IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-07-18

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povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4186:13:13
povbot/svn/commits: ApplicationPreferences annotation for ISchoolBellApplication.  ApplicationPreferences is meant to store global settings on the site, in this case it is used to set the title of the application.  The title is now used in the <title/> of all pages.13:13
povbot/svn/commits: What does this mean for everyone?13:13
povbot/svn/commits: - Some browser tests will require extra setup so the ApplicationPreferences adapter will work.  Is it sacrilege to use utility methods to setup things like this in doctests?  I have not seen POV resort to this so I have not done it myself.13:13
povbot/svn/commits: - new pages will need to handle page titles differently.  Something along the lines of:13:13
povbot/svn/commits: <metal:slot fill-slot="title">My fancy new page</metal:slot>13:13
povbot/svn/commits: If the app name/title is 'Company Calendars' the page title will show up as:13:13
povbot/svn/commits: Company Calendars : My fancy new page13:13
povbot/svn/commits: - There is a new tales expression to access preferences:13:13
povbot/svn/commits: <div tal:define="preferences context/schoolbell:preferences">13:13
povbot/svn/commits: <b tal:content="preferences/title"></b>13:13
povbot/svn/commits: </div>13:13
tvonhrm, pretty13:14
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povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4187:13:45
povbot/svn/commits: Adding app title to footer.  Tossedin some extra margin below the sidebar to cover any extra wrapping that might show up in the footer.13:45
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th1aHello, pips.15:51
pipshow is it going?15:51
th1aIt is going pretty well, actually.15:51
pipsi had a look at st 0.10, did a test install, imported some users + groups, created some courses, etc.15:52
pipsnow i have some observations i wanted to share with you guys...15:52
th1aOK.  Do you want to do that here or via email?15:52
pipsI wanted to check with you beforehand how best to give the feedback... its quite a bit, so maybe best i try to seperate it out into individual "issues" i can post to the tracker?15:53
pipsmaybe an initial email and seperate topics in individual issues in the tracker?15:54
pipswhat do you think?15:55
gintasthat would be very useful15:55
th1aThe tracker can be sufficiently unwieldy that more complex issues get lost.  Put bugs in there but more general comments should at least also be in an email.15:55
pipsth1a: ok15:55
gintasjust don't make too many issues, or ambiguous ones which we would not know when to close15:56
pipsgintas: ok15:56
pipsI'll try my best :-)15:57
gintasth1a, have you looked at PDF calendars already?15:57
gintasmaybe I should have attached a few samples to my email, that would have been less hassle for you15:58
th1aWell... as soon as I got back from Genoa, my parents arrived, and I had four baseball games to play this weekend...15:58
th1aBut I hope to have a look at them shortly.15:58
th1aI'm plowing through email now.15:59
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th1aHey, is bskahan back from vacation?16:01
bskahansadly, yes16:01
th1aGood to have you back.16:02
bskahanthanks :)16:02
th1aHey, do you guys know about the knotes Plone product?16:04
tvonnot I16:04
bskahanspeaking of plone, what's the status with the new server?16:06
th1aOh yeah, I guess it hasn't really been released yet.  The developers are being fussy, apparently.16:06
th1aAnyhow, I met the guy who started this company:  http://www.knownet.com16:07
th1aWho are working on their own education oriented blogging and discussion product.16:07
th1aWe're going to get a "Linode" user-mode Linux server which we'll have root for, and which we will not have to ask Canonical employees to help us with in their spare time.16:09
bskahanwhat's was his name?16:09
* tvon is still curious about the linode system16:09
tvonth1a: any clues on a timeframe?16:09
th1aSteveA needs to get James Traub (iirc) to set up the account.  But at least we don't have to get him to set up Plone for us ;-)16:10
mgedminJames Troup (elmo on IRC)16:10
mgedminI think16:11
th1aI can't keep these Canonical people straight.16:11
bskahan yet another python web framework16:12
th1aDid you hear the lightning talk about it at PyCon?16:12
th1aWere we in the same lightning talk session?16:13
bskahanyes, good talk, sadly similar to one I saw 2 years earlier16:13
th1aWell, it is out now!16:13
