IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-10-12

jelknerand paul will get you whatever he can by saturday00:00
jintysure that would be good00:00
jelknerexcellent, here on #schooltool then.00:00
* jinty starts off a nightly build oi the new schooltool trunk and prays00:01
pcardunehe he00:01
jelknerjinty: so, what about the universe question?00:01
jintyI would like to have cando in debian as well00:02
jintyeverything from debian eventually goes to ubuntu00:02
jintybut how about you maintain the ubuntu part and be the debian part00:02
jintyso the first order of business is to make an ITP (Intent to Package)00:03
jintythen find a sponsor, I guess I can organize both00:03
jelknerwhat is an ITP, and what are the requirements for a sponsor?00:04
jelkneris that part of the debian development process, i assume?00:04
jelknerwhat i mean by what is it, is how do you do it?00:04
jelkneryou can tell me that on sunday if you prefer00:05
jintyreportbug --bts=debian00:06
jintyyeah sunday is better, gotta go watch the Ardilla Roja (a movie)00:07
jelknerwell, i gotta run, paul, thanks again00:08
jintyYay, new schooltool nightly up in 5 mins00:08
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pcardunesrichter, I just changed the makefile for CanDo to check out the Zope trunk rather than the testbrowser branch, but the version of schoolbell we branched from no longer works with the zope trunk01:42
pcarduneI have an import error... there is no
pcardunedo you know what part of this changed?01:42
srichtercan you give me the traceback?01:44
pcarduneFile "./", line 28, in ?01:44
pcardune    import schooltool.main01:44
pcardune  File "/home/pcardune/cando/trunk/cando/src/schooltool/", line 32, in ?01:44
pcardune    from import StandaloneServer as SchoolBellServer01:44
pcardune  File "/home/pcardune/cando/trunk/cando/src/schoolbell/app/", line 49, in ?01:44
pcardune    from import http01:44
pcarduneImportError: No module named http01:44
srichtershrug, this should not be deleted01:45
srichteryou have to use the wsgi module now01:45
srichterfrom import http01:46
srichterit expects other parameters as well, but you should be able to figure it out from here01:46
pcarduneok, thanks01:47
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mgedminsrichter, do you have a url for this pdftemplate thingy?12:33
mgedmingoogle gives me a bunch of Java/PHP links12:33
mgedmin"PDFTemplate" is such a generic name12:33
srichteronly an svn link12:33
srichter(I developed the package for projekt01 once, but it recently got some attention from someone else)12:34
mgedminit's not available over http?12:35
srichterthe demo I saw from Daniel (the other guy giving it attention) last week was really cool12:35
srichterthey did very advanced PDFs with it12:35
srichterno, unfortunately not12:35
* mgedmin thinks that every sw project that takes itself seriously must have three things: (1) screenshots, (2) a brief description of what the heck it is, and (3) the source repository browseable in a web browser12:36
srichterRoger is working on it12:38
mgedmincorrect me if I'm wrong, but does Zope 3 now pull in the whole of twisted via an svn:external?12:39
srichterbut it is a branch12:40
srichterwe have an alternative solution for the release12:40
mgedminI did svn up; make update in a schooltool sandbox12:40
mgedminwhen I noticed that12:40
srichterI am in the process of convincing them to try zpkgtools again12:40
srichterthey are open to it12:40
srichterthen it would be really cool :-)12:40
mgedminI see a new DeprecationWarning today12:44
mgedmin/home/mg/src/schooltool/Zope3/src/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: MessageID: Mutable i18n messages ("message ids") have been deprecated in favour of immutable ones and will be removed in Zope 3.3.  Please use zope.i18nmessageid.Message instead.12:44
mgedmin  self._p.dump(state)12:44
mgedminwhile running ftests12:44
srichterphilipp is working on this12:45
mgedminI wonder if it is related to
mgedmin(mysterious <security proxied message IDs> in the output of web pages, that I've never seen in real life)12:46
srichterthis is from yesterday when philipp merged the new message stuff12:46
srichteryep, it probably is related12:47
mgedmindo you know how to use the new message IDs?13:03
mgedminif I replace MessageIDFactory with MessageFactory, then I'm unable to do stuff like13:03
mgedmin  foo = _("A message")13:03
mgedmin  foo.mapping = {'x': 1, 'y': 2}13:03
mgedminwhat's the new API?13:03
