IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-07-26

povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4362:00:12
povbot/svn/commits: Made TimetableSchema REST view ordered deterministically.  It used to break functional tests on Windows.00:12
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4363:00:16
povbot/svn/commits: Let us apply some cosmetic fixes.00:16
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th1asrichter:  ayt?01:01
srichterth1a: yeah01:43
srichterth1a: benji just put a snapshot of mechtests up online01:43
srichterI will test it by using it for the ftests of the new stuff01:43
srichterth1a: sorry, I was having dinner01:47
srichterI am here now for the next couple hours01:47
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th1aThat's fine.02:07
th1aI'm working on writing a game in Zope 3.02:07
th1aThis is my project to really learn the system.02:07
th1asrichter:  Here's my question.  I've got an abstract class that implements an interface.02:08
th1aIf I create a subclass, do I have to explicitly state that it implements the same interface, or is that acquired?02:08
srichterit is acquired02:08
srichterI think mechtest is awesome!02:09
th1aActually, "inherited" is probably the right term?02:09
srichterI am trying to get it work in the schooltool setup now02:09
srichterinherited is correct02:09
th1aAh.  This is new Zope 3 technology?02:11
th1aSo that makes functional tests easier?02:11
srichteryes and yes, much easier02:12
srichterif you read the demo, you'll see that I can interact with it pretty much like a browser02:12
th1aLIke the perl mechanize library.02:13
srichteryes, it is a port pretty much02:14
srichterth1a: this will add some dependencies; to save ourselves a lot of explaining, I would suggest putting the required libs into schooltool/src02:18
srichteris that ok?02:18
th1aYou should ask mgedmin.02:18
th1aOr alga.02:18
srichterok, will do that tomorrow02:18
th1aI'm particularly clueless when it comes to the finer points of packaging and revision control.02:18
srichterwhen are you leaving for LT?02:18
th1aNext Tuesday.02:18
srichterok, so you can okay my delivery before then :-)02:20
th1aHopefully.  I'll be playing baseball in New Jersey this weekend, so things are going to get a bit crazy.02:21
srichteractually, I don't care when you check it as long as you acknowledge that I hit the deadline ;-) I'll make improvements any time02:22
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th1asrichter:  I'm trying to subclass SampleContainer and I'm getting this "object has no attribute '_SampleContainer__data" error.03:10
srichtermmh, how does you initializer look like?03:15
srichterit should be:03:15
srichterdef __init__(self):03:15
srichter  super(MyContainer, self).__init__()03:15
srichter  # my stuff03:15
th1aDo I need to have a SiteManagerContainer here somewhere?03:15
srichteror have no init at all03:15
th1aLiterally 'super' or is that referring to something else?03:16
srichterbtw, it is probably easier to subclass BTreeContainer, if it can be persistent03:16
srichterno, literally03:16
srichterit will call the __init__ methods of its super classes03:16
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th1aOK, I did find/replace for BTreeContainer.03:20
th1aDo I need this still:03:20
th1a    def _newContainerData(self):03:21
th1a        return PersistentDict()03:21
th1aIf I ever needed it.03:21
th1asrichter:  It appears to be working.03:35
srichterbtree container provides this :-)03:37
th1aAnd for a class that's subclassing BTreeContainer directly, I don't need the 'super' line?03:37
srichtereek, ST has not valid HTML:03:38
srichter    <title>03:38
srichter      SchoolBell :03:38
srichter      <title>Level index</title>03:38
srichter    </title>03:38
srichterthis causes mechanize to crash03:38
tvonsrichter: what page?03:38
srichterth1a: only, if you have your own __init__03:38
srichterhappens whenever you have:03:39
srichter  <metal:slot fill-slot="title">03:39
srichter    <span tal:replace="context/title">Level X</span>03:39
srichter  </metal:slot>03:39
th1aSo this is right:03:39
th1aclass Space(BTreeContainer):03:39
th1a    """This is the abstract class for a space on the map."""03:39
th1a    implements(ISpace, IAttributeAnnotatable, ISpaceContained)03:39
th1a    def __init__(self, description, location, title=""):03:39
th1a        super(Space, self).__init__()03:39
th1a        self.description = description03:39
th1a        self.location = location03:39
th1a        self.title = title03:39
th1aThanks.  I think I'm getting somewhere now.03:42
srichterbtw, I don't understand why we get the double title tag03:44
srichterin some screens it works03:45
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tvonThe screens that I've changed work03:47
srichteryeah, it seems to depend on how the fill slot is called03:47
srichterI switched the level container to the standard and it works fine03:48
