IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-09-26

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* mgedmin thinks of a question for the meeting: are we going to do more bugfixing releases for 1.2.x/0.11.x12:39
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bskahanth1a, should resolve for everyone now14:54
bskahanthe skin works in IE6, FF and Safari14:56
bskahanhaven't tested older browsers14:56
bskahanUser folders are a special folder type, people should only be able to submit the PHC objects, events, and regular pages14:57
bskahanthe News folder is an instance of quills14:58
bskahannews and releases are syndicated on the home page14:58
bskahanI'd like to get a picture of students from jelkner for the home page, to replace the current screenshot15:00
bskahansrichter, for the UI regions map15:13
bskahanthe working copy is an SVG, that I thought would be easy to export to PDF, no such luck.  so I'm going to transfer it to HTML15:24
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tiredbonesbskahan, when clicking on the screen shots at, nothing shows.15:44
bskahantiredbones: thanks15:47
bskahanits not a link currently15:47
bskahanif we keep the screenshot then it should probably link to the screenshots page15:47
bskahanif we get a picture of students using schooltool, we can probably leave it not a link15:48
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th1abskahan:  Do you know why the title of all the releases is '??'?16:26
bskahanits autogenerated by PSC, its either a bug in PSC, or a lack of attributes in the release forms16:27
bskahaneg. emtpy form fields16:28
th1aI figured that much.16:28
th1aHm... I'll try using a codename.16:28
th1aOK, if is 13:30, folks.16:30
th1aGood morning/evening.16:30
th1aEveryone awake?16:31
th1amgedmin? srichter?16:31
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mgedminmeeting time!16:32
algasomeone setup us the timezone!16:32
alganever mind :-)16:32
th1aOK, first off I'll answer mgedmin's question from earlier today.16:33
th1aI imagine there will probably be more bugfix releases from the current branches, since we're supporting them through the rest of the year,16:34
th1abut we aren't going to do significant contract work on them again.16:34
mgedminI have a request16:35
mgedminthat any bugfixes you want backported to the release branch would be tagged in some way16:35
mgedminwe've played with roundup a bit on Friday16:35
mgedminand changed the set of priorities and statuses (statii?)16:36
mgedminthere's now a status "need-merge" that could be used for this16:36
th1aThat would be used after the initial fix was completed?16:37
mgedminyeah, I think so16:37
algaPerhaps it would be good to speak about what all statuses and priorities mean16:37
mgedminwe could perhaps go through a list of issues we fixed on trunk last week, and see whether they need to be merged -- later, once we've done with the main agenda of the meeting16:38
th1aLet's get updates:  what you did last week, what you're planning this week, any blocks.16:38
* mgedmin is sitting in a cafe with a laptop, and thus cannot see the big corkboard16:39
ignasfixing issues that were mentioned in the contract16:39
th1ajinty: hi.16:39
mgedminwe finished the optimization branch merges (both of them)16:39
mgedminwe went through the issue tracker and triaged the bugs16:40
mgedmin(I still have to look at some of the issues with priority 'bug', as I ran out of time on Friday)16:40
mgedminignas, can you perhaps list the issues from the bugfixing story -- the ones we completed16:40
ignastrying to gather them up16:41
mgedminthe story card has them all16:41
ignaswe got issues 351, 369, 371  and 372 completed16:41
ignas347 - waiting for verification of a fix16:42
ignas367, 368, 356 blocked ...16:42
ignasnow summary for blocks:16:42
ignaswe can't fix ttcal overlays before issues with permissions on them are resolved16:43
ignasthe bug was introduced by srichter while refactoring IIRC16:43
ignasit would be nice if the issue of permissions on public calendar were resolved too ...16:43
ignasthat was 36716:44
mgedminignas, "issues with permissions" -- that's issue 391, isn't it?16:44
ignasthe summary was for 36716:44
ignassorry for confusion16:44
mgedminok, so 367 is blocked on 39116:44
ignasissue368 - is kind of blocked on issues 401, 40216:45
th1aSo 391 definitely needs to be fixed.16:45
ignaswe should refactor and test the template before doing any changes to it16:45
ignasissue356 - requires a lot of fixes for Timezone support in ST16:46
