IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-01-07

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srichterth1a: it is done00:45
srichterth1a: it took only 1800 CPU seconds for the section attendance00:45
srichterThe memory usage has dropped somewhat, but the swap is still half full00:46
srichterfinal size of DB: 792 MB00:46
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srichtermemory seems to be regained as other applications need some00:48
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pcardunesrichter: ayt?16:16
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srichterpcardune: I am here now16:56
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spectrum1Hi, I have translated schooltool, I update translations in program, but some strings are still in English (in .po file is ok) [for example, it is Nickname, Primary email and so on, in user details - username and groups are ok]19:40
srichterspectrum1: check the code and make sure that it has been internationalized correctly20:00
spectrum1srichter: I checked it with no errors, I run make extract-translations && make build update-translations too and restart, but nothing happened ..20:04
srichterthat is strange20:04
srichterit only happens at a few places?20:04
spectrum1yes, something is translated ok20:05
srichterdid you compile the PO file?20:05
srichtermmh, and you checked the template code that it calls i18n:translate and the proper location?20:06
spectrum1I use: msgfmt cs.po -o /home/martin/schooltool-0.11.3/src/schooltool/locales/cs/LC_MESSAGES/   I have translated shoolbell and everything was ok20:25
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srichterspectrum1: no clue then20:57
spectrum1srichter: hmm, thanks for hints ..21:02
spectrum1I found it... it is mistake in po file -- bad original text, translaction is ok21:54
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