tvonthe <title> tag is in the main page macro, so when it is called it has to be in a tal:replace... previously each page handled the whole title03:48
srichterI see03:48
srichteranyways, I am happy with using the default container view03:48
tvonIt's all for the sake of getting the application title into the page title03:49
tvonIs there a good way to carry a request value through a page update?03:51
tvona persistant request variable I suppose03:52
srichterwell, you can use sessions03:53
srichterthat's what they are for03:53
srichterand you can use ?var=value03:53
srichterat the end of the URL03:53
tvonah, thats probably the easiest route03:54
srichterI am in ftest paradise with mechanize :-)03:54
tvonit must be nice if you can put 'ftest' and 'paradise' together03:55
srichteryes :-)03:55
srichtertvon: this passes:03:57
srichter  >>> from zc.mechtest.testing import Browser03:57
srichter  >>> browser = Browser()03:57
srichter  >>> browser.addHeader('Authorization', 'Basic mgr:mgrpw')03:57
srichter  >>>'http://localhost/test/levels')03:57
srichterLevel Management03:57
srichterFirst we create a couple of levels.03:58
srichter  >>>'New Level')03:58
srichter  >>> browser.controls['field.title'] = u'1st Grade'03:58
srichter  >>> browser.controls['field.isInitial'] = True03:58
srichter  >>> browser.controls['add_input_name'] = u'level1'03:58
srichter  >>>'Add')03:58
tvonoh thats cool03:58
srichteryeah, very very cool03:58
srichterI think we should mandate mechanize-based ftests from now on :-)04:01
tvonhell yeah04:01
srichternow, if we could get recording sessions converted to this format, it would be beyond cool :-)04:02
srichterit's finally fun to write ftests04:05
th1apaul will be pleased.04:06
th1aHe didn't like doing ftests.04:07
srichterwell, not many people did :-)04:07
srichterth1a: you can't even imagine what a productivity increase this is04:08
th1aHaving *legible* tests for an application like this will probably eventually be a big selling point as well.04:08
srichterI'll send you the ftest README.txt in the morning for you to look at04:09
srichtermaybe I will send it to the list, so everyone will see it04:09
th1aSend it to the list.04:09
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srichterbtw, those type of tests also show nicely the usability of the UI04:11
srichterthe fewer "click()" calls, the better04:12
th1asrichter:  can I get the standard Zope 3 test runner to be more verbose than it is with -vpu ?04:45
th1aOK.  I found the docs.04:46
povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4364:05:20
povbot/svn/commits: fix for issue287, student membership in a section via a form wasn't visible in the student schedule view.05:20
povbot/svn/commits: Now we display the section they are in and the group that's part of.  Turn off the selection for that period so they will have to be removed from the group or the group will have to be removed from the section to prevent schedule conflicts.05:20
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srichterth1a: what game are you working on?06:16
th1aIt is a version of an obscure little wargame I have:  Alexander at Tyre -
srichter...checking it out06:17
th1aI'm trying to do a mainly textual version of the boardgame.06:18
th1aKind of like a combination of a wargame and an old Infocom text adventure.06:18
th1aWhether or not it will work, I don't know, but I don't want to do graphics.06:18
srichtersounds good06:19
th1aIt actually seems to be making sense.06:19
srichterI got so hyped by mechanize today, that I have to write some more tests after bringing my wife to bed ;-)06:19
th1aThe spaces on the map are connected by paths which I can represent with schoolbell.relationship06:20
th1aThere's lots of interesting containment issues, too.06:20
srichterlet me know, if you need advice06:21
th1aI shall.  Thanks.06:21
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4365:09:35
povbot/svn/commits: Easy access to the batch number in the set.09:36
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tvonmgedmin: Is there a way to get to the schoolbell view_macros from schooltool?13:36
tvonnevermind, have an alternative13:36
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4366:13:43
povbot/svn/commits: Batch navigation macro and zcml to go with it.13:43
mgedminuhh, for a second there I thought you wrote "botch", not "batch" :-)13:45
tvonmgedmin: I have a question about 'modules' in tal13:53
tvonI had been importing schoolbell.batching into browser/, at which point using 'modules' to get to batching in the zpt worked, however when I remove that import I get errors13:54
tvondoes something need to be available to a view class (eg, in the .py the class is defined in) to be available in the pt for that view?13:55
mgedminplease do not use modules in zpt13:55
mgedminwhat exactly do you want to be able to do?13:55
tvoncreate a schoolbell.batching.Batch object, but if modules are a no-no I can add a 'newBatch()' method to the view or something13:56
