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tvonth1a: Who should I talk to about CanDo svn on
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th1atvon:  I guess you should talk to bskahan.04:39
tvonth1a: ok04:45
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dwooAnyone here that can answer my questions?17:16
dwooYay! Okay, I'm on a computer running Breezy Badger, and I'd like to run my own instance of schooltool. What packages do I have to get?17:18
bskahan_dwoo: apt-get install schooltool should work17:21
dwooCan I get away with only getting libschooltool?17:22
th1adwoo:  Nope.17:45
dwooOkay. Thank you very much.17:47
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th1abskahan:  Does PloneHelpCenter work (in general)?18:34
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tvonth1a: since he seems afk, yes it does19:29
tvona good example of it in action is
th1atvon: thanks.19:40
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algath1a: I'd like to chat about
algaer, hi :-)20:32
th1aI don't really understand what he's talking about.20:35
th1aDoes this bug make sense to you?20:35
algaAFAIU if you enable timetable calendars for yourself and for all groups you belong to you get dupes20:37
algabut that's expected behaviour20:38
th1aOK.  So I've never understood why you'd want to subscribe to timetables for groups.20:38
th1aThis is one of those things that I could never understand via the low bandwidth of IRC conversation, so I just gave up and figured there must be some good reason.20:40
algayou have no other way to see timetable of a group20:44
algaIf someone needs to find out where and when the group is meeting20:45
th1aOh, if somebody else wants to see the timetable.20:45
th1aI hadn't thought about it from that perspective.20:46
th1aOK, I'm going to throw out some ideas.20:46
th1aDon't tear your hair out, because we're not going to do anything major to fix this.20:47
algaperhaps hiding dupe events is a good idea20:47
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4932:20:47
povbot/svn/commits: Move getAllDayEvents() from CalendarViewBase to DailyCalendarView.  Erradicate it's use in monthly and weekly templates.  Refactor view templates.20:47
algaI hope it will be easy to implement20:47
th1aI would say that ideally, when you look at a *group* calendar itself, it simply integrates the group's timetable.20:48
th1aI guess I see the problem.20:48
th1aHow about this, by default, your own timetable is active, and when you add a group overlay, its calendar is active by default, but its timetable is off by default.20:49
th1aOK.  I think that's best.20:49
algaI had other questions20:50
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th1aGo ahead.20:52
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alganetstat -tlp20:54
algapips's example20:55
algait's a weekly schedule, but it has quirks we don't support20:55
algalike differences on odd/even weeks20:55
algaand something starting only from Q2 of term20:55
algado I have to think about that anyway?20:56
algaor do we only pay attention to the level/section/course/persons import aspect?20:56
th1aFrom pip's spreadsheet?20:58
th1aI didn't notice the schedule weirdness.20:58
th1aSo that isn't what I was thinking of.21:00
th1aI was just thinking about the import aspect.21:00
algamy workarounds:21:02
algadisplay odd/even week events as conflicting21:02
algawith notes that they apply on odd or even weeks21:02
algafor things starting mid-semester, create separate terms for the start and for the rest of semester21:03
algamaybe spring-2005-q1, spring-2005-q2, etc21:03
algaas for odd/even, the correct solution is a biweekly tt model21:04
th1aCan you email Philipp about this?21:04
algathe problems would arise when it would go like:21:04
algaodd, even, odd, even, vacation, odd, even21:04
alganext question21:05
algafor FHS tt model21:05
algaI'd suggest providing a browser add view that adds your hardwired model21:05
th1aI doubt we'll spend time really fixing pip's schedule issues, but he should let us know if our workarounds will be adequate.21:05
algaand providing a restive view that can import any ttschema with that model21:06
algathe restive view is relatively cheap to implement21:06
algaand it does provide flexibility to change the parameters easily21:07
alga(easily = by modifying XML)21:07
algawhat do you think?21:08
th1aI guess that sounds reasonable.21:09
th1aYou should also be able to import the XML from a web form.21:09
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algaI'd hate that... Invoking the RESTive view from the browser... hm...21:16
algawe have this RESTive client for that21:16
alganext question:  Ignas and Marius are talking about some technical debt21:17
algawe have some sloppy partially untested code21:17
th1aOK, well, I'm just saying that I don't want someone to create some XML and have to go out of their way to figure out how to PUT or POST it to the server.21:17
th1aIf they can just put it in the filesystem that would be ok.21:18
algathings like all day support21:19
algatimezone support21:19
algathey want to spend some time repaying the debts21:20
th1aThat's ok with me.21:20
th1aHow much time?21:20
algaUnclear yet21:20
algaI'm thinking a couple of days21:20
th1aThat sounds fine.21:21
algaa related issue.  we're getting paid for features, so the issue tracker gets pretty much abandoned21:21
alganoone of the developers consistently triages new issues and fixes the easy ones21:22
th1aI have a hard time managing it.21:22
algaperhaps we should include some bugtracker time in the proposals?21:22
th1aI agree.21:22
th1aThis goes along with having you guys merge in branches from other developers.21:23
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mgedminit's spelled /quit here ;)21:36
th1aI'm trying this thing that should let me control my Linux box from my Mac keyboard, but it is getting me confused.21:39
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bskahan_alga: for issues related to timezone/allday features that aren't tested, if you tell me what they are I'll fix them as bugs against old work21:50
bskahan_all that was supposed to be tested, so if its not, its not done21:50
bskahan_should that be done in the trunk or against the refactor branch?21:52
th1aWell, they definitely will need to be in the new trunk (i.e., the refactor branch)21:57
th1aBackporting is a judgement call.21:58
bskahan_ok, I'll start looking over that stuff in the refactor branch and adding tests for it21:59
bskahan_in cases that lack them21:59
ignassrichter, ping22:01
srichteryep, I would prefer all new work to be done on the refactor branch22:04
srichterthis will also give the code some testing22:04
ignassrichter, why aren't tests on your branch passing ?22:05
srichterthey should be all passing22:06
srichterwhich ones are failing?22:06
srichter(note that the branch requires Py 2.4)22:06
srichtermmh, I tested this22:06
srichterit works for me22:06
ignas        >>> calendar = Person().calendar ?22:07
srichterok, that's not right22:07
srichterI'll look at it again22:07
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ignasbskahan, if you want to do something extremly usefull you could write a test that functionally tests allday events, ordinary events, recurrent allday events, recurrent ordinary events in daily,weekly,monthly and yearly calendar views22:11
ignaslike checking that they appear in the calendar on the right day and have the right time span and title22:12
bskahan_ignas: ok22:15
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4933:22:15
povbot/svn/commits: svn merge -r 4921:4922 svn+ssh:// svn merge -r 4931:4932 svn+ssh://
povbot/svn/commits: Merged optimization changes into srichters refactor branch.  Both had to be merged, because the first one actually breaks functionality (which indicates a missing test)22:15
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4934:22:24
povbot/svn/commits: svn merge -r 4931:4932 svn+ssh://
povbot/svn/commits: Merge changes from optimization branch.  Fixes the bogus 4922 commit (i have accidentaly deleted code that was important at that time).22:24
ignasbtw if you would check whether calendar views really look ok i'd be glad ...22:28
ignasbecause well i have refactored templates a lot, and tsts can't catch things that do not render right22:29
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