IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-09-07

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tiredbonessrichter, ayt04:05
tiredbonessrichter, did you use a third party software to implement workflows in ST?04:07
tiredbonessrichter, if so which one?04:08
th1atiredbones: ayt?05:46
srichtertiredbones: I used zope.wfmc, which is in the repository06:07
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ignassrichter, ping17:33
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bskahanSteveA: do you know who controls the DNS for
SteveAso does tom18:27
bskahanwho do I contact to get updates made?18:28
th1aSteveA:  I lost the name when my IRC client crashed.  Can you message it to bskahan?18:29
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th1amgedmin:  Have you started looking at srichter's branch?18:56
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mgedminI'm still bogged down with that release19:14
mgedminskimming a 21000+ line diff uncovered 3 bugs19:14
srichterin the branch?19:18
mgedminno, nothing to do with schooltool19:26
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srichterok, wew19:28
pcardunehow can I access the ZODB from a python prompt?19:31
pcarduneand tell it to use a specific Data.fs file19:31
srichteryou can look at Zope 3's (I think) package19:33
srichterit has facilitites for this sort of thing19:33
pcarduneok, thanks19:34
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povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 4931:20:52
povbot/svn/commits: Optimizing recurrent events.  Daily and Yearly are done, as is one case of monthly recurrences.  Weekly and Monthly by weekday still to come.20:52
th1aalga: What kind of speed improvements are you seeing?20:53
algahard to say :-)20:53
algathe other approach (caching) gave a 30 times improvement20:54
algafor daily recurrent events seen several years in the future20:54
algamy current approach is even better20:54
th1aOK.  So very large improvements.20:55
algawell, the problem was that the recurrences were recalculated each time for all those years20:55
algawhich amounts in lots of adding dates :-)20:55
th1aSo the first time you look ahead you still take a hit?20:55
alganow I just jump to a recurrence close to the interval we're interested in20:56
algaalso, with the caching approach there was no hit on the first view20:57
th1aIs it a persistent cache or in memory?20:57
algabecause all the events are touched many times when rendering a yearly/monthly calendar view20:58
algajust inefficient architecture20:58
algawe were thinging of persistent cache20:58
algahaving a "savepoint" every 20 recurrences or so20:58
algaand calculating them from the closest one20:58
algabut then we figured out that we can calculate the closest one procedurally20:59
algaor, er, functionally...20:59
algaso, now jumping several years to the future does not require enumerating all those recurrences in between21:00
algathere is a lot of stupid code in the view21:00
algaignas was especially unhappy with how the all day events were integrated21:00
algaperformance wise21:00
algabasically, they doubled the rendering time of the calendar views21:01
th1aOof.  Well, at least there is room for improvement.21:01
th1aWe do need to finish the proposal/time estimates for this work.21:01
algaI'll take on this once I'm done with my current task21:02
th1aI sent an update to yesterday.21:02
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algaAlso, I'm planning to take a week off next week21:03
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srichterth1a: one thing I will need for the LDAP work is an LDAP server with data22:38
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th1asrichter: yes22:48
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