IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-09-27

pcardunejinty, ayt?00:11
jintypcardune: yep00:13
pcarduneI'm in the process of updating a great deal of packages on my ubuntu box, but as soon as that is done, I will try the apt-get install cando00:15
pcardunethis would reflect what is in cando-2005.x.x right?00:15
jintybut i'll go get a bite to eat while you update00:16
jintyk, back again00:30
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pcardunejinty, back00:51
jintyok, wheredowe start00:56
pcardunei looked at your terminal history00:57
pcardunehow does pdebuild work?00:57
jintyit builds the packages in a clean chroot00:57
jintythe best cleanest and longest way of building packages00:58
pcarduneand it gives you a .deb then?00:58
jintyamong other things yes00:59
pcarduneis there any kind of configuration file that it uses?00:59
jintyyes, you also need to prepare the chroot first with debuild01:00
jintys/debuild/pbuilder create/01:00
jintyif you run a ubuntu breezy system with all the build dependencies installed, you can get away withusing debuild01:01
pcardunelooking at the cando-2005.x.x  there is a PKG-INFO file, i assume this is one of those files used for making the package01:03
jintyno, this is created by sdistwhen the tarball is built01:04
jintyall the packaging stuff is in debian/01:04
pcarduneSo, if i have this strait, cando-2005.x.x is exactly the same as the trunk except with unnecessary files taken out?01:04
jintyno, I made modifications to and added a modified MANIFEST.in01:05
jintybasically modified the build system so that the would work and I could make a tarball01:06
jintybecause the build system of your trunk is designed for schooltool, not cando+schooltool01:07
pcardunein which case, that is the kind of thing we would want to change in the trunk as well then01:07
jintythe schooltool module is also from the schooltool-0.11.2 tarball+cando specific modifications.01:08
jintyI am not sure if it is worth it if you want to start following the schooltool trunk with your trunk. zpkg is a better way01:08
jintythe build system of the current schooltool trunk is radically different...01:10
pcardunewell eventually, I want to trunk to only have specifically cando related stuff... or what is now in src/schooltool/candotoo01:10
jintyyou can have that if you use zpkg, but testing might be difficult01:11
* jinty is still not really sure how zpkg works01:11
pcardunewhat would be harder to test?01:13
pcarduneas long as you had the environment set up correctly all the tests would work fine no?01:14
jintyit would be an interesting problem to lay out your repository properly, so that you don't have to import any schooltool/Zope 3 code01:16
jintyfor instance you want schooltool imported directly from the schooltool repository and schooltool.candotoo from your repository01:17
pcarduneright, that is what I'd like to do, since with svn, you can do external imports01:18
jintysvn:externals can't do that, perhaps makefile rules are the best option01:18
jintywith externals you would have to set the external on the schooltool directory01:19
pcardunewell, at the moment cando lives inside a schooltool directory, but in the future, it won't... so it really doesn't matter where the schooltool directory lives as long as it is in the path01:19
jintythat helps a lot01:20
jintythen, if you want to build an amazing tarball containing all the dependencies, use zpkg01:22
pcarduneok, I will look into that further01:22
jintyif you want only to support packaging, make a small custion that only installs the cando module01:22
jintybut we are going off topic here, what about the issues david sent01:23
pcarduneI suspect that the neccessary changes are in the last package you made, and that they just haven't updated it01:24
pcardunethere is one bug fix that I have to do... and then another package needs to be made01:24
pcardunehe said that had to be done by wednesday01:25
jintythe only change I made in the last package was CanDoToo -> CanDo01:25
pcarduneright, which is the only change they were missing01:25
jintyah, ok01:26
jintythen are you comfortable merging the changes into the branch?01:26
pcardunenot quite01:27
pcardunehere is what i think i'm supposed to do01:27
pcardunemake the changes on the trunk, and commit them01:27
pcardunethen somehow do a diff of the src/schooltool/candotoo directories and apply that diff to the branch?01:27
jintyyeah, but that is automated in the svn merge command01:28