tvontemplate language is not pretty16:14
tvonlooks like cheetah or something16:14
th1aI hear imbedded Ruby is popular.  Perhaps they could try that.16:15
* tvon gleefully throws the first stone16:15
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jagordoni'm having trouble getting school tool 0.10 to run on mac osx 10.416:19
jagordonwhen i run the test16:19
jagordon( python2.3 -pv)16:19
jagordoni get the following error16:19
th1aAre you using the regular source tarball or the Mac package I whipped together.16:20
jagordonImportError: No module named libxml216:20
th1aAh, you need libxml2's python bindings.16:20
th1aBut there is a package that includes them already.16:20
jagordoni thought i had it installed, via darwinports16:20
th1aI haven't used darwinports, so I'm not sure what the problem might be.16:21
th1aDoes darwinports install its own version of Python?16:21
th1aOr does it use the built in one?16:21
jagordoni think i may have the schooltool version with the libxml2 python bindings...16:22
jagordonthere is a file at this path:16:22
th1aOh, well... Have you tried running python
jagordonit works...16:23
jagordonbut i can't create a term16:23
th1aThat is a bug.16:24
th1aI'm not sure if it is only a bug in that package for some reason...16:24
jagordonand without a term, i can't create any classes16:24
jagordoni don't think16:24
th1aWell, it is obviously a problem.16:24
jagordoni see16:24
th1aSee if you can get the regular tarball to work.16:25
jagordonright, maybe it will work with the darwinports libxml216:25
jagordoni'll give it a go16:25
jagordonthanks for the help16:25
th1aIf you've installed the libxml2 bindings, it should build with "make" and then "make test" should work properly, too.16:25
jagordonyou guys have a very cool project going on16:25
th1aIf you have the same problem, let me know.16:25
th1aMaybe I just need to rebuild that package and the term bug will go away.16:26
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4188:16:26
povbot/svn/commits: Documentation updates.  Mentioned ReportLab, removed some obsolete crud.16:26
* mgedmin sees test failures on schooltool trunk16:26
mgedminfunctional tests don't work at all:16:27
mgedminsrc/schoolbell/app/browser/templates/ is missing16:27
mgedminunit tests give me 7 failures and 4 errors16:27
mgedminmostly about a missing adapter from TestRequest to IUserPreferredLanguages16:27
tvonsorry about that16:28
tvonthe missing file anyways, tests pass here with it16:28
* mgedmin waits for the commit16:28
srichterhi there16:29
* tvon waits for the bot16:29
tvonit's in16:29
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4189:16:29
povbot/svn/commits: whoops.16:29
* tvon pets povbot 16:29
mgedminI think it checks for new commits once a minute or so16:29
tvonah, it usually seems pretty immediate16:29
mgedminhmm, 6 failures and 4 errors16:30
mgedminall errors are in schooltool.browser.tests.test_timetable.TestTimetableSchemaWizard16:30
mgedminfailures in schooltool.browser.tests.test_timetable.doctest_PersonTimetableSetupView16:31
tvonoh dammit, it's my fault16:31
tvonI'm in schoolbell16:31
th1aNotwithstanding tvon's angst, let's get the proper meeting underway.16:32
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th1aI'm just getting caught up after my trip and a rather busy weekend, so I haven't been able to test the latest changes yet.16:33
th1aIt is not out of the question that it'll take until tomorrow.16:33
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th1aBut it is good to have everyone firing on all cylinders again.16:33
eldargood morning, afternoon everyone16:34
th1aThanks for coming, eldar.16:34
th1aMy trip to the "1st International Conference on Open Source Systems" turned out to be worth the bother, I think.16:34
tvonmgedmin: is there something evil about using custom setup methods for doctests (setting up a site, annotations, etc)?16:34
th1aI made a really good contact, I think.  A guy named Graham Attwell:
jagordonth1a: just fyi: tried it with the standard package, and "make" worked, but "make test" came up with the same error: ImportError: No module named libxml216:35
jagordonmake: *** [test] Error 116:35
mgedmintvon, no, why do you ask?16:35
jagordon(carry on with the meeting, don't worry about this for now)16:36
th1ajagordon:  Yeah, I have the solution to that.16:36
bskahan_hi ignas16:36
algaare we trying to follow any kind of agenda?16:36
th1aGraham has a company that does ed-related Plone development, and is tied into the ed tech world in the UK.16:36