mgedminwhat would you do with that Batch object?13:57
mgedmindo you pass a list of values to it?13:57
mgedminany extra arguments?13:57
mgedmincould you show an example of an expression in a page template?13:58
tvonschoolbell.batching.Batch(some_list, start_point, batch_size)13:58
mgedminah, ok13:58
tvonhow the batch is used?13:58
mgedminhow about this then13:58
gintastvon, where can I find the latest Etria's proposal?13:58
tvongintas: this past contract?13:59
gintasI want to have a quick look at the batching part before I say some nonsense13:59
* mgedmin tries to think of a nice syntax14:00
mgedminmaybe something like14:00
mgedmintal:define="my_batch view/return_a_list_of_things/sortby:name/batch:foo"14:00
tvongintas: the story is here:
mgedmin'batch:' would be a TALES path adapter14:01
mgedmin'foo' would be the name of the batch14:01
tvonhow would I deal with start point and batch size?14:01
gintastvon, thanks14:01
mgedminrequest.form['foo.start'] and request.form['foo.size'] would define the range14:01
tvon(I *was* about to commit the group membershis view with batching)14:01
mgedmindefaulting to 0 and 2014:01
mgedminfrom where do you usually get the start/size of the batch?14:02
mgedminwell then14:02
mgedminyou can look at our sortby: path adapter as an example14:02
mgedminclass SortBy in
tvonmgedmin: btw, you can see how it is used in the commit I just made14:04
tvonhas the batch navigation macro which generates the 'previous 1 2 3 4 5 next' bar14:04
* tvon looks at sortby14:04
mgedminit's a bit hairy because it tries to figure out whether an iterator returns dicts or regular objects14:06
mgedminbut the framework should be clear14:06
mgedminyou register a named adapter providing IPathAdapter14:06
mgedminyou call it with some_expr/adapter:name/further/path14:06
mgedminthe adapter gets created with some_expr as its context14:07
mgedminthen its traverse method gets called with 'name' and ['further', 'path']14:07
tvoncan arbitrary data be definedin further path?14:07
mgedminIIRC you can process and remove things from further_path14:07
mgedminso maybe you could define start and limit with14:07
mgedminuhh, I don't remember the exact syntax14:08
mgedminwhat do you do in TALES path expressions when you want to traverse to a name stored in a variable?14:08
gintastvon, can you explain why the story excludes batching for container indexes?14:08
tvongintas: I really don't know, I think they should have them14:09
tvoner, they should have batching14:09
gintaswhat if someone comes around and clicks on the 'Persons'  menu item and gets a 10000 item list?14:09
* tvon didn't write the story14:09
tvonmaybe bskahan did14:10
gintasthis could kill the server if several such giant requests start being processed14:10
tvonmgedmin: I'm going to add the newBatch method in the view for the time being, unless you are strongly against it14:13
tvonId' prefer the adapter but since I've already screwed up the release schedule I feel compelled to commit what I have now14:13
tvonwell, I guess if the release is already pushed back I might as well give it a try14:14
* mgedmin kicks himself14:15
mgedminwhy does the page template need to create batches?14:15
mgedminit doesn't!14:15
mgedminjust have view methods that return Batch objects14:15
mgedminthat's simple and clean14:15
tvonah, so a BatchViewMixin with a newbatch method would be fine?14:15
jintygintas: I am still travelling and will only be back around the 5th Aug. I think the relase is still yours.14:16
srichternote that I had already developed batching for the bugtracker14:16
mgedmintvon, yagni14:16
mgedminview module imports your Batch object14:16
mgedminthen a view method returns Batch(some_list, start, limit)14:17
mgedminsrichter, I just noticed it14:17
mgedminwhy is it in the bugtracker rather than outside it?14:17
mgedminit makes other people wary of using it14:18
srichterbecause somebody put it there14:18
srichterI had it outside14:18
srichterbut it was not used anywhere else, so someone moved it back in :-(14:18
srichterI know :-(14:18
tvonwe were going to use it (bskahan found it in some CVS attic) but we didnt know who wrote it and I figured batching was simple enough to just write myself instead of tangling with external code14:18
srichterif you wanna use it, I think we have a second user, so we can move it out14:19
tvonI'd rather not at this point since I'm pretty much done with writing it14:19
* tvon peeks14:20
tvonZope3/src/bugtracker/batching/ ?14:20
srichterI think so :-)14:20
mgedmintvon, didn't you look for batching in Zope 3 before you started writing your own?14:21
tvonmgedmin: I knew of its existance in bugtracker, but we would have to move it into our tree to use it and when I ran that by Tom it came down to 'who wrote it, will they grant us license, etc'14:22
tvonI would have preferred it, but when those questions came up I figured it was simple enough to do myself14:22
* tvon notes they are very similar14:23