mgedminth1a, yes, we're going to fix 391 (unless srichter wakes up and wants to help us)16:46
ignastimezone support is not completely implemented in ST ...16:46
th1aHe is traveling or something this week.  At a sprint?16:46
ignasbskahan accepted responsibility for fixing TZ issues16:48
mgedminwe might as well help him do it16:48
th1aWe piled a lot on bskahan all at once last week.16:48
mgedmin(given that it's included in our contract)16:48
ignaswhat i am afraid of - is that this one might take more time than all other bugs summed up ....16:49
th1aWell, given that we're distributing a calendar server, it is a rather important one to get right.16:49
ignasyou can read about the connected issues i found while exploring this one in the issue tracker ...16:49
mgedminwe have 4 days for "reviewing old code" in the bugfixing story -- IIRC the motivation for that was finding bugs in timezone & all-day event support16:50
algath1a: timezone support is implemented very poorly16:51
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th1aI guess the only question is whether or not there is enough time to fix it.16:51
mgedminok, are we done with the "what POV did" part?16:52
ignasoh, issue40516:52
mgedminyou were listing issue blockers -- are you done?16:52
ignasmy bad ... i refactored a template and now i am hotfixing it16:52
ignasyes i am done with blockers16:53
th1aAnd this week?16:53
* mgedmin tries to remember the big corkboard16:53
th1a've sort of merged into that question.16:54
mgedminplans for this week:16:54
algawe plan to review srichter's refactorings16:54
mgedminfinish the bugfixing story (the issues Ignas blocked and their blockers)16:54
algaand perhaps start the sample data16:54
srichtersorry, I am not here16:54
mgedmindo some more bugtracking16:54
mgedminsrichter, good sprinting16:54
srichterI have family here and I just remembered the meeting ;-(16:54
th1aIt's ok srichter.16:55
ignasso - we are going to finish up the bugfixing16:55
ignasmerge fixes to release branch16:55
ignasreview the srichters branch (vurrent trunk)16:55
* jinty wonders if it is worthwile filing a nightly tarball build failure as a bug16:55
mgedminjinty, why did it fail?16:56
ignasif it has no duplicates :D16:56
algajinty: my vote is 'no'16:56
th1aDo we have nightly tarball builds again?16:56
mgedminjinty, my vote is yes -- if it failed to build because of some problem in the repository16:56
jintylooks like something in the zope test.py16:57
jintylatest log is always here:
mgedminjinty, could you briefly describe the procedure used for building those tarballs in a message to schooltool-dev@?16:58
mgedminI'm a bit scared that if you go away on vacation, and we need to make a release, we won't know how to do it -- again16:58
th1aI will be creating a section on the new site for Developer and Packaging Guidelines.16:59
mgedmin_curses.error: setupterm: could not find terminfo database16:59
* mgedmin wrote that code, /me can fix it16:59
th1aSince we've segued into jinty: Do you want to give us a quick update from CanDo-land?17:00
jintyah er, well, I've been building the cando packages.17:01
bskahansorry about that, sick today17:01
jintypeople seem to be happy with them...17:01
th1aOK :-)17:01
jintybut it's a great hack, and we need to figure out how something like cando is going to integrate in future17:02
th1aDave seems excited, seems to have teachers excited about CanDo.17:02
th1aWell, that's the purpose of srichter's refactorings.17:02
jintyyeah, but I have no idea how those will play with the packages17:03
th1aIt should be a lot more clear once we get the browser UI pluggable.17:03
th1aThe goal is that you make a "CanDo" package and don't have to touch anything else but ZCML.17:03
jintywhat is the best way to use them so everything happens automatically17:03
jintyI don't even want to touch zcml17:04
th1aWell, that's another subject.17:04
bskahanth1a, the release titles should be fixed now17:04
jintyyep, till later17:05
mgedminjinty, your nightly build problem should be fixed with in Zope 3 trunk, revision 38639.17:05
th1abskahan:  Fixed on the front page.  Still broken on the browser title bar when you're viewing the release page (not such a big deal).17:06
th1abskahan:  Can you give us an update.  We piled a lot on you last week.17:06
mgedminth1a, can I get Mark's permission to contribute some code from the SchoolTool test runner into the Zope 3 test runner (i.e. relicence it under ZPL)17:06
jintymgedmin: I'll go kick the server now17:06
