IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-01-04

dwelshcomps are no good in and of themselves.00:00
hoffmanI'll incorporate some ideas in the next version of the presentation.00:00
dwelshthey have to lead directly to hi-level achievement00:00
jelknerpcardune: do you need anything?00:01
dwelshI have a couple of great articles  to share with you guys on assessment00:01
dwelshwill forward links00:01
pcardunejelkner: not yet00:01
jelknerffsnoopy says things are going well00:01
pcarduneI would agree with that00:01
jelknerdave, we need to get mitchell's paper work into aps too00:02
hoffmanOur first attendance screen looks pretty good.00:02
dwelshMartini is the man00:02
jelkneri'll take care of that00:03
dwelshwishing the whole team a great 200600:03
jelknersame time next week, then?00:03
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dwelshI'm already looking forward to this generation of schooltool/cando00:03
jelknerme too!00:03
hoffmanYep.  Thanks guys.00:03
dwelshenjoy the rest of your holiday, pual00:04
jelknerthanks for the presentation, tom!00:04
pcardunebye all00:04
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srichteralga: Aiste: is Marius gone for the day?17:44
algano, they're having lunch17:56
algashould be back in an hour or even less17:56
srichterok, thanks17:56
algano prob17:56
srichteryou have really weird lunch times, I must say :-)17:56
hoffmanWhere'd they go for lunch?17:57
srichterhoffman: of course to a place where they have lunch specials all day long :-)17:57
hoffmanThe POV lunches are a bit leisurely.17:58
hoffmanBut then again, I just got up.17:58
srichterhoffman: are you not getting into trouble not getting up with your wife in the morning? ;-)17:58
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hoffmanWell, she tends to go to bed about five hours before me.  We've gotten used to it.17:59
srichterI see18:00
hoffmanAre biological clocks are so different we've never been in sync.18:01
srichterhe he18:01
hoffmanIt isn't a recent development.18:01
srichtermy wife claims she cannot get up, if I am not getting up with her18:01
hoffmanActually, it is one of the nice things about going to Europe for us.18:02
srichterso I am on the line every day, which is not horrible, since I am usually an early riser18:02
hoffmanThe jetlag gets us both on the same schedule.18:02
srichteryou sync for the trip?!18:02
srichterhe he18:02
srichterhoffman: back to business, do we have an agenda for the FRiday meeting? also can you send me the address again?18:04
hoffmanSmith Leadership Academy18:06
hoffman23 Leonard Street18:06
hoffmanDorchester, MA 0212218:06
hoffmanThe objective is just an introductory meeting.18:06
srichterI read on the Web site that they are not even up and running18:07
srichterthat makes them of course an excellent candidate, sicne they have few expectations. I hope :-)18:07
hoffmanNo... Smith exists.18:08
hoffmanThe school in Philly the SCIENCE Leadership Academy is just starting.18:08
srichteroh, ok18:09
srichtermust have mixed that up :-)18:09
hoffmanBut I know the guy starting the school in Philly.18:09
hoffmanIt will actually happen ;-)18:09
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srichterhoffman: when is the meeting?18:09
hoffmanSo I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn...18:10
hoffmanI probably also forwarded to you some emails with Brent Ellis about the Phoenix Charter Academy, which is just starting in Boston as well.18:11
srichterI saw them18:12
srichterat least soime E-mail18:12
hoffmanBrent also does tech consulting at Smith, so it may end up being a twofer.18:12
hoffmanHopefully he'll make the meeting as well.18:12
hoffmanHe also seems to potentially be able to do some work on SchoolTool himself.18:13
srichteroh, now that's interesting18:18
hoffmanHe used SchoolTool as an example for a paper on object databases in a class he was taking, or something like that.18:19
hoffmanSo he's already dug around the code a bit.18:19
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mgedminsrichter, you had a question?19:33
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th1aOof.  Making person/ add students to the students group breaks five tests.20:40
th1aHowever, it seems to work in practice.20:41
srichtermgedmin: yeah, so I created st.core20:42
srichterand now It hink we need some simple rules to distinguish what goes where20:43
srichterfor example, it seems obvious that ISchoolToolApplication, SchoolToolApplication and getSchoolToolApplication should go to st.core20:43
srichteron the other hand, I feel that pretty much none of the browser code should go there20:44
srichteranother decent discriminator would be to look into other st.* packages and see what they use from the current st.app20:44
srichterbtw, this quickly becomes hairy, especially when you think about the browser setup code20:45
mgedminI suggest small commits20:46
srichterof course20:46
srichterI don't plan to do this right now20:46
srichterbut we need some rules, so that we keep the distinctions clear20:47
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mgedminI'm afraid I do not have those rules now20:51
mgedminI think st.core may contain browser stuff20:52
mgedminespecially structural stuff20:52
mgedmine.g. traverser plugin infrastructure20:52
mgedmindefinitions of standard viewlet managers20:52
srichtermmh, maybe20:53
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spectrum1hi, I am trying schooltool and have question: Unauthenticated users cannot see teacher's calendar? (version 0.11.3)22:48
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povbot`/svn/commits: * hoffman committed revision 5561:22:52
povbot`/svn/commits: Add students to the student group when creating sample data, and work around the test breakage this causes.:wq22:52
hoffmanHm... need to get my $EDITOR properly set.22:52
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