mgedmintvon, are their interfaces compatible?14:24
mgedminwould it be simple to switch from one to the other in the future?14:24
tvonlooks like a matter of a few method names being different... and I have a few more methods in mine14:25
tvonI like mine better :)14:25
* tvon looks at IItemMapping14:27
srichtermgedmin: I really would like us to use mechanize and mechtest for ftesting; how would I best incorporate them into ST?14:28
tvonmgedmin: back to getting a batch object out of the view.  You lostme up there with your explanation14:31
mgedminsrichter, I am not familiar with mechanize14:32
mgedminI know it is a Python module that emulates a browser14:32
mgedminbut that's about it14:32
srichterI'll send some test TXT later this morning14:32
tvonthe tests you mentioned yesterday were sick14:32
tvonas in 'very cool'14:32
srichteryeah, and mechtest is an extension by benji to use them in functional tests14:32
* tvon ponders etymology and slang14:33
srichterLet me send to the list what I have so far14:33
* mgedmin looks at irc logs14:33
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jintysrichter: from my point of view it is much better not to include outside code, but it is a very thorny problem.14:35
mgedminmechanized tests look kind of cool14:36
mgedmindo they have xpath?14:36
srichterI don't think so, but you do not need to14:36
mgedminsrichter, is it possible to include it in Zope 3?14:36
srichtersince it has very high-level controls14:36
srichterwe eventually will14:36
srichterI try to push benji is this direction today14:36
* jinty starts to mutter under his breath about Zope 3 including docutils and pytz and the problems it causes packaging14:38
srichterjinty: you can always use zpkgtools to exclude those packages, if you are on a different packaging scheme14:39
srichterwe have them there for convenience14:39
jintyI tried to install zope without pytz from the zope tarball, but didn't get very far14:40
srichtermgedmin: i sent a mail to schooltool-dev with my readme14:40
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srichterjinty: well, of course you need to have pytz somehwere in your Python path14:41
jintyindeed, but there is a python-tz debian package for that14:41
jintythis is an example of a classic conflict between Packagers for distributions and free software projects14:43
srichterand that version of python-tz did not work with Zope 3?14:44
* jinty is thinking the best way to explain14:46
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jinty1. zope includes docutils, debian installs zope without docutils and depends on the python-docutils package. They are completely different versions => things start to break.14:49
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srichterof course14:50
jinty2. debian could use the included docutils, but then would end up with as many copies of docutils as there are end user applications.14:50
srichterso Debian should have a python-docutils that is compatible with ours14:50
*** gintas has joined #schooltool14:51
jintyyes, and with all other users of docutils14:51
srichterthe problem of multiple versions has been addressed many times14:51
srichterMandrake comes with 3-4 versions of automake for example14:51
srichterdevelopers cannot just adjust required versions of packages based on every distros desires14:52
srichterso in this case I would think it is much safer that Zoep 3 ships with its own docutils14:52
srichtersince it is local to Zope 314:53
srichterand another version of docutils exists for the rest of the Python installation14:53
jintybut the complexity of managing different versions of everything is prohibitive14:53
jintyif you have 5 different versions of the same code, all spread around in multiple packages. A security support become insane.14:55
jintybecause you have to find all packages containing the affected code and provide a patched version.14:56
srichterwell, you only have to support z.y.x with x being always the highest available; maybe even only y being the highest available14:56
srichterwell, I think that's ok; the user asked for it14:57
srichterbtw, we are trying to stay as much uptodate with docutils as possible14:57
jintythat helps a lot. then we can be more sure things work when we replace it14:58
srichteryeah, it would be good for you to check from time to time and send a reminder to the zope3-dev mailing list, if we need to update14:59
jintysure, np15:01
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bskahangintas: reason for excluding batching for container indexes was because the container indexes seem like bad UI.  To move away from having these huge lists of objects towards having useful tasks and manageable sets of data appropriate to that task, in retrospect the containers should have batching just for performance but I was thinking about it more in terms of usability15:20