th1amgedmin:  That's fine with me.17:06
bskahanth1a, new site is almost ready to go, I'll upload the modified PSC (with PIP User stories) tonight and commit the first pass CSS restructuring (the second pass should wait until after we move the templates to pagelets)17:07
bskahanthe new site is open for bug reports and content17:07
bskahanI didn't get to the bug reports from friday, but will start on TZ bugs tomorrow17:08
bskahanfirst draft of the pluggable UI layout map is up for review17:09
bskahanthat's CSS restructuring for schooltool, not, btw17:10
th1aHm... I don't think we actually want to track bugs on the Plone site.17:10
* srichter catching up with the log17:10
bskahanth1a, I meant bugs like "hey brian, this looks like crap in IE"17:10
mgedminbskahan, "hey brian, this website page looks like crap"17:10
mgedminor "this schooltool application page looks like crap"17:11
mgedminI guess the former17:11
bskahanthe former17:11
th1aOh, right.  I'm on crack.  I'm the one who put in the link to RoundUp.17:11
mgedminam I crazy, or does the calendar event EDIT view not support timezones?17:12
bskahanmgedmin, it should17:12
ignasmgedmin, why should it ?17:12
mgedminI am looking at the source code, and I cannot find the place where it does timezone coversion17:13
ignasoh, you mean that bug17:13
mgedminoh, it is in the mixin17:13
mgedminnever mind17:13
th1abskahan:  I need a day or two to finish adding content.  When will you be done with the rest of the site?17:14
jintymgedmin: thanks, now the nightly tarball build gets a little further17:16
bskahanI have PIP user stories working locally but they broke the PSC on the site when I uploaded them,  once I figure out what that problem is the only other change I'm planning is making the dropshadow stop at the footer17:17
* mgedmin did not understand a word of that :-)17:17
bskahanwe probably should get together wednesday via IRC and review it one more time then ask Gus to move the DNS17:18
th1aThat's why I've been trying to get mgedmin out of the Plone administration business.17:18
th1aOK.  I'll finish everything by tomorrow night.17:18
ignasmgedmin, well there is a TZ support bug in event edit, I did not file it because it kind of duplicates other bugs ...17:18
bskahanwe should go over workflow, membership, sharing and group policies17:18
srichtermy update: last week I finished the viewlet stuff and started converting all functional tests to use test browser17:19
mgedminignas, never mind17:19
ignasthough i guess it deserves an issue of it's own17:19
th1abskahan: good point.17:19
th1aWhen do you want to do that?17:19
bskahaneg. should cando get a group workspace, access to the cando software center, etc17:19
srichterI still have to finish that after which I am going to use bskahan's UI design to define the page regions and move content there17:19
bskahansay 6pm wednesday EST?17:20
bskahaner, EDT even17:20
th1aThat's fine with me.17:20
ignasany issues that are blocked on POV ?17:21
ignassrichter, bskahan ?17:21
srichterno, not here17:21
srichterBrian and my work should be fairly independent of yours17:22
ignasi see17:22
ignassrichter, can you look into 391 if you'll have some time ?17:22
th1aThat bug doesn't exist in the branches?17:23
th1aWell, we're just about out of time...17:24
srichteron issue 390: I think the simplest way for now is to import in place in schooltool.person17:24
* mgedmin needs to go soon17:25
th1aIn other news, I read a 75 page proposal by the Stupski Foundation for coordinating work on open source school management systems.17:25
* mgedmin needs to go very soon17:25
th1aI'm not optimistic that anything is going to happen with it quickly.17:25
mgedminis there anything else left on today's agenda?17:25
th1aMaybe lots of meetings.  They seem too anxious to get vendors involved, which will slow things down.17:25
th1aNothing we can do in four minutes.17:26
th1aAny other quickies?17:26
mgedminin that case I'll see you in about 20 minutes, when I'm back to the office17:26
* th1a bangs the virtual gavel.17:26
srichterwel, the recent viewlet code development has spured some heated discussions17:27
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th1aOn Zope3 IRC?17:27
srichterI hope I can convince people of the new model next week at the sprint17:27
srichterIRC, mail, and private conversations17:27
bskahansrichter, what sort of reaction are you getting?17:28
th1aWhat's the controversy?17:28
srichterwell, Roger really wants his complicated macro system back17:28