pcarduneso what would the svn merge command look like? (as i look at the man pages)01:28
jintybecause what happend if in your previous commit you changed something and don't want to move that to the branch01:29
pcarduneas in feature adds01:29
jintyassuming we are in the cando module of the branch: svn merge -r X.Y ../../../cando-trunk/src/schooltool/candotoo01:31
pcarduneso... what is the working copy path?01:31
jintyindeed you probably only want to port smaller fixes to the branch, so as not to piss off your installed base when you break their server01:31
jintythats where you want the diff to come from, a path to a trunk working copy01:33
pcardunewhat does the X:Y stand for?/01:33
jintyX = revison before your patch, Y = revisio of your patch01:34
jintythe you can `svn diff` to review and `svn ci` to commit01:35
jintylast point, when your trunk and branch get too out of sync, you might have to work directly on the branch...01:37
jintyI guess thats about it for my issues01:38
pcardunei think I have a good deal of direction now01:39
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5103:12:43
povbot/svn/commits: Retire the schooltool 0.9.x branch.12:43
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5104:12:44
povbot/svn/commits: Retire the schoolbell 1.0.x branch.12:44
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5105:12:48
povbot/svn/commits: Remove the debian-packaging-nozope3 trunk as all this stuff is in arch these days. debian-packaging still contains some gintas script which is ultra useful for releasing 0.11.x series schooltool.12:48
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5106:12:50
povbot/svn/commits: Make a space for the release scripts.12:50
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5107:13:12
povbot/svn/commits: Add prototype release building script. The objective of this script is to be able to run it on the server to build and publish releases.13:12
povbot/svn/commits: To build a release, you would have to specify a release type and version, so for nightly builds a cron job will probably only have to execute `./ schooltool-nightly nightly`.13:12
povbot/svn/commits: for releases from the trunk: `./ schooltool-trunk 2006.0-alpha1`.13:12
povbot/svn/commits: for releases from tags: `./ schooltool-tags 2006.1`.13:12
povbot/svn/commits: These commands will build multiple tarballs and publish them on the on the schooltool ftp site automatically.13:12
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mgedminStuart Bishop (and pytz/README.txt) says that you should never create local times with datetime.datetime(y, m, d, hh, mm, ss, tzinfo=something)13:19
mgedminyou should use something.localize(datetime.datetime(y, m, d, hh, mm, ss))13:19
* mgedmin becomes wary of parse_timetz13:21
* mgedmin updates issue 373 with notes13:32
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5108:15:50
povbot/svn/commits: Remove unneeded imports.15:50
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erchacheth1a: finally i install precompiled version of schoolbell 1.2.1 on my mac16:11
erchachebut i cant compile it16:12
erchacheand i speak with my boss and perhaps we use schoolbell on all universities of seville :-S .....i feel cold on my back!16:12
th1aerchache:  Does my crappy precompiled version work?16:32
erchachethis runs16:40
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ignascan we have timetable events in our "application calendar" ?19:04
ignaswell - when you overlay Application Calendar or School Calendar whatever it is called19:05
ignasyou get a  checkbox that disables/enables timetable events19:05
ignasis there a way for timetable events to appear on the application calendar ?19:06
ignasiirc not, but i am not 100% sure ...19:06
th1aThe obvious way to cleanup the UI would be to combine timetable events with calendar events when you're viewing other people's calendars.19:07
ignascan sections have normal not timetable events ?19:10
ignasi am totaly confused by the TT checkbox in the portlet ...19:24
ignasin what cases it should be checked and in what caset it should be non checked ?19:24
ignasdo we want it checked for "my calendar" and checked for all Persons/Groups that are overlayed19:24
ignasand unchecked for everything else19:25
ignaseverything being sections user is a teacher/learner of ?19:25
th1aThis has always included everyone, including me.19:26
ignasThis being the confusion about the issue ?19:26
th1aSorry if that was confusing ;-)19:27
