IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-10-15

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ToothpickHoping to have an alternative to thinkwave educator next year...if school tool continues to progress...wish I would spend more time programming then maybe I could even contribute.03:19
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mgedminsrichter, do you know anything about testbrowser and pystone?16:12
mgedminuh oh, we have a problem16:16
mgedminzope.testbrowser does16:16
mgedminfrom test import pystone16:16
mgedminwhere 'test' refers to the 'test' package in the standard library16:16
mgedminunfortunately, we have a 'test' module (the test runner) that overrides this import16:16
* mgedmin finds a workaround16:19
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5276:16:24
povbot/svn/commits: Fix functional tests with new Zope 3 trunk.16:24
povbot/svn/commits: zope.testbrowser tries to import test.pystone from the Python standard library, but our wrapper script '' appears before the real test package in the python path.  Fixed by removing the useless directory from sys.path16:24
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5277:16:40
povbot/svn/commits: Removed debugging crud.16:40
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jintyschooltool.calendar in the wild:
jintythey havn't found any bugs with it though23:33
srichterI am surprised they are not talking to us more23:55
srichterbut if the code is in the CPS code, it definitely gets a lot of exposure23:59

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