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tvonmgedmin: I have had to set up a number of adapters for some tests and I was considering sticking that set up into some shared methods16:37
th1aalga:  Well, by the time all hands report out that'll take a good chunk of time.16:37
th1aThen we'll need to talk about timing and such for the release candidate.16:37
th1aThat should take up the hour.  Is there anything else pressing?16:38
th1aAnyhow, Graham is a good contact for getting additional development funding, which would be nice.16:39
ignasmmmmm ... funding16:40
th1aEach of these conferences increases my feeling that as long as our development effort doesn't implode in the next six months, SchoolTool is going to be very successful.16:40
th1aPeople are very receptive and positive.16:40
bskahan_that's good to hear ;)16:40
th1aSo, speaking of implosion, how are things going?  Etria?16:40
th1aWe'll do Etria, POV, srichter, eldar, ok?16:41
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eldar(i'm sleepy anyways, so i'll have time to wake up)16:42
bskahan_I don't have a huge amount to add (being away from a computer for 3 weeks), I'll go over my part of etria's stories one more time this week and then start bugfixing16:42
tvonAllright...  as I understand it I'm in the way of ignas until the school-wide calendar is finished.. which should be in a few hours (as soon as I fix this schooltool test failure)16:42
alga(that was me in fact)16:43
tvonI have a few stories relating to batching... ACL view and large sets in the UI both use similar code which I need to clean up and get in.. that should be Wed16:43
tvonalga: ah, whoops16:43
tvonthere are some bugs in the js calendar that need fixing as well... and I have the "section calendar overlyed in student calendar" story16:44
th1abtw, I guess the guiding question at the moment for POV and Etria is:  Will we be ready to do an rc tarball on next Tuesday the 26th?16:44
th1aI haven't gotten to look at the js calendar yet.16:45
algaI think it is possible16:45
th1aIs that going to require a lot of further fiddling?16:45
tvonsame here16:45
tvonth1a: probably a day of fixing/testing in various browsers16:45
tvonthere is a positioning problem, a stacking/layer problem and a date parsing problem16:46
tvonoh, speaking of which...16:46
tvonwe have a dateformat preference in PersonPreferences that is "Day Month, Year", does anyone see a reason to keep this as it is?16:47
tvonI think it should be "Month Day Year"16:47
tvonor "Month Day, Year"16:47
bskahan_10 September, 2005?16:47
th1aIs that the way you folks talk in Europe?16:48
alga25 June 2005 is the English format16:48
srichterI would use the Zope 3 locale data for this16:48
tvonmy real question is, is that date format common to anyone?16:48
algaand german, and the rest of europe16:48
tvonah, okay, thats what I wanted to know16:48
srichterno, there is not16:48
srichterthe only sort of ISO format is yyyy-mm-dd16:48
srichterhowever, I would not use it, since it is not too common16:48
srichterjust format the date with request.locale.dates.getDateTimeFormatter('date', 'medium')16:49
srichter(I think this is right, but not tested)16:49
tvonwe have that one in the preferences, it's a choice between 'mm/dd/yy', 'yyyy-mm-dd' and 'day month, year'16:49
tvonI was not familiar with the third, but if it's a euro thing then I'll leave it alone16:50
srichterThe german format is dd. mmm, yyyy16:50
srichter(the dot is important)16:50
th1aWell, leave it alone for now.16:50
* bskahan_ is not opposed to removing the preference, if no one objects, but I may not get it done for the RC16:50
ignasetria: while on it can you try accessing http://localhost:7080/ttschemas with a non admin user ... i am geting a system error :/16:50
tvonignas: I broke schooltool16:50
tvonworking on it now16:51
* tvon was working in schoolbell and failed to test schooltool before committing16:51
th1aI think that bug has been around a long time.  I keep forgetting to report it.16:51
th1aOK.  So squeezing in the story about overlaying a student's sections isn't going to push you over?16:52
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4190:16:52
povbot/svn/commits: Merged changes to SchoolBell's README to SchoolTool's version.16:52
bskahan_th1a:  I don't think so, I'll probably take it16:52
th1aOK.  POV?16:52
algaWe are done with the following stories:16:53
alga- preserve date when switching views16:53
alga- disallow the user do delete self16:53
alga- special day timetable modifications (shortened periods and such)16:54
algaThe following are in progress:16:54