* ignas is trying to write a comprehensive functional *doctest* for the overlays/overlay portlet19:27
th1aIt is my firm belief that I do not want to look at my timetable every day for the rest of my life.19:27
th1aI know that I have English at 9:00 every day.19:28
ignaswell - you can uncheck it after you are familiar with it ...19:28
th1aThat's why there are two check boxes.19:29
ignasyep ...19:29
th1aNext, each section has a timetable and events.19:29
th1aI would never want to look at the timetable of a section I'm a member of.19:30
ignasand gets overlaid by default19:30
th1aThat's just redundant.19:30
ignaswell - never is a strong word ...19:30
th1aBased on our current model.19:30
ignasi might want to uncheck the TT checkbox on me19:30
ignasand check it in the section19:30
ignasso i would get a summary of the section timetable19:31
th1aOn the other hand, one solution to this problem might be to eliminate the personal timetable concept entirely.19:31
ignaslike when i am meeting with some class ...19:31
th1aAnd only have section timetalbles.19:31
ignasthat seems sane to me ...19:31
ignasyou would see events from different sections in separate colors19:31
ignasnot just lumped into a blob19:31
th1aHm.  That seems to be a plausible solution.19:31
th1aI'll propose it to the list.19:32
ignasok, i'll leave only a skeleton of a functional test in there, to be filled later ...19:32
th1aActually, we probably shouldn't even propose it for the release branches.19:33
th1aThat's too big of a mid-year change.19:33
ignaswell - duplicate timetable events bug19:33
ignaswas in the contract19:33
th1aYes... what's the number?19:33
ignasand it is caused by you seing ttevents of your section and ttevents of yourself at the same time19:33
th1aI think this is all we need in the branches:  "by default, your own timetable is active, and when you add19:36
th1aa group overlay, its calendar is active by default, but its timetable is off by19:36
ignasdo you have 5-10 minutes ;) ?19:37
ignasit might take a while to explain/understand the way it works ...19:38
ignasi just understood why it is a bit more complex :/19:40
ignaswhen your timetable is calculated - are events that come from timetables of groups included ?19:41
th1aOK.  Just clearing up a problem with my co-workers, the dog and the cat.19:41
ignasok :)19:42
ignasi can wait19:42
th1aI'm done.19:42
th1aThe cat'll be hiding under the car for a while now.19:42
ignasif you are a learner/teacher19:45
ignasok - a learner (more common)19:45
ignasand you are in a group19:45
ignasand group is learning in a section19:45
ignasand overlay group19:46
ignasyou get TT events (of the section) from19:46
ignassection calendar (TT checkbox)19:46
ignasgroup calendar (TT checkbox)19:46
ignasyour calendar (TT checkbox)19:46
ignasstill interesting how the bug reporter got quadruple :/19:46
th1aThe group is part of a section?19:47
ignasand you are not part of it19:47
th1aI don't think we support that at this point anyhow.19:47
th1aOh, like a form.19:47
ignassupport what ?>19:48
ignasi have just tested it -19:48
th1aForget it.19:48
ignas3 events19:48
ignasunless  - he is a teacher too ...19:49
th1aI was thinking of creating a group from a section.19:49
ignasoh ...19:49
ignasbut the weird usecase that would not fit (or would fit) the uncheck all TT checkbox except for the current user and overlaid persons by default19:49
ignasis - when you overlay a TT of some group you are not a member of ...19:50
ignaswe might just ignore the usecase - checking the checkbox is not that diffixult19:50
ignasthe usecase is - principal wants to see the timetable of the sixth grade ...19:50
th1aThat's enough of a fix for now.19:51
ignasso if you are subscribing to a calendar of a person - check the box, else - uncheck it ...19:51
th1aI think it is sufficient to make it unchecked by default for everyone except you, but your way is probably better.19:52
ignasi see19:53
ignasthough you still might ask about a long term solution (do not show your tt events maybe ?) in the list19:54
* ignas is not a teacher19:54
ignasbut as a student i might get intimidated by a list of 10-12 subjects in different (oh yeah it would cycle around so some colors would match)19:55
ignasin my overlay portlet19:56
ignasis kind of foogly19:56
ignashow many groups would a standard teacher teach ?19:56
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ignasbecause well - probably ha ving all tt events in one color might be better than having a 6 colored rainbow in which 1 color might mean one of 2 events ...19:57
