.astimezone(tzinfo).date()22:34
th1aHm... that's in SectionAttendanceRecord.  Can I call that somehow, or should I just sigh and duplicate it?22:40
mgedminperhaps move this logic into a function in, say, schooltool.timetable.utils?22:42
mgedminI will not object to duplication given the current state of the code22:43
th1aI can't stop and create and test a new utility function at this point.  That's one too many nested tasks for my little brain.22:43
mgedminthat's why the XP coding cycle is test-code-refactor22:49
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povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5563:23:51
povbot`/svn/commits: Correct I18n domain.23:51
povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5564:23:59
povbot`/svn/commits: Finished the documentation. Added code comments and reacted to Tom's comments.23:59
srichterth1a: I just checked in the finished documentation stuff23:59

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