tvonmgedmin: on batching in browser views, are you saying I should just add a method to each view to create a batch (as opposed to using a mixin to do the same)?15:31
mgedminI assume that your views will want to create batches differently15:31
mgedminwon't they?15:32
srichtermost won't15:32
srichterbecause they are simple containers15:32
srichterbut I would do it with helper functions15:33
mgedminmy point: -1 for exporting a generic newBatch method that has to be used with "python:view.newBatch(some_list, start, limit)"15:33
srichterand currently we are using the same view (pretty much) for all simple containers15:33
srichterso it is one implementation15:33
mgedmin+1 for view functions that return batches ready to be iterated over15:33
mgedmin+1 for mixins if the method would be identical and repeated in a number of different view classes15:33
tvonall the data for creating the batch is passed from the tal anyways, so the method is basically just creates an object withthe arguments passed15:34
srichterno python in PTs15:34
mgedmintvon, -115:34
mgedmindata should flow from python to tal, not the other way around15:34
srichterI am pretty sure the bugtracker does this nicely15:35
srichter(including filtering)15:35
tvonokay, I have a plan of attack now15:38
tvonwell since it isn't going in yet.. something to chew on:
tvon(if you can get there)15:49
tvonI'm aware of some problems and imperfections in the page, but input on the UI/feel/behavior is welcome15:50
* tvon goes afk15:50
srichtergot there15:50
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mgedmintvon, nice UI!16:05
*** erchache has joined #schooltool16:11
erchachei see on mail schoolbell 1.2 are released....when i can download?16:11
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4367:16:19
*** matiasV has joined #schooltool16:19
povbot/svn/commits: Removed an apparently outdated TODO comment.16:19
*** erchache is now known as erchache_away16:51
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srichtermgedmin: mechtest will be put into Zope 3 trunk tonight17:04
srichterbtw, is the branch for the release already cut?17:04
gintassrichter, not yet17:05
gintasmgedmin is away for lunch17:05
gintasI'm not sure if I'm supposed to branch today or wait for tvon (I suppose the latter)17:05
th1asrichter:  did you get the email I sent to schooltool?17:05
th1aI'm afraid we're pushing the branch back a week :-(17:06
gintassrichter, just use a branch already ;)17:06
th1aThat seems like the thing to do at this point.17:06
srichterI have to now17:06
srichterbut I just hate it :-)17:07
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th1agintas:  If jinty is back in time for the rc and he wants to do it with your help, I'd imagine we'll let him :-)  Hopefully he'll be able to oversee the final at least.  Assuming he's able to get out of Berlin.17:09
srichteris there a good example on how to write a REST interface for adapters of a content object?17:13
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4368:17:19
povbot/svn/commits: Cosmetic fixes.17:19
bska|mobileth1a: the school calendar should be visible to anonymous users and writable by manager initially, correct?17:19
th1abska|mobile:  That sounds right.17:20
*** pcardune has quit IRC17:29
srichtergintas: is there a nice object somewhere, where a REST interface for adapters is provided?17:34
gintassrichter, it's been quite a while since I did anything with REST17:34
bska|mobilesrichter: personphoto in schoolbell/app/rest/17:34
srichteris it still a requirement that everything must be doable with REST?17:35
bska|mobileI think that's the goal17:36
bska|mobilecan you have viewCalendar access to something without having 'view' access?17:39
*** erchache_away is now known as erchache18:00
erchachei see on mail schoolbell 1.2 are released....when i can download?18:01
bska|mobileerchache: the RC is delayed until next week unfortunately18:02
th1aBecause it isn't done.18:04
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4369:18:04
povbot/svn/commits: Cosmetic fixes.18:04
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4370:18:05
bska|mobileth1a: how do you feel about the school timetable templates being public?18:05
povbot/svn/commits: Moved DailyCalendarView.calendarRows into a separate component to make it easier to override in SchoolTool.18:05
th1abska|mobile: I can't imagine that it is a problem, even among paranoid Americans.18:06
th1aIf it is, we'll change it later.18:06
bska|mobilemany school websites have the bell schedule, so I figured it would be ok18:06
th1aIf someone can go online and see when school is out, they'll be able to STEAL MY CHILDREN.18:07
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4371:18:07
povbot/svn/commits: Turned DailyCalendarView into a component to facilitate the recent refactoring in SchoolBell.  The clone of in SchoolTool can finally be removed, which is a very good thing (it was already starting to diverge from the original version).18:07
th1aThanks for the cleanup, gintas.18:08