srichterand I harshly resist :-)17:28
srichterand philipp throws in his own spin on things17:29
srichterso I have to write up a very detailed and well-motivated proposal to get things worked out17:29
srichterwe really need Roger's support17:29
srichterbtw brian, I think you are misusing the term portlet17:31
srichteras most of the plone community does, as far as I know :-)17:31
srichterJSR 168 has a very narrow definition17:31
srichterI think what you define as portlets are what we consider viewlets now17:32
srichterok, have to attend family again, will be back alter17:32
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5094:17:35
povbot/svn/commits: Fix the issue 379 -- PDF views show event times in UTC rather than the timezone that was selected.17:35
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5095:19:51
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed issue405 -- weekly calendar views throw traceback with timetable events.19:51
jintybskahan: could you install python-clientcookie on the server and help me fix the nightly tarball build20:08
* jinty notes that python-clientcookie is a dependency of our tarball these days...20:09
jintybskahan: forget it, it is probably better for the tarball to just include the clientcookie that is in the trunk20:11
* jinty thinks he can delete the mechanize, and from src/ and has test results to prove it. any objections? srichter?20:25
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5096:20:27
povbot/svn/commits: Converted to testbrowser. I cut about 65% of the original length of the test, since it really tested some layout things instead of functionality.  It is also much more readable now. This file is one of the best examples on why test browser is so cool.20:27
srichterI am fine20:29
srichterI provided it so people would not need to install those packages20:29
th1aWhy don't we need them anymore?20:30
jintybut they all have local copies under zope.testbrowser20:30
srichterdoes anyone here know how to get to the "complex add" screen for TT Schemas via the browser?20:30
srichterth1a: do you know?20:30
srichterjinty: I am not sure they all have local copies20:30
th1asrichter:  There's a link.20:30
srichterjinty: if they do, then that's fine20:30
jintysrichter:only ClientCookie doesn't, which I find strange20:31
srichterth1a: where? I could not find it20:31
th1aAre you referring to the "advanced" option?20:31
srichterjinty: well, because we patched the other packages, till the author has time to release our patches20:31
srichter(we made mechanize a lot faster)20:31
srichterth1a: I don't know; the ftest just says:20:31
srichterLet's go to the advanced 'New Timetable Schema' view:20:32
srichter  >>> print http(r"""20:32
srichter  ... GET /frogpond/ttschemas/complexadd.html HTTP/1.120:32
jintyah, so they will eventually be removed from zope.taestbrowser?20:32
srichterso I am trying to find the link, so that I can write a good test browser test20:32
srichterjinty: yes20:32
th1asrichter:  are you looking at the page?20:32
srichterth1a: yes20:32
jintysrichter: ah!20:33
hoffman|edubuThis wizard presents you with a series of questions. You may alternatively create a simple weekly timetable schema, or use a more complex advanced adding form.20:34
hoffman|edubuThe last words there are a link.20:34
srichterahh, ok20:34
srichterthe link on the title page20:35
srichterjinty: the patches have all been already accepted and should be in the next releases of those packages20:35
th1aPossibly not the best UI decision, but we're phasing those views out anyhow.20:35
jintysrichter: that's not really an issue for me.20:36
mgedmin<Control name='field.title' type='text'> looks like an HTML tag :-)20:36
mgedminit took me a minute to realize this is __repr__ of an object20:36
jintysrichter: what is is whether they should be included in the repository AND the tarball20:37
srichterbut it is also the traditional spelling of a Python repr20:37
srichterjinty: ok, this is a decision we have to make later on20:37
srichtermost OSs will not have RPM/DEB packages for those Python packages, so we might want to include them20:38
srichterwe'll do this via vendor imports I think20:38
* jinty will probably get busy making .deb packages20:38
jintysrichter: ok, but for now, I will make the tarball contain the same stuff as the repository, just to fix the nightly builds20:39
srichterjinty: yep, that's fine20:40
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* jinty does not like the maintainence effort involved in vendor imports, and __really__ doesn't like the implications for packaging20:41