mgedminsrichter, perhaps you know -- what's the command to generate a .pot file for schooltool?13:31
mgedminit was 'make extract-translations' a while ago13:31
mgedminbut now that just gives me an error message13:31
mgedminjinty is not here, so I cannot ask him :-/13:32
srichterI dunno13:32
srichterI neer understood any of this13:32
srichterI only know it for Zope 313:32
srichterI guess we should switch to those tools13:33
mgedminhow do you do it for Zope 3?13:35
mgedminPYTHONPATH=src:Zope3/src ./Zope3/utilities/ -d schooltool -p schooltool13:36
mgedmingives me "This path does not exist"13:36
mgedminerr, "The specified path does not exist." to be precise13:36
srichtermmh, try -p src/schooltool13:37
mgedmin"Make sure the script has been executed inside Zope 3 source tree."13:38
mgedminNote: The script expects to be executed either from inside the Zope 3 source13:38
mgedmin      tree or with the Zope 3 source tree on the Python path.13:38
mgedminwhich I thought I did with my PYTHONPATH=Zope3/src13:38
srichtermmh, strange13:38
srichterok, now I would need to have a closer look13:39
mgedminoh, well13:39
mgedminI've a lecture soon13:39
srichterI have to get going in a few minutes too13:39
mgedminI'll create an issue in the tracker "developers don't know how to extract a .POT file" and assign it to jinty13:39
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povbot/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 5220:18:19
povbot/svn/commits: Sample data: added booking of projectors to section events.18:19
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ignasj #edubuntu18:38
ignasoops ;)18:38
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5221:18:48
povbot/svn/commits: Added printing of non ascii error messages to ResponseStatusError.  Added missing unit tests for ResponseStatusError.18:48
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povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5222:19:51
povbot/svn/commits: Sampledata timetable generator that generates sane timetables.19:51
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5223:20:23
povbot/svn/commits: Added unquote_url.20:23
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povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5224:20:38
povbot/svn/commits: Made the sample data generation view display the "profile" of plugins run with CPU times eaten.20:39
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mgedminI draw the line at20:41
mgedmin  condition="python: hasattr(view, 'times')"20:41
mgedminas a condition to determine whether we're rendering the form, or processing it20:41
srichtershrug :-(20:43
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5225:21:03
povbot/svn/commits: Improvements suggested by Marius.21:03
* mgedmin wants docs for the RESTive api..21:08
srichteryou will get them soon; over the last weeks things came slowly together for me21:10
srichtermgedmin: but I am thankful to any input you might have21:10
mgedminwhat is your plan?21:28
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5226:21:28
povbot/svn/commits: Refactored common bits of createGroup and createResource into _createGenericObject.21:28
povbot/svn/commits: Made _createGenericObject accept 200 Ok response as well as 201 Created, for the same reasons that I made this change in createPerson, earlier.21:28
srichterit's hard to tell in words21:29
srichterI am going to document each verb by itself21:29
srichterand provide the XML schema below21:29
srichtereach verb that uses it21:29
mgedminwhat will you produce?  a html?  a pdf?21:32
srichterPDF is easy after that21:32
srichterRoger or I will work on an example PDF for API doc soon anyways21:32
mgedminfrom what source?  special comments in rest/*.py?  decorators?  a custom zcml directive?21:32
srichterfrom registration objects in the global adapter registry21:33
mgedminattributes/staticmethods on view classes that provide ISchoolToolRESTView interface?21:33
srichterI use the same approach I did take for the generic API doc21:33
srichteryeah, I basically try to find rest views and since I know how they are implemented, I can introspect the classes21:34
srichterit si very specific to our way, but that's ok21:34
srichterthat is true for all of API doc anyways21:34
* mgedmin nods21:37
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5227:21:37
povbot/svn/commits: Implemented createCourse and createSection in SchoolToolClient.21:37
