IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-09-28

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ignaswhat do you think about making everything except School Calendar denied to unauthenticated persons ?13:34
ignasno one objects :D ok i'll implement that then13:37
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5110:14:22
povbot/svn/commits: Change ST permission policy to Deny All.  Make it so that viewCalendar permission is all you need to view someones calendar.14:22
ignassrichter, did you know that testbrowser tests are considerably slower than their older counterparts ?15:04
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ignas8 form clicks taking like 6.5 seconds in the profile :/15:16
jintysrichter: had a look at the prototype at 5017, is it something you could use in zope when it's not a prototype anymore?15:19
srichterignas: yes, I know testbrowser is much slower, but it actually *documents* and makes the tests readable15:44
srichterwe have already sped up mechanize 2.5 times, since we started using testbrowser15:44
ignasi see15:45
ignaswell - the main problem is - on my computer the turn around of 1 functional test might grow up to 20 seconds15:46
ignaswhich hinders the development a lot15:46
ignasmgedmin can't stand tests that run more than 4-5 seconds most of the time ;)15:46
srichterthen make the tests smaller, they are often far too long anyways15:46
ignaswell - setup for timetabling tests must be long15:47
ignasnow matter what you do ...15:47
srichterwell, the old functional tests were unmaintainable, often senseless and broken15:47
ignasyes i know15:47
ignasi like new ones much better15:47
srichterthis benefit is worth the wait :-)15:47
srichterI personally usually write functional tests that take about 10 secs to run15:48
ignasand the profile is way too flat for me to see anything easily optimizable :/15:48
ignassrichter, what kind of PC you got ?15:48
srichterSony VAIO VGN-A19015:48
ignasoh ;) like 3-4 times faster than mine is ...15:49
srichterI think it has a 1.7 MHz pentium mobilechip15:49
srichterbut it has 1GB RAM, which makes really the diffeence15:49
ignasok, i must go to a lectur now15:50
srichterok, see yeah15:50
srichterjinty: I have to run it myself first a couple of times, but it looks promising15:52
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erchachea good book to learn python/zope?16:51
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th1aerchache:  You should probably get either Phillipp17:30
th1aPhilipp or Stephan's Zope 3 books.17:30
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erchachewho are they?18:24
erchacheok thanks :D18:30
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5111:21:42
povbot/svn/commits: Give the release script a config file.21:42

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