srichterwell, if the vendor import is an import of a release tag, then that's fine for a TAR ball20:44
bskahanjinty, do you still nees python-clientcookie?20:47
jintyno, I'll try to fix the tarball20:47
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5097:20:50
povbot/svn/commits: Removed useless line (__getattr__ does the right thing already).20:50
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5098:20:53
povbot/svn/commits: Require the timezone argument for EventForDisplay.20:53
jintysrichter: arrgh, is a file, zpkg doesn't seem to deal with that.21:01
srichterright, I remember that21:04
srichtermaybe zpkgtools needs a fix21:05
jintyI was just wondering how easy that was;)21:05
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jintysrichter: i'll look into it later21:08
jintypcardune: hoi, I only have 10 minutes now or can be around much later21:09
pcarduneI only have an hour right now21:11
pcardunebut I can be around much later also21:11
pcardunejinty, what time zone are you in21:11
jintyi'm an insomniac in whatever timezone spain is in21:12
pcarduneok, that works21:13
pcarduneso you made the package again with the changes?21:13
jinty;) ok, gotta go, I'll probably be around again in 2-4 hours. or send me a mail21:13
* jinty is confused, the only change he thinks he missed was the CanDo -> CanDoToo21:14
pcarduneI'll be back in 3 hours21:14
pcarduneyeah... that works21:14
jintyso perhaps you could compare the trunk and branch and tell me where I am missing all these packages21:15
pcardunetalk to you later21:15
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mgedminweekly calendar generates links to this view that get an extra 'date' argument in the URL21:29
mgedminwhy is that necessary?21:29
mgedminI think it is no longer necessary21:29
mgedminit used to be necessary when we didn't store the current date in the session21:29
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5099:21:34
povbot/svn/commits: Added EventForDisplay.editLink to remove hairy logic from the page template.  The hairy logic was error prone, and caused issue 405.21:34
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hoffman|edubusrichter:  Is testbrowser in the Zope3 trunk now?22:10
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5100:22:22
povbot/svn/commits: Converted final functional test to use test browser. Fixed a missing label assignment on the way.22:22
srichterhoffman|edubu: no, we still have to solve some IP issues, but this is not that bad; I just have to get a hold of Jim and figure it out22:23
srichterit definitely will be in 3.222:23
hoffman|edubuI'm back to working on my game before I lose my meagre Zope 3 chops entirely.22:24
hoffman|edubuShould I use the testbrowser-integration branch or just copy the testbrowser package over my trunk checkout?22:25
srichterhoffman|edubu: the Makefile should do the right thing and copy the testbrowser-integration/src/zope/testbrowser package into your local Zope3/src/zope22:26
hoffman|edubuWhich makefile?  I'm not using SchoolTool.22:27
srichteroohh, sorry, you were talking about the game22:27
srichteryeah, just copy testbrowser-integration/src/zope/testbrowser to your local Zope3/src/zope22:27
srichterdid you get my private message?22:28
th1aI did.22:31
th1aDid you not get mine?22:31
srichterok, sorry, it was in the other username window22:32
th1aI tried both.22:32
srichterthat is really strange; I am loosing messages22:33
srichterhave you responded to my reply in th1a?22:33
th1aOop.  Sorry.  I guess I have the music too loud to hear the beeps.22:34
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5101:22:47
povbot/svn/commits: Damn brittle unit tests.22:48
*** jinty has joined #schooltool22:52
hoffman|edubusrichter:  Where am I supposed tobe getting ClientCookie from?22:54
jintythe schooltool repo;)22:55
srichteryeah, it is in the testbrowser-integration branch under src/ as well22:55
srichtermmh, not there22:59
hoffman|edubuUh huh.22:59
srichterI guess we ask now people to download it22:59
srichterso you can get it from the schooltool repo22:59
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5102:23:38
povbot/svn/commits: Add ClientCookie and mechanize to the tarball to try to fix the nightly build. also drop an XXX about pullparser and ClientForm, it doesnt look like zpkg will be easy to fix.23:38
*** tvon has joined #schooltool23:42

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