IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-11-03

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pips1hi I can't reach the site10:34
pips1got to go, bye10:34
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erchacheon schooltool, what is the diference between calendar and timetable?18:03
erchachetimetable are more personalize than calendar?18:04
erchacheand for this reason are separated?18:04
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mgedminerchache, timetable is periodic, calendar is not18:25
erchachetimetable has a constant repeat sequence....and calendar not?18:29
erchachetimetable arent a patern to apply at calendar no?18:29
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mgedminyou can convert a timetable to a calendar18:50
mgedminit is easier to say "lesson 1 on monday is Math, lesson 2 is English" etc.18:50
mgedminthan keep adding recurrent events18:50
mgedminwhile having to specify the same same recurrence rule for everyone18:50
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erchachefor every resource you say no?19:01
mgedminwhat was the question again?19:01
erchachefor example 3 classrooms with same timetable19:01
erchacheyou make a timetable and apply on some resources no?19:02
mgedminyou can do that, yes19:02
mgedminschool timetables define slots19:02
mgedminthen on any object you can specify activities for the slots19:03
mgedminalthough there is currently no Web UI for that19:03
mgedmin(you can only import timetables by importing sections)19:03
erchacheohhh good19:06
erchacheim printing a zope bible book to put on learning it19:06
erchachebecause perhaps on my job any boss need some modifications.....or whatever can pass for their flamed brain19:07
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