srichterI am just worried about the usefulness of the info I am going to provide21:37
srichtermgedmin: what info are you looking for?21:38
mgedminwhat's the XML schema for creating $something21:39
mgedminand the like21:39
srichterok, then I think the REST API doc will be useful to you21:41
mgedminwould be useful right now, if it existed already :-)21:41
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5228:21:58
povbot/svn/commits: Further steps on the restive client fdoctest:21:58
povbot/svn/commits: - Response class now has a sensible __repr__.21:58
povbot/svn/commits: - RestConnectionFactory now has a handle_errors class attribute.21:58
povbot/svn/commits: - README.txt acknowledges that it is a ftest already, albeit incomplete.21:58
povbot/svn/commits: - Reviewed the object deletion part of the ftest.21:58
* mgedmin hates to read relaxng grammars22:00
mgedmingimme BNF any time!22:00
mgedminSchoolTool> get /post22:05
mgedmin404 Not Found22:05
mgedminContent-Type: application/octet-stream22:05
mgedminResource is not text, use save <filename> to save it22:05
mgedmininteresting... do our REST error views not set the content-type properly?22:05
srichtermmh, I thought they are set manually22:06
srichtermgedmin: will the rest client become the REST equivalent for testbrowser?22:07
srichterif this is a case, we should really develop a plugin framework for new features22:08
mgedminsrichter, I haven't actually thought about that22:10
mgedminI think we actually want to show the raw XMLs in RESTive view functional tests22:10
mgedmin'cause thats our API22:10
* mgedmin tries to find the unit tests for src/schooltool/client.py22:11
srichterbut exactely this makes the tests so very brittle22:11
* mgedmin looks at the canonical location, which is src/schooltool/tests/test_client.py22:11
* mgedmin fails to find the tests there22:11
srichtermy ideal would be testbrowser-like functionality, but having high-level XML introsepction tools instead22:11
mgedminsrichter, brittle how?22:11
srichterfor example, the main REST view announces its top-level containers22:11
mgedmin... in random order22:11
srichteror not, it does not matter22:12
srichterso there is a test testing for the output22:12
srichterthis works well for schooltool alone22:12
mgedminand, I suppose, the presence or absence of some containers is something you do not want to care about in a ftest22:12
mgedminI see your point22:12
srichteryep :-)22:12
mgedminI disagree that you need a high-level client for that22:12
srichterthere are many examples like that in the REST ftests22:12
mgedminjust xpath tools for inspecting the response22:12
srichteras long as we fix the current situation, I am fine22:13
* mgedmin finds the test at /home/mg/src/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/tests/ and promptly moves it22:14
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5229:22:15
povbot/svn/commits: We have a very strong convention in SchoolTool that the tests for a module22:15
povbot/svn/commits: somedir/foo.py22:15
povbot/svn/commits: are always found either in22:16
povbot/svn/commits: somedir/tests/test_foo.py22:16
povbot/svn/commits: or in22:16
povbot/svn/commits: somedir/tests.py22:16
mgedminsrc/schooltool/ does this:22:19
mgedmin            ctype = response.getheader('Content-Type',22:19
mgedmin                                       'application/octet-stream')22:19
mgedminthe server probably doesn't set the header altogether22:19
* mgedmin muses22:23
mgedminso, if I've got a response object from httplib22:23
mgedminhow do I enumerate all headers?22:24
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool22:24
mgedmingetheaders() of course, duh!22:24
jelknerjinty: brian, you're here, cool!22:24
jelkneri have a question/proposal for you...22:25
jelknerthla: hi tom!22:25
mgedminsrichter, btw we used to use our command-line client for RESTive functional tests22:26
mgedminwith some special markup to do XML normalization22:27
mgedminso that item order in a collection or whitespace changes wouldn't break the tests22:27
mgedminthe tests were truly functional then, also -- we had a live server and talked to it over http22:27
srichtermmh, we should have something similar again :-)22:28
mgedminhave you seen the normalize_xml function in schooltool.testing.utils?22:29
th1aWouldn't using the client for REST functional tests also keep the client up to date?22:29
th1ajelkner:  Hi.22:29
mgedminth1a, we have two clients, don't forget22:30
