IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-11-11

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algath1a, bskahan: we're about to decomission the server schooltool mailing lists sit on15:56
algawe could move them to our second server15:56
algaalternatively, we could move them to the schooltool servers altogether15:56
algaseems like a high time to do it15:57
algath1a: have you got access to the DNS?16:10
algath1a: do you have root on the schooltool server?16:11
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th1aalga: Are you doing this right now?17:25
mgedminth1a, kinda17:28
th1aYes I do have root on, and it does have mailman set up.17:29
algathe issue tracker we can get around, but the mailing lists really want to be migrated17:30
th1aA little advance warning would have been helpful here.17:31
mgedminthere's no deadline17:32
mgedminwe just found some free time and could take a look at one of the long-pending tasks we have: upgrade that old redhat server17:32
th1aThe DNS is controlled by someone at the foundation.17:33
th1aSo what's the sequence of events here?17:35
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* mgedmin wishes he knew17:35
mgedminthere are choices17:35
geek_xhi everybody17:36
th1aWe can move the lists to the new server if you want.17:36
algahi geek_x17:36
mgedminth1a, one choice is that we give you (or bskahan?) a tarball with everything, you set it up, then we disable mail delivery temporarily, oh, I'm confused already17:37
mgedminanother choice is that you give us root access and we try to set everything up ourselves17:37
mgedmin(documenting everything we do along the way)17:37
* mgedmin pauses to think a bit17:39
mgedminperhaps this is a reasonable scenario:17:39
mgedmin(1) somebody gets mailman all set up on the new server17:39
mgedmin(2) we move the archives and set up redirection so that is internally forwarded to or something17:40
th1abskahan has done (1), iirc.17:40
mgedmin(3) we ask people to switch the DNS17:40
algadon't forget roundup17:40
mgedminit can be moved separately17:42
th1aOK, so I need to let you guys into the new server.17:44
mgedminwho is going to be the regular sysadmin of the new server?17:45
th1abskahan has been.17:45
th1aI'm still not sure how much of a hurry you guys are in.17:45
th1aCan you talk to him about this?17:46
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th1aalga: So the ST test suite takes 7723.766 seconds to run 872 tests on Mac OS X.17:59
th1aOne factor, I think, is that socket.getfqdn() is slow.17:59
th1aBut something new is slowing it down.18:00
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algath1a: eeek!19:16
algayou might consider getting an x86 based machine to run schooltool19:17
th1aI've got one ;-)19:18
th1aI don't think the processor architecture is the problem, though.19:18
algayeah, that would seem quite improbable19:19
th1aWhenever I ctrl-c out of it, it seems to be waiting for socket.fqdn()19:19
th1aWhich takes a perceptible period of time to run by itself (under a second, usually).19:21
algaI wonder where our tests call getfqdn19:24
th1aHm... make_msgid?19:26
th1aYeah, it seems to be a Python issue.19:32
algaor Zope 319:43
th1aThe problem is gethostbyaddr in socket.py20:06
th1aI mean, assuming that the fact that it comes up every time I ctrl-c out of the tests indicates that the tests are always waiting for that to complete.20:07
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