IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-09-14

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jelknerso, are we finished here?00:01
dave_welshgreat job, guys00:02
dave_welshlooking forward to using this thing!00:02
jelknerthanks tvon, pcardune, dave_welsh!00:02
jelknertalk to you soon...00:03
jelknerthla: tom, did you want to talk about your presentation?00:03
tvonsorry, was loking at luanchpad.  I'll be in touch :)00:04
dave_welshwelsh signing off.  thanks again one and all.00:05
pcarduneI just finished making the small changes to ST 0.11 and will now tar it and send it off to jinty00:05
pcardune(i'll send it after making the bug fixes)00:06
dave_welshpaul and I are together on the bug fixes to work on... doesn't look too bad.00:06
dave_welsh...says the guy NOT making the bug fixes:)00:07
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bskahansrichter: how did you feasability experiments go?01:24
bskahandinner just arrived, bbiab01:24
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bskahandidn't take into account the pizza order time01:44
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povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4973:15:05
povbot/svn/commits: First attempt at a ftest for the devmode.15:05
srichterbskahan: good morning15:33
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4974:19:03
povbot/svn/commits: Added a function that pigeonholes CalendarDay objects into time intervals.  Made CalendarViewBase.getMonth use it (speed increase 2-4x depending on the view)19:03
srichterbskahan: ping19:05
th1apinging bskahan...19:23
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erchachehi again!19:28
erchacheim here!19:28
th1aHola erchache.19:28
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erchacheim with schoolbell-1.1.1 and wants to upgrade 1.2.019:30
erchachehas any special problem?19:30
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th1aNot that we're aware of.19:33
erchacheth1a: i see doesnt have important changes on schoolbell 1.2.1 no?19:33
th1aThere is a significant bugfix with permissions and resources.19:34
erchachei put my data.fs on /var/lib/ not on same directory than schoolbell binaries19:34
th1aJust keep a backup of your Data.fs before you try the upgrade.19:34
erchacheand how upgrade....overwriting 1.1.1 with 1.2.1?19:34
th1aAre you doing this from the tarball?19:35
erchachewell i see i need to change schoolbell.conf to put data.fs path19:36
erchacheperhaps overwritting it?19:36
erchacheim going to see19:36
th1aI would guess the safest thing would be to put it in a separate directory and coy the Data.fs and schoolbell.conf over.19:37
erchachedata.fs doesnt change?19:38
th1aWhen a new version runs for the first time, it should automatically make the necessary changes in the database structure.19:40
erchachebut how find it? automatically? or what?19:41
erchachehow i can make upgrade? doesnt exist on documentation :-P19:41
erchachehehehe i dont remember how to do it....19:42
erchachewell i compiled and install a fresh installation of 1.2.1....looks better! good work19:45
erchachei need to translate more the es.po file19:45
erchachecan i get directly old data.fs and change for new?19:45
th1aIf you copy the Data.fs over, it should be upgraded and work automatically.19:46
erchacheok....but i put old data.fs on /var/lib/schoolbell to do it independent of compiled dir files19:47
erchacheif modify can solve it no?19:47
erchachecan you understand?19:47
th1aOh, right.19:48
th1aYeah, just point the new server to the same database.19:48
erchacheheheheh crashed!19:49
erchachei modify path of database to /var/lib/schoolbell/Data.fs and crashed when restart zope daemon19:49
erchachehehehehe a little problem with old previous versions....hehehehe19:51
erchacheruns now19:56
erchachebut pdf are disable.....why i need? python/zope pdf library?19:56
erchachei need reportlab?19:57
erchachereportlab installed19:59
erchacheWarning: font directory '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts' does not exist.19:59
erchachePDF support disabled.19:59
th1aDo you have TrueType fonts installed?20:00
th1aYou need those too.20:00
erchacheahhh ok20:00
erchachehehehehe to many changes....and arent documented yet....20:00
th1aAnd point schooltool.conf to the right directory.20:00
erchachewell i will include it20:00
th1aI'm working on figuring out how to add documentation to the new site...20:00
erchacheyeah i do it....i change path of database to correct one and runs ok20:01
erchacheth1a: do i need python-gd to get truetype fonts?20:02
th1aYou need the TrueType fonts.20:02
srichterno, gd should not be needed20:03
erchachewhat is truetype apt package name? :-S20:04
erchacheis this?20:08
th1aSounds right.20:08