mgedminschooltool.client and schooltool.restclient (nee guiclient)22:30
mgedminwe now use real REST views in the schooltool.restclient ftest to keep it up to date22:31
mgedminso you wish has been granted already22:31
jelknerthla: i wanted to run something by you when you get a moment, tom22:32
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5230:22:33
povbot/svn/commits: Added a 'headers on|off' command to the command-line client.  It shows full HTTP response headers.  Comes in handy while debugging the RESTive server manually.22:33
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* mgedmin wants buildbot to complain on IRC... anyone wanna hack buildbot's irc plugin?22:40
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5231:22:45
povbot/svn/commits: Whitespace in a docstring.  What could be less significant?22:45
jelknerjinty: are you here? thla: do you have a moment?22:45
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5232:22:47
povbot/svn/commits: Improved the speed of section assignments plugin pi times.22:47
mgedminjelkner, btw 'th1a' != 'thla' (the digit 'one' versus the letter 'l')22:47
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5233:22:48
povbot/svn/commits: Added a documentation on the sample data framework, with an explanation of how to add a new plugin.22:48
* mgedmin weeps22:49
srichterwhere is that?22:50
mgedminTermView (restive) extracts the server hostname in this way22:52
mgedminto construct rfc-822 IDs for iCalendar events representing the term22:52
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jelknermgedmin: which one is tom?23:11
jelknernever mind he's a 1 not an l23:12
jelkneri've been doing that wrong...23:12
jintyhoi jelkner23:13
jelknerhi jinty!23:13
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5234:23:13
povbot/svn/commits: Implemented SchoolToolClient.createTerm.23:13
jelkneri have a question/proposal for you23:13
povbot/svn/commits: Added a section on duplicate object creation to README.txt.23:13
jelknerare you ready?23:13
jintyjust woke up from my unexpectedly lon siesta23:13
* jinty rubs his eyes23:13
jelknerit is too important at this stage to get fixes into cando to wait for me...23:14
jelkneri propose we keep just paying you to do that if you don't mind23:14
jelkneri mean for branch updates23:14
jelkneronce we have a new (and broken, unstable, etc) trunk23:15
jintysure, I've got no problem with that.23:15
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5235:23:15
jelkneri can start packaging that23:15
povbot/svn/commits: Fixing brainfart: _createGenericObject does a POST which cannot overwrite existing objects, duh!23:15
jelkneri'm sure i'll break things early on myself, but it won't hurt that way23:15
jelknerbut i have another idea23:15
jelknertom and i were both complaining about the new artwork in edubuntu today23:16
jelkneri decided that it is best for me to stop whining and to try to do something about it23:16
jelkneri want to learn to package desktop themes23:16
jelknerdo you know anything about that?23:16
jelknergnome themes, i mean23:16
jintyno I really have no idea23:17
jintyshould be a system for that23:17
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5236:23:17
povbot/svn/commits: getTerms now returns TermRef objects.23:17
jelknerwhat i want to do is to create themes for chemistry classes, math classes, computer science classes, etc...23:17
jintyperhaps the first place to start is download a current themes package23:18
jintyand see how that works23:18
jelknercan we look into that during our 1st hour lesson this sunday?23:18
jelkner9 am?23:18
jelknerthat is a rather harmless activity that won't brake anything23:19
jintyI'll do some reasearching before then23:19
jelknergood way to learn packaging, i hope ;-)23:19
jelkneri've got to get back to cando documentation23:19
jelkneri'll talk to you sunday morning....23:19
* jinty remembers how many times he broke schooltool when no one-was using it23:19
jelkneryeah, lots of folks are using it now23:20
jintysur till then. I'll make a cando update in a little while23:20
jelknergreat, thanks!23:20
jintyI know:)23:20
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:20
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5237:23:21
povbot/svn/commits: SchoolToolError.deleteObject can now accept a FooRef object.23:21
mgedmineek, its late here!23:21
mgedmincheers everyone!23:21
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:21

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