bska|mobileI'm going to make terms public as well18:08
* mgedmin just back from lunch18:09
bska|mobilenot going to push it for now, but probably just person/groups/resources/sections should be restricted18:10
bska|mobilesome time in the future18:10
bska|mobileleaving, courses, terms, timetables, and ttschemas public18:10
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4372:18:12
povbot/svn/commits: Removed DailyCalendarView.rowspan, which was not used anywhere.18:12
th1abskahan:  Sounds good.18:13
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool18:17
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool18:24
pcardunedo you guys use anything like voip for long distance communication?18:24
mgedminno (or maybe "not yet")18:25
erchacheth1a: how i can create a user with same perms that manager for all site?18:25
srichterI don't; with a phone card I can get $0.01 per minute from the US to Germany18:25
erchachepcardune: use skype18:26
srichterskype crashed my sound driver on linux18:26
srichterback to ST18:26
srichtermgedmin: th1a: how should I model the workflow stuff with the REST interface?18:27
srichterin order for it to be useful, I need to find a way to finish workitems by providing the finish data18:28
mgedminskype is a proprietary closed protocol18:28
mgedminonly evil people use skype18:28
* mgedmin hides18:28
srichterI am quite lost on how to attack this18:28
erchachemgedmin: sure?18:28
erchachei dont know that? :O18:29
erchachemgedmin: what other talk product you recomend me instead skype?18:30
erchacheth1a: how i can create a user with same perms that manager for all site?18:30
pcardune(we are using skype, but it keeps crashing my compatriot's router)18:30
erchachehow i can create a user with same perms that manager for all site?18:30
srichterI guess I could have persons/me/workitems/itemx/ and do a post on that?18:30
mgedminsrichter, I'd help, but I'm not sure what you can do via the web18:30
mgedminerchache, none that I tried worked ;)18:31
erchacheey....permisions doesn work properly18:32
erchachei need to set it manually for each object18:32
erchachehow i can set for all?18:32
bska|mobileerchache: in the current stable release there isn't a way to create a new manager, there will be in the upcoming release though18:33
mgedminerchache, set it on root18:34
mgedminpermission grants are inherited18:34
erchacheon root?18:34
erchacheroot is first page of schoolbell no?18:34
erchachei will try it18:35
th1aerchache:  Now that I'm out of the shower... I don't think it can be done in the current version.18:41
th1abska|mobile:  Is that going to be in the upcoming release?18:41
*** alga has quit IRC18:41
th1aI mean, manager still has some magic powers that you can't assign via the acl settings, right?18:42
th1asrichter:  Reading your question...18:44
mgedminth1a, yes, but no one should need those powers18:45
mgedmin++etc++site springs into mind18:45
th1apcardune:  I'm on Skype.  Are you?18:45
th1aI suppose that's probably not what erchache is concerned with.18:46
pcarduneth1a, yes18:47
pcarduneusername: pcardune18:47
*** FarcePest has joined #schooltool18:48
th1asrichter:  So are you trying to do the REST interface for moving someone to a new level?18:48
srichterwell, we need it generically, but I have figured it out, I think18:48
srichterI can just do:18:48
srichterPOST persons/studentX/academicProcess/workitemId18:49
*** th1a has quit IRC18:49
srichterand put the values I need in there18:49
erchachei know how permission runs now18:50
erchachei was talking with a teacher....18:50
erchacheand says the first page for non logged users its too clean....need more information about services and permisions18:51
erchacheother question is to register all pupils of a school to see personalize timetables18:52
*** th1a has joined #schooltool18:54
th1amgedmin is right.  Skype is evil.  It just tried to kill my computer.18:54
pcarduneth1a, i assume you are running some flavor of linux?18:56
th1asrichter: is 'academicProcess' a container?18:56
th1apcardune:  Actually, Mac OS X.18:57
srichtera virtual container18:57
th1aIt is funny, because I was using it this morning to talk to someone in the UK (or maybe they were in SA).18:57
srichterthat contains the current work items18:57
erchachemac os x too :P18:58
th1aPerhaps call it "promotion"?18:58
srichteractually for now we can have only one work item anyways, so I do not even need that container18:59
th1ascardune:  Actually, let me try it one more time.  I might have broken it by yanking out my usb speakers while we were connected.19:01
erchacheon are my server19:01
erchachewe are on testing now19:01
erchacheand on 15 september wants to do productable19:01
th1aerchache:  That still gives us some time between the next release and your deployment.19:05
th1aYou could start testing the development version for the next week.19:05
th1aCheck it out of svn.19:05
erchacheok dont worry19:05
