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dwelshIt would be nice to have a DELETE function for 1) accidental data; 2) test data; 3) students, sections, classes that are no longer relevant.00:02
th1adwelsh:  Yes, there are some cases for deletion.00:06
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dwelshth1a:  deletions, permissions.  I'll think more about each of these areas and send stuff to you.01:00
dwelshGood luck in Montreal.01:00
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erchacheth1a: im using schoolbell 1.2.3 source can i use same data.fs for schooltool?18:24
th1aSchoolBell and SchoolTool's databases aren't compatible at this point.18:25 this case i need to redo all my content for schooltool, right?18:26
th1aI guess so.18:27
erchacheand what is the difference?18:27
erchacheschooltool have more features for student information system?18:28
erchacheuhmm...i need to see translations for that...18:28
th1aThe difference right now is that SchoolTool supports things like terms and school timetables.18:29
th1aYou can set up courses & sections.18:29
erchacheth1a: other i can modify .po directly...i used vi but fails....other way?18:32
erchachecan i use .po from schoolbell?18:32
th1aI don't understand i18n.18:33
erchacheim too :-(18:36
erchachedont worry i get .po from rosetta18:36
erchacheth1a: who is admin launchpad? carlos perello?18:44
th1aerchache:  I don't know.18:56
erchacheok ok..sorry :-$18:56
erchachejinty: cando are integrated on schooltool/bell? or are a differente program?19:00
jintyerchache: both and none in different ways;)19:03
jintybut installing cando into an unpacked schooltool tarball right now is suicide19:04
erchacheyeah i know...i see code....very pre-alpha version....19:04
jintynot because of that, but more because of database issues19:05
erchacherosetta is a shit!.....all .po files are for schooltool 0.10.-rc1 not the lastest 11.319:05
jintyalso you will have to change schooltool a little19:05
erchacheand arent translate!19:05
erchachethis is a big problem....19:06
erchachei need to retouch all .po files before use software on any upgrade19:06
jintyi was quite sure I updated them just before 0.1119:06
erchachedefinetively im using schooltool instead schoolbell19:06
jintyare you talking about .po files or .pot?19:08
* jinty goes and looks in rosetts19:08
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jintyand you get the 0.10-rc1 number from the comments in the .po19:11
mgedmindoes anybody have ideas why buildbot is unhappy?19:12
mgedminchanges in zope3 again?19:12
erchachea second19:13
erchachewell....the actual schooltool-0.11.3 arent update at all19:15
erchachei get a .po from rosetta....and fails on 0.11.3 so i suppose is from 10.rc-1 because on start page of translation show this19:15
erchachei translate all es_ES from schoolbell and other guy do same with schooltool19:16
erchachebut if you enter on es language see some terms without translation19:16
jintymgedmin: for sure, pre-freeze rush...19:16
erchachenot is worse.....all .es .po file are untranslate...19:17
jintyerchache: The syncing of translations between schooltool and launchpad should be automated. It's not, hence these ongoing problems.19:18
erchachein this case....houston, we have a problem!19:18
erchacheAre carlos perello on rosetta yet?19:18
erchachewho is the sysadmin of launchpad site?19:19
jintywhat do you mean by 'on'?19:19
erchacheleading this portal19:19
erchacheare carlos perello working like sysadmin on rosetta yet?19:19
jintyI am actually not sure, but I think so19:20
erchachewell in this case i send a mail....or must be redirected no?19:20
Aistethey are all in a conference right now, so probably pretty busy19:21
AisteI mean launchpad people19:21
erchacheim going to #launchpad19:21
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erchachejinty do you up lastest .pot to rosseta?19:27
jintyI am resonably sure I did just before 0.11, I don't think many strings have changed since then19:28
erchachecarlos say that are wrong updated...webpage show you up .pot from 0.10.rc319:29
jintythe latest one should be here
jintyfeel free to update it yourself...19:29
erchacheno no...perhaps is a mistake from rosetta19:29
jintyAlso, when I download the .pot from rosetta, it tells me it is from 0.1119:32
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erchachewell i redo all...19:36
erchachea second...19:36
erchachejinty: where did you see that? on .po file?19:37
jintyno, the .pot19:38
jintyi.e. what I upoad19:38
jintyi.e. what I upload19:38
erchachei dont know...i redo and download different files via email :-S19:40
erchachei found a bug on actual .po from rosetta19:48
erchachehas comment lines at botton file....i delete # entries and runs ok19:49
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erchachebut perhaps i need a uncomment instead a delete line19:49
jintyWe had some problems with .po files that did not compile from rosetta, if I have time, then I fix them by hand.19:51
jintyotherwise I don't use them...19:52
jintyIn my opinion, if you can download a .po from rosetta that doesn't compile, then there is a bug in rosetta.19:53
erchacheperson who upload it....up a bad .po19:53
erchachethis is the problem...19:53
erchacheand mail gateway from rosetta doesnt run very good19:53
jintybut then rosetta should not accept the upload...19:53
erchachei see upload file on web... :-S19:54
erchachedont worry i can speak with carlos to solve it... ;-)19:54
erchachewell im finish to translate es_ES files from schoolbell19:59
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erchachei finish20:17
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erchachehehehe i have schooltool entirely translate into spanish ;-P20:36
erchachei send a mail to carlos for delete all es_XX entries on schoolbell and set only es20:37
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