th1aWell, we don't have to decide now.20:01
ignasjust taking notes in IRC log, because i am extremly good at forgeting things ;)20:03
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ignashi tvon20:03
tvonhey ignas20:05
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tvonHow would one go about writing generation scripts when module paths have changed (eg, the current trunk)?20:34
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th1aignas:  ayt?20:46
th1aI was working on my Zope3 game last night and I'm completely stuck and ready to lose my mind trying to register a utility.20:50
th1aDo you think you might have a chance to take a look at what I'm doing?20:50
ignaswell not that i have ever done something like that ;) but i can try20:51
th1aAh.  Well, I've got the code in this wonky free svn repository if you want to take a look.20:52
ignasok maybe i did that once ;)20:52
ignasjust give me the cehckout link20:52
th1alogin 'tyre'20:52
th1apasswd 'al3x'20:52
ignasgot it20:55
th1aOK, so the problem is when I create the "parlour," I'm trying to register the "dice" as a utility.20:55
ignaswell - from what i know - utilities are either local or named20:57
ignasand - you do not want local utilities ;)20:57
th1aIn general, or in this case?20:57
ignasin general ;)20:58
th1aSo if I try to create a parlour through the web interface, I get a "TypeError: Not enough context to determine location root"20:58
th1aWhich doesn't happen if I comment out line 27 in
th1aIf I uncomment line 28 (reg.status=ActiveStatus) and run the unit tests, I get another error:20:59
ignasfrom what i could gather up in 2-3 minutes - <utility name="dice" provides=".interfaces.IDice" component=".dice.Dice">20:59
ignasis the code that registers a named utility21:00
mgedminignas, "utilities are either local or named" is inaccurate21:01
mgedminboth global and local utilities can be either named or nameless (ok, well, the name can be an empty string)21:01
ignasmgedmin, i know ... as i said - from what i know (and that is almost allways inacurate)21:01
hoffman|edubuComponentLookupError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0xb70c8e2c>, <InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.ISiteManager>)21:02
mgedminlocal utilities are... not nice21:02
ignaszapi.queryUtility(IDice, 'dice')21:02
ignasoh yeah21:02
ignasi guess you can skip the name21:02
ignasin the query and in the declaration in zcml21:02
ignasnot sure though21:02
mgedminwow, that svn repository is *nice*21:02
mgedminth1a, how did you export it?21:02
th1aeh?  Export it?21:03
mgedmin"export" as in "make it available over http"21:04
mgedminthe schooltool repository at doesn't have pretty stylesheets like yours does21:05
tvondav svn21:05
th1aIt is just a free account at, dude.21:05
tvonthats the xslt that ships with SVN I think... I've seen it on a number of web repositories21:06
mgedminmaybe new svn version?21:06
mgedminwe have svn 1.1.4, tom's repo shows 1.2.121:07
tvonyou have to add the svnxslt directive in apache21:07
tvonSVNIndexXSLT to be exact21:08
mgedmintvon, do you have it handy?21:08
tvonthe etria repo used one:
mgedmintvon, do you have the Apache config bit handy?21:08
tvonmgedmin: you have svn avail over http right?21:09
tvonmgedmin: in the same block as "DAV svn" put "SVNIndexXSLT /http/path/to/svnindex.xsl"21:09
tvonmgedmin: it breaks Opera though21:10
tvonOpera just shows a blank page.  I've heard the same about Safari 1 but I've never tested that one21:11
mgedminopera can't do client-side xslt?21:11
th1aLooks fine in my Safari.21:11
tvonmgedmin: apparently not, I don't use it often enough to research it21:12
mgedminth1a, regarding your problem21:12
mgedminI suggest you avoid *local* utilities21:12
mgedminI noticed that there's a comment next to the Dice class, that says "not sure what we gain from making this a utility"21:13
mgedminyou gain problems by making this a *local* utility21:13
th1aI see.21:13
mgedminif you want to make something a global utility, then it's simple21:13
mgedminfirst, imagine that you use a class like this:21:13
mgedmin    from somewhere import SomeClass21:14
mgedmin    someobj = SomeClass()21:14
mgedminwhere SomeClass implements ISomeInterface21:14
mgedminnow to convert it to a global utility you would do21:14
mgedmin    from somewhere import ISomeInterface21:14
mgedmin    someobj = zope.component.getUtility(ISomeInterface)21:15
mgedminand in ZCML you would say21:15