*** pcardune has left #schooltool19:05
erchachebut i have holidays for 1 to 28 of august19:06
erchachehas any problem to update from 1.1.1 to 1.2? i refer to data.fs....19:06
th1aYou Europeans have it rough.19:06 cant understand my spanglish? :D19:07
mgedminerchache, in theory there should be no problems19:09
th1aIt would be great if you'd make a copy of your Data.fs and try to move it to the development version.19:09
mgedminin other words, if you experience any, that's a bug19:09
th1aTry it with A COPY.19:09
erchacheahhh dont worry i can do it19:09
th1aerchache:  I was referring to the fact that Europeans take much longer vacations than Americans.19:09
erchachebut how i can access to svn?19:09
erchachebut im special worker19:10
erchachei work for a university of state19:10
erchacheand has better work conditions like rest19:10
erchachehow i can get write access for svn? need my public gpg key?19:12
erchacheor x.509?19:12
th1aOh, yeah.19:12
th1aYou did mail in your contributor agreement, right?19:12
*** thisfred has quit IRC19:13
erchacheyeah by snail mail19:13
erchachei send a letter to shuttleworth foundation19:14
th1aOK.  Right.19:14
erchacheuhmmm i write shuttleworth right on one typing :D19:14
th1amgedmin:  I would like erchache to have commit access, just to do Spanish translations of docs in the source.19:14
th1aerchache:  We'll have another discussion if you actually want to contribute Python code.19:15
mgedminth1a, I am still waiting for ercache's public ssh key19:15
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool19:15
erchachehow i can send it?19:15
erchachei have these key on a floppy on my house19:15
*** bska|mobile has quit IRC19:15
th1aI'm going to lunch.19:15
*** th1a is now known as th1a|unch19:16
erchachemgedmin: how i can send it?19:16
mgedminerchache, email19:16
erchachesend me your mail19:16
mgedmin(note: send the public, not the private key)19:16
mgedmin( or, depending on key type)19:16
erchachehehehehe i know ;P19:17
erchacheim not integrate my public key on my mac yet19:17
mgedminshould be easy19:17
erchacheuhmm good excuse to do it19:17
mgedminjust drop it in ~/.ssh/19:17
th1a|unchOK, my "Baltic Phrasebook" just arrived.19:26
th1a|unchI don't know how to type these funny characters.19:28
th1a|unchAr jus megs jodineti?19:30
mgedminth1a|unch, here's some for you: ąčęėįšųūž ĄČĘĖĮŠŲŪŽ „“19:31
*** jinty has quit IRC19:33
srichterth1a|unch: best switch to a lt keyboard ;-)19:33
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool19:35
erchachewell i left to home19:44
erchachemgedmin: i will send you my public key19:44
*** th1a|unch is now known as th1a19:47
*** pcardune has quit IRC19:49
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool19:54
erchachei left to home19:54
*** erchache has quit IRC19:54
pcarduneth1a, got skype to work on ubuntu... cool19:55
srichtermgedmin: I got an internal server error with one of my rest interfaces20:04
srichterhow can I debug this best?20:04
th1aAre you using the current svn version of SchoolTool?20:04
mgedminsrichter, you should see the traceback in the log file then20:04
srichterwhich one?20:05
mgedminthe one defined in <eventlog>, I think20:05
mgedminor are you talking about ftests?20:05
srichterI am talking about ftests20:05
mgedminrest("""...""", handle_errors=False) should help20:06
mgedminsame as for HTTP20:06
srichterok, cool20:06
*** gintas has quit IRC20:09
*** tvon has quit IRC20:42
*** pcardune_ has joined #schooltool21:35
*** pcardune has quit IRC21:35
*** RX has joined #schooltool21:46
*** RX has left #schooltool22:11
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4373:22:27
povbot/svn/commits: Create a branch to check in my work as to not to interfere with the release.22:27
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:33
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4374:23:24
povbot/svn/commits: New mechtest framework; this will go away, once Benji places all this into the Zope 3 trunk.23:24
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4375:23:26
povbot/svn/commits: Implementation of levels and promotion workflow.23:26
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4376:23:27
povbot/svn/commits: I made some changes to mechtest, so I have to check this in temporarly.23:27
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 4377:23:28
povbot/svn/commits: Oops, forgot.23:28
srichtereveryone, specifically Tom: feel free to check out my work from the srichter-workflow branch23:32
srichterth1a: see above23:33
srichtersome of this code is stubbed right now, because I wanted to wait for some decisions to be made.23:34
srichterOnce the manager group and student persons implement specific interfaces, I will reregister some views23:34
algasrichter: how do you like working on schooltool?23:35
algadoes the design seem sane? :-)23:35
srichteryes, the libs are very good23:35
srichterthere are a couple corners that a re bit rough23:35
srichterI think we need some UI guidelines23:36