alga- PDF calendar reports (gintas)16:54
alga- Emergency days (blizzards and such) (alga)16:54
algaStill to do:16:54
alga- The complex timetable setup view16:54
algaEmergency days require a schoolwide calendar16:55
th1aHm...  we should probably spend next Monday going through the bug tracker.16:56
algagood idea16:56
th1aOK.  That's a plan.16:57
bskahan_RC tuesday, release 2 weeks later?16:57
th1aWell do the RC when the show-stopper bugs are fixed, hopefully Tuesday.16:57
bskahan_jinty won't be available for the release, who's taking his tasks?16:58
th1aRelease two days later.16:58
th1aI mean.16:58
bskahan_scared me16:58
th1aWith jinty gone, we can do a two day testing cycle!16:58
th1aWhen the cat's away, the mice will play!16:58
th1aAnyhow...  that's a good question.16:59
th1aWe probably should have added it to POV's contract.  Perhaps we can roll it into their next one.16:59
bskahan_we probably can't get the .deb uploaded to debian/ubuntu without him, but it would be good to have the .deb for download17:00
th1aHopefully it doesn't take too much time.  The existing scripts and such should work, right?17:00
th1aYeah, the .debs will have to wait for jinty.17:00
th1aHe hasn't been putting the .debs on the site.  I don't understand the issues involved.17:01
th1aMy brain freezes in the presence of the intricacies of debian packaging.17:01
th1aAnyhow... let's move on... srichter?17:01
srichterwell, as I sent in an E-mail to Tom, my parents decided to show up after I was done teaching, so I did not make much progress the last two weeks17:02
srichterbut by the end of this week I should have local/persistent workflow defs ready to go17:02
srichterthis should be a good basis for everything that needs customizable workflows17:03
th1aSo that will allow a workflow to be defined in the ZODB?17:03
th1aRather than the filesystem?17:03
gintassrichter, will you be working on a svn branch?17:03
tvonsounds fancy17:03
srichterthe problem with filesystem-based WFs is that we cannot change them TTW17:04
srichterbut this is the major use case for the work17:04
srichtergintas: are you branching on Tuesday?17:04
th1aFor the release?17:05
srichterwell, I can use the trunk, if the release is branched17:05
srichterit won't affect anyone anyways for now17:05
th1aUm... this is where having our regular release manager would be handy :-)17:05
srichter(I can work on a branch of course as well, but I don't like them ;-)17:05
gintasI think we will be creating the release branch next Tuesday17:05
bskahan_or very close to tuesday17:06
algawho will be doing it actually?17:06
th1aWell, anyone want to do it?  You'll even get paid.17:06
th1aOf course, this sort of sets a bad precedent for our volunteer release manager...17:07
gintaswell, I could do it, I think17:07
bskahan_I will do it if no one else wants too, but I'd rather nominate gintas ;)17:08
th1aOK, let me know if you're going to do it, gintas.17:09
gintasOK, shouldn't be too much trouble17:09
gintasI'm part of "the unofficial SchoolBell release team" anyway ;)17:09
th1aOh, yeah!  I forgot.17:10
th1aYou were drafted.17:10
th1aeldar:  How are things in CanDo land?17:10
eldarthey're moving, well at least not during the  weekend, but last week was very productice17:11
th1aAre you using more relationships now?17:11
eldaryeah, we made an evaluation class that relates to competenciesTemplate, and Persons17:12
th1aSo relationships are making sense to you?17:12
eldaryes, now they are17:13
eldaralthough functional doctests aren't as friendly :P17:13
eldarthey make sense alright, but won't pass17:13
gintasfunctional doctest are a bitch17:14
th1aThe problem with tests is, they don't pass!17:14
algathe nasty diff algorhithm...17:14
eldarwhenever we try to create an xmlparser object it gives us "ill document" error17:14
erchacheinstalling apache+ssl17:14
mgedmin"ill document"?17:14
mgedmindoes it say it isn't well-formed, or does it complain about it being invalid according to schema?17:15
eldarit says something around the lines of17:15
eldar"Ill formatted document"17:15
ignasinvalid xml17:15
ignasi think17:16
ignasnot usre tohugh17:16
mgedminsounds like a document that is not well-formed xml17:16
eldaryeah, but we don't see anything invalid with it O.o17:16
mgedminmismatched open/close tags, things like that17:16
mgedminshow me17:16
gintasyou can use tools like xmllint17:17
eldarhold, lemme try to fetch it17:17
th1aMeanwhile, let me sum up:17:19
*** FarcePest has joined #schooltool17:19
th1aWe'll aim to wrap up the release before Monday.17:19
th1aMonday is an Official SchoolTool Bug Day.17:20