IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-11-10

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geek_xhi all10:35
th1ahi geek_x10:36
geek_xi have heard about school tool from #plone10:36
geek_xi want an oss for school management10:36
geek_xfor administrative tasks10:37
geek_xlike students management ect10:37
th1aWhen do you need it?10:37
geek_xis schooltool for me10:37
th1aRight now we only do calendaring & resource management type stuff.10:38
th1aThat's our "foot in the door" functionality.10:38
th1aWe're working on gradebook, attendance, demographics, etc.10:38
geek_xah that's what i want10:38
geek_xhow many developers are10:39
geek_xi mean working on school tool10:39
th1aRight now we have about 5 part-time contractors.10:40
geek_xwhere do you host the sources10:45
geek_xat sourceforge10:45
geek_xi have some experience on zope and plone10:45
th1aSchoolTool is Zope 3.10:51
th1aIt is pretty different, but we'd welcome any help.10:51
th1aOK.  It is way past my bedtime.  Good night!10:52
geek_xgood night10:53
geek_xsee you seen10:53
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th1asrichter:  ayt?20:38
srichterth1a: yep21:17
srichterth1a: still there?21:17
th1aAh, yeah, for a minute.21:20
th1aSo Twisted's scheduler can do cron like stuff?21:21
srichterwell, we have to write it21:21
srichterbut I did that already in the twisted branch21:21
srichterat least it is easy to schedule events with twisted21:21
srichterx seconds in the future21:21
srichterI think the hardest part is to send the schedule from SchoolTool to twisted21:22
srichteriow, arrange for the right events to be scheduled21:23
th1aBut you can't simply tell Twisted to do something a 5:00 every day.21:23
th1aYou'd have to wrap that functionality.21:24
th1aThis isn't very important, by the way, I'm just curious.21:24
srichterthat's the reason I wrote the twisted-based scheduler21:25
srichterit is in the Zope 3 trunk now21:25
th1aAlways on the lookout for low hanging fruit.21:26
srichterok, gotta go21:26
srichtersee ya21:26
th1aMe to :-)21:26
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Aisteargh, who decided that using emacs is a sane idea?22:39
srichtermany people22:42
srichteremacs is really cool22:42
Aisteyeah, right22:45
AisteI already learned to use macos, I don't want to learn another os...22:45
AisteI'm an EviL person :)22:46
Aisteanyway, go to go, getting late here22:47
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