srichterthe current CSS files contain ultra-specific styles, but almost no general ones that I could have used for example23:36
srichteralga: but overall, I finished the project without any framework frustration, which is a sign that everything is fine23:37
srichterI also found a traverser that was insane23:37
algain rest? :-)23:37
srichterI amrked it with about 30 XXX23:37
srichterit was the one that traverses from SchoolToolApp to the containers or some timetable stuff23:38
srichterthe containers were all hand-coded23:38
algawhoa :-)23:39
srichterModified: branches/srichter-workflow/src/schooltool/browser/app.py23:39
srichter--- branches/srichter-workflow/src/schooltool/browser/    2005-07-26 20:24:04 UTC (rev 4374)23:39
srichter+++ branches/srichter-workflow/src/schooltool/browser/    2005-07-26 20:25:52 UTC (rev 4375)23:39
srichter@@ -61,8 +61,15 @@23:39
srichter     adapts(ISchoolToolApplication)23:40
srichter 23:40
srichter     def publishTraverse(self, request, name):23:40
srichter+        #      I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS IN HERE!!! (SR) XXX23:40
srichter+        #23:40
srichter+        # Even the following would be better:23:40
srichter+        # return self.context.get(name, sbcal.CalendarOwnerT...)23:40
srichter         if name in ('persons', 'resources', 'sections', 'groups',23:40
srichter-                    'ttschemas', 'terms', 'courses'):23:40
srichter+                    'ttschemas', 'terms', 'courses', 'levels'):23:40
srichter             return self.context[name]23:40
srichter 23:40
srichter         return sbcal.CalendarOwnerTraverser.publishTraverse(self, request, name)23:41
srichtersorry for the rough comment ;-)23:41
srichterI just wasted a lot of time finding this ;-)23:41
srichteralga: is the suggested fix ok; should I check it into the trunk (not the comment, but the fix)?23:41
srichteralga: I think making ST a platform in the next release will be a great relief; I think we can do a couple cool things in setting up ST app itself23:42
srichterwith using subscribers, utilities or adapters23:42
srichteralga: do you think there is a chance we can merge schoolbell and schooltool again?23:43
srichteralga: I think it should be part of zpkgtools to make the two different distributions23:43
th1aJeez.  Go pick up some vegetables and when I come back all hell has broken loose.23:44
algasrichter: sure, go and fix it, as long as the tests pass23:44
alga(if indeed that critter has good tests, which I doubt)23:45
algaMarius used to read all the checkin messages and loudly complain about cruft like that23:45
algabut now he's depressed, backlogged, and has not read the chekin messages for quite some time23:46
srichteryeah, I can see that23:46
srichterI tried to follow the checkin messages, but there are a lot23:46
th1aWhere did the code in question come from?23:47
algasvn blame points at '4257       tvon'23:47
srichterth1a: I did not do a "svn blame" to not embarass that person :-)23:47
th1aWell, that person needs to get his shit together.23:48
algasrichter: as for merging SchoolTool and SchoolBell, I understand the expectation is that the apps will diverge.23:49
srichterand it is painful23:50
algaso we just have to factor out the common base, and let SchoolTool become the app for schools, and SchoolBell the calendaring for business.23:50
srichterdo I have to import from schooltool or schoolbell? There are dual interfaces all over, ...23:50
srichteralga: I think everything should live in src/schooltool23:51
srichterand then we have src/schooltool/schoolbell that is the specific app code23:51
srichterso schoolbell is just another packaged (scaled-down) schooltool application23:52
algait would be hard23:52
srichterthat's what I thought23:52
algafor example, the daily calendar in SchoolTool integrates with timetabling23:52
srichterI have not looked at the code in detail to see what's involved23:53
algain order to show the school periods along with the time grid23:53
*** matiasV has quit IRC23:53
srichtermmh, maybe this is a sign of a design flaw (I am totally guessing)23:53
srichterperhaps we should look at utilizing the CA some more23:54
algatheoretically, I agree with you23:54
algastill, we should have two suites of functional tests, to make sure everything works in both configurations23:56
algamaintaining two possible configurations is a pain, we have that in one of our projects23:56
srichtermaybe the new levels stuff in Jim's reimplementation of the test runner would help here23:57
th1aThe fact of the matter is, like alga said, if we have to fork the SchoolBell code and just concentrate on making SchoolTool clean, that's acceptable.23:57
th1aWe can't slow ourselves down forever to keep SchoolBell current.23:58
algawell, keeping it current does not slow us down23:59
srichterok, I was assuming that schoolbell has equal priority to schooltool23:59
th1aDefinitely not.23:59

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