IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-11-09

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elrohi there, I'm looking to investigate schooltool (and zope3 really) will I be better off with 3.1 or svn trunk of zope?17:04
th1aWe're still working off the trunk.17:05
elrook, thanks17:12
srichterthe trunk is feature frozen for Zope 3.2 right now, so it is pretty stable at this point17:30
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erchacheth1a: whats your personal email? mine: asmarin@us.es19:56
erchachejinty:and yours?19:57
erchachethanks.... :-D19:57
erchachejinty: what is your real name? ;-)19:58
erchachei translate entire es_ES for schoolbell on roseta....this must be copied into es.po too19:59
jintyBrian Sutherland19:59
jintyhmm feels strange to write that on irc;)20:00
erchachebut denmark?20:00
erchacheyou are southafrican no?20:00
erchachejinty20:01 is germany20:01
jintywhen I got the mail, yonks ago, it was the best free mail service around20:02
erchacheahhh ok20:02
jintynow not so much...20:02
erchachesame gmail now?20:02
jintybut yeah, I am south african, or was born there20:02
jintybut I really can't change that mail address...20:03
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SnderfoxI just installed schooltool under ubuntu, but I don't seem to be able to log. I can't find the default user/pass anywhere21:08
Snderfoxanyone who can help me ?21:09
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alga*shrug* if I search for 'password' in README.txt I find the paragraph "By default a user with manager privileges is created in the new database.21:15
algaThe username is 'manager', and the password is 'schooltool'."21:15
algaon line 122 ;-)21:16
alganot the most prominent place for people who can't grep21:16
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