th1aThe other reason I haven't written documentation for this is that my understanding of this font stuff is incomplete.20:09
erchachein this case i dont continue...20:10
erchachebecause with apt install x.org20:10
erchachewell i update without going to redirect 7080 to 80 via apache proxy20:11
erchacheuhmm redirections doesnt looks good20:12
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erchachethis are url naming?20:12
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th1aColloquy has gotten crashy for some reason.20:13
erchacheth1a: see on
erchacherewrite are running ok on apache20:26
th1aNice.  It shouldn't really be a problem to install the font package and point SchoolTool at them.20:27
erchachehehehehe other site to add for sucess story20:27
erchacheth1a: but do you make important changes on it?20:28
erchacheor are secure to install fonts by hand and so....20:28
th1aWhat distro are you on?20:29
erchacheubuntu...of course20:29
erchachei need any special font? or freetypefont are valid?20:30
th1aSo if you install the package I think the path will be correct by default.20:30
erchachebut what is the package? this i20:31
erchachebut which is the package? this is the million question20:31
th1aI thought you found it.20:32
th1aThe one you mentioned before.20:32
erchacheyeah...but for apt-get, install files too20:32
erchacheand i dont want to install it20:32
srichteranyone needs me?20:33
th1aOh.  OK>20:33
th1aIn that case, I don't know the answer.20:33
erchachewell i need to investigate how to install fonts files needed to pdf generation20:34
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erchacheth1a: truetype fonts are asociated to packages and if i want to install it....i need to do it manually20:37
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4975:20:37
povbot/svn/commits: Refactored CalendarViewBase.pigeonhole.  Polished tests, clarified documentation, fixed spelling errors.20:37
erchacheon a server installation are unnecesary20:37
erchacheand unrecomended20:37
th1aWell, that's an Ubuntu issue.20:37
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4976:20:38
povbot/svn/commits: Fix the PDF support in the live-cd20:38
erchacheim going to ask on ubuntu channel20:39
erchacheuhmmm this is a to install fonts without X.org20:43
th1asrichter:  So pagelets isn't in Zope 3.1?20:47
erchacheth1a: how i can start a daemon process to schoolbell?20:53
srichterth1a: no20:54
jintyerchache: use the -d option20:54
srichternoone has verified the goodness/badness of the implementation yet20:54
th1aBut there isn't anything equivalent in 3.1 either, right?20:54
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 4977:20:54
povbot/svn/commits: Er, Just found out that distributing msttcorefonts in modified form is against the licence. So revert 4976 and break PDF support in the live-cd.20:54
th1aI get these confused.20:55
th1aOK.  Go ahead then, srichter.20:55
srichterI think us embracing one or another package will have a great influence what will go in the core, especially since I am involved ;-)20:55
th1ajinty:  I'm using truetype fonts from in the Mac package.20:55
srichterI will work on it on Friday20:56
jintyth1a: is there a package i can apt-get install and have it work?20:56
jintyone that is actually free?20:57
th1aWell, I wonder what happens when you install Open Office on Ubuntu.20:57
th1aOn the Mac it appears to come with its own version of TT fonts.20:57
th1aWhich I'm assuming are GPL.20:57
th1aOn the other hand, I might just be wrong.20:58
jintyI think the live CD probably aqlready includes openoffice (though I am not sure)20:58
th1aThe TrueType fonts that ship with MacOS are stored in font family files, which complicates matters.20:59
jintyon other business, someone should commit the latest translations from rosetta...20:59
jintyperhaps we can then release a x.x.2 release and get that into ubuntu...21:00 must to get a good decision about fonts now21:04
erchacheand how to get it without dependence files...21:05
erchachewell i left....see you tomorrow21:06
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th1a|unchthat is21:18
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4978:22:29
povbot/svn/commits: Optimized CalendarViewBase.getYear so it would pass a day cache to the monthly view thus saving us 11 getDays calls.  Benchmarks indicate a 2x speedup.22:29
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srichterth1a: bskahan: okay, bad news: I think Roger got the pagelet implementation wrong :-(23:43
srichterI will massage the code a bit to work the way it should work23:43
srichterthen it will be usable for us23:43
th1aWhat's the issue?23:45
srichterthe code depends on this usage of macros, which does not make much sense23:45
srichterand makde the framework much more inflexible than necessary23:46
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