mgedmin    <utility interface="somewhere.ISomeInterface" factory="somewhere.SomeClass" />21:15
mgedminthat's it.21:15
th1aWhere am I saying "someobj = zope.component.getUtility(ISomeInterface)" would this be in Parlour?21:17
mgedminwherever you need an instance of your Dice class21:17
th1aand then someobj is an instance of the utility?21:17
mgedminthen someobj is an instance of Dice21:17
mgedminsomeobj is the utility21:17
mgedminDice is the utility factory21:18
mgedminyou call the factory to get utilities21:18
mgedminDice() returns instances which are utilities21:18
mgedminI *think* every time you getUtility() you'll get a new instance21:18
mgedminbut I might be mistaken21:18
mgedminI *think* you're not supposed to care whether you get the same object, or a new object each time21:18
th1aOK.  I'll try it out.21:19
hoffman|edubumgedmin:  Does Dice need to subclass Persistent or Contained as a global utility?21:33
mgedminhoffman|edubu, no21:50
th1aHm.  Now I'm getting a ComponentLookupError for IDice.21:52
th1aDoes it need to subclass something other than Interface?21:52
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5109:22:01
povbot/svn/commits: Zaped duplicate applicationCalendarPermissionsSubscriber , how did wi get two of them ?22:01
povbot/svn/commits: The zapped one was not identical - it was setting viewCalendar permission directly onto the calendar of the application though it is inherited from the application by default anyway.22:02
tvon(the zapped one was from schoolbell, the other from schooltool)22:08
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jelknerhi all (it's 4 pm)23:00
jelknerit doesn't look like dave made it here23:00
jelknerhe is down in virginia beach demoing cando23:00
jelkneri don't know why paul isn't here?23:00
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:01
jelknerahh, here he is  ;-)23:01
jelknerhi paul, i *just* finished typing "i don't know why paul's not here ;-)23:01
th1aAh.  Cando time.23:01
jelknerdave said he would try to make it23:01
jelknerbut he is in the middle of the demo23:02
pcardunehe he23:02
jelkneranyway, let's get started23:02
jelknerhere is a proposed agenda:23:02
jelkner1. the cando tree (branch and trunk)23:02
jelkner2. internationalization23:03
jelkner3. getting mitchell started23:03
jelknerthat's really all i have23:03
jelkneranyone else have anything?23:03
pcarduneis mitchell here?23:03
jelknerno, and i don't know why23:03
jelkneri'll talk to him tomorrow23:04
jelkneri still need to talk to you about getting him started23:04
jelkneranything else?23:05
pcardunesounds good to me23:05
jelkner(i'm a teacher, i've been trained to allow sufficient wait time... ;-)23:06
jelknerok then, let's go23:06
pcardunemaybe, make sure that the write people have accounts on launchpad and have svn access23:06
pcardunewrite == right23:06
jelkneryes, that's good23:06
jelknerlet's start with that23:07
jelknerpaul, do you understand how the svn stuff works?23:07
pcarduneyes, I haven't actually tried it yet, but i understand how it works23:07
jelknerdo you understand the development process, i mean23:07
pcarduneyes that certainly23:07
jelknerwe need to try it23:08
jelkner(by "we" i mean "you")23:08
jelknerdave said that not everything made it into the last deb23:08
jelknerthe most important stuff did, but some things didn't23:08
jelknerare you aware of what did and didn't make it?23:09
pcarduneall the changes that I had made, did make it in23:09
* jinty is also confused by this23:09
pcarduneall the ones i didn't make, didn't make it in :)23:09
jelkneroh, please explain this to jinty and i23:09
pcardunethe missing CanDoToo -> CanDo change was even in it23:09
jelknerbut the order of sections was not23:10
pcardunethe first deb didn't have that, but then you told us, and we fixed it (last sunday i believe) and kinty made another deb23:10
pcardunei believe you guys just forgot to do another apt-get update23:10
jelkneri did an update monday morning23:11
jelknerso i don't think that is it23:11
pcardunetry doing another one23:12
jelknerhold on...23:12
jelknerthe deb running on is the latest23:14
tvonHello all23:14
jelkneri just tried an upgrade and nothing happened23:14
jelknertvon: hi tom!23:14
tvonsorry I wasnt here sooner, reading the scrollback now23:15
pcardunedoes it say CanDo or CanDoToo on the side link bar?23:15
jelknerwe are discussing the deb and what to do about it23:15
jelknerbut the section order is still messed up23:15
jelknerand a few other things that dave reported23:15
jelknerlike the proper display of the school name, i think23:16
jelknerthe speed improvement are all in23:16
jelknerhe was satisfied that it was working well enough for the demo today23:16
tvonBTW: the logo in the repository was broken it seems, I updated it with a copy from CVS23:16
jelkneryes, the logo was broken23:16
pcardunetvon, i noticed that, and was wondering how it broke23:16
jelknerhe reported taht too23:17
tvonIs there any reason to clobber the schooltool CSS on the sidebar?23:17
jelknerwhat would that do?23:17
tvoneg, to *not* use the normal schooltool sidebar stylin?23:17
jelknerno, there isn't any reason to do that23:17
pcardunebetter distinction between cando and schooltool?23:17
jelknerwe aren't trying to seperate them23:18
jelknercando is a schooltool app23:18
jintyis it possible that the missing features in the .deb are from changes to the schooltool/schoolbell code outside the schooltool.candotoo module?23:18
jelkneryes, i believe that makes sense23:18
pcardune(on phone with principle)23:18
jelknerbut paul would have a better idea than i would23:18
pcarduneof some school23:18
pcarduneand dave23:19
jelknerfrom virgina beach, cool!23:19
jelknerok, while paul is doing that, can i ask everyone else another question?23:19
jelkneragenda item 2:23:19
jelkneraziz from the cic and i had brunch on sunday to talk about cando23:19
jelknerhe wants to use cando in morocco23:20
jelknerand he needs it in french and arabic23:20
jelknerhe is willing to do the translation23:21
jelknerso i want to get him setup on rosetta23:21
jelknerwhat do we need to do to enable rosetta?23:21
jelkneror set him up, or whatever you do to enable aziz to use it23:22
tvonWe need to email an admin with a translation template23:22
jelknerand where do we get one of those?23:22
tvonright now though, we are using the schooltool domain for i18n, we should be using a cando domain23:22
jintyis this a feature for the current release branch or the trunk only?23:22
jelknertrunk only23:22
tvonUnless anyone else is a translation whiz, I'll poke around for a few minutes and see what I can come up with23:22
jelknerno more features in the branch23:23
jelkneronly bug fixes23:23
jintyjelkner: good to know23:23
pcarduneok, just got off the phone with Dave, good news all around23:24
jelknerjinty: but we still need to get those things that didn't come across into the deb in23:24
jelknerpcardune: tell us!23:24
pcardunethey had some really big players in the audience including the former super intendent of school for the state of VA23:25
pcardunei think he said "former"23:25
pcardunejelkner, I'm working on that right now23:27
jelknerworking on what?23:27
pcardunethe changes23:28
pcardunemaking sure they are in the branch23:28
jelknerso you know how to handle that?23:28
pcarduneand also adding the last user story Dave wanted23:28
jelknerand you can work with jinty to be sure a deb can be built?23:29
jelknerit would be great if we could get that finished this week23:29
jelknerso by next week we can be talking about trunk stuff23:30
jintyon i18n:Actually building the translation templates depends on how the cando trunk is going to end up looking. i.e. if it will use zpkg or a custom These things are not even sorted out in the schooltool trunk yet, but are somewhere on my todo list.23:30
jelknerso that's item 1 then23:30
jelknerjinty: so are you saying we need to wait on that?23:30
th1aSo the translations aren't needed until next year?  Or this year?23:31
jintyyep, I think you will chase less tails if you do it later23:31
jelknerthey are not going in 200523:31
th1aDefinitely wait.23:31
pcardunei'll second/third that23:32
jintypcardune: just a note that changes to the schoolbell module in the release branch will not appear in the deb23:32
jintypcardune: however changes to the schooltool module will23:32
pcardunejinty, that's good, I haven't touched schoolbell23:33
jelknerdoes anyone have an eta on this?23:33
pcarduneon the new deb?23:33
jelknerno, that's this week23:33
jelkneron the il8n stuff23:34
pcarduneor is that too far?23:34
jelknerhold on, paul, we need thla or someone to answer this23:34
jelknercause cando is waiting for schooltool on this23:35
jelknerso we need to know when this will be worked out in schooltool23:35
jelknerbefore we can figure out what to do with cando23:35
jelknerjust to make the situation clearer23:36
jelknerwe are *only* going to encourage a few, brave school districts (like arlington and virgina beach)23:36
th1aWhen we will have our translation situation straightened out?23:36
jelknerto test cando this year23:36
jelknerthla: yes23:36
jelknerby next year there will be lots of school districts wanting to use it23:37
jelknerthey want to use it now23:37
jelknerbut we are telling them no23:37
th1aThe beginning of the year seems like a safe bet.23:37
jelknerso we can start the french and arabic translations around january?23:38
* th1a is glad I decided to go to PyCon last year.23:38
th1aYes, that sounds reasonable.23:38
th1aTranslations don't take long, really.23:38
jelknerso, that takes care of item 223:38
jelknerone more23:39
jelkneri have a new student i would like to get up to speed on cando23:39
jelknerand i have a number of things i'd like to get into the program23:39
jelknerthe trunk, not the branch23:39
jelknerwhen will the trunk be runable?23:39
jelknerinstallable, i mean23:40
tvonI can get something together by next week23:40
tvonI'm not sure how to handle migrations though23:40
tvonsince the all the module locations are going to change23:40
th1aOTOH, in the next month or so we'll be re-writing the UI to make it properly pluggable for things like CanDo.23:41
jelknerhere is why i'm asking...23:41
th1aThere will be about one more month of turmoil in the trunk.23:41
th1aI'd wait for that to end.23:41
tvonI'm not planning on touching the UI much (beyond making it run) unti pagelets/viewlets are in schooltool23:41
tvonI see what you are saying23:42
jelknerok, a month we can deal with23:42
jelknerbut not much more23:42
pcarduneI wouldn't mind spending the next month doing refactoring of cando23:42
pcardune(the parts that don't depend on schooltool)23:42
jelknerpcardune: excellent idea!23:42
jelknerso we can't really get mitchell involved until the month is over23:43
jelknerthis all sounds reasonable to me23:43
jelknerwe worked hard, we deserve a bit of a vacation ;-)23:43
tvonSo I should not work on getting cando working with schooltool trunk?23:43
jelknertvon: if it would save you work to wait a bit, just wait.23:44
th1aI think you're going to want to see where things settle and make some major changes.23:44
jelkneri would love to return from ubuntu below zero and be ready to start moving forward though23:44
th1aThat timing should be about right.23:45
pcarduneubuntu below zero?23:45
jelknercan we make nov 6 the goal for the trunk to build23:45
jelkneryes, in montreal23:45
tvonjelkner: youre going? cool23:45
jelkneryup, i'm helping with the edubuntu track23:45
tvonah, thats great23:46
th1aI haven't decided which days to attend.  What do you recommend, jelkner?23:46
pcarduneubuntu is really amazing.... it just keeps getting better... it was *disgustingly* easy to set up my hp printer23:46
jelkneryou should check with JaneW23:46
jelknerbut i'll be there from nov. 1 to nov. 623:47
jelknerlaunchpad stuff comes after i leave23:47
jelknerand i'm really sorry to miss that23:47
jelknerbut i can't miss that much school23:47
jelknerpcardune: not only is ubuntu great, but launchpad will make all this stuff even better!23:47
jelknerlaunchpad: software development for human beings ;-)23:48
tvonheh, it's nice23:48
jelknerok, that seems like we've covered everything23:48
jelknergreat work, everyone!23:49
jelknerthis process is way too cool23:49
pcardune(you can personalize google's front page now... awesome)23:49
tvonjelkner: have you contacted Brian Skahan about setting up a checkins list?23:50
jelknertvon: no23:50
jelknerwhat is a checkins list?23:50
th1aI'll talk to him about it.23:50
* jinty decides to go to bed23:50
jelknerjinty: good night, jinty23:50
jintynight all!23:50
tvonjelkner: any commits to SVN get sent to a mailing list so everyone can see whats going on in SVN23:50
tvonth1a: cool, thanks23:50
*** jinty has quit IRC23:50
jelknerthat would be helpful23:51
pcardunewhich mailing list?23:51
tvonpcardune: a checkins list, it doesnt exist yet23:51
pcarduneok, great23:51
jelknerok, i need to go...23:51
tvonI was thinking it could be a sourceforge hosted list since the new server has no list setup23:52
tvonjelkner: talk to you later23:52
jelknerwe probably don't need to meet for a few weeks23:52
jelknernov 6 is the goal to get moving again23:52
jelknerso i propose taking a month off from meeting23:52
jelknersound good?23:52
* tvon nods23:53
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:53
*** pcardune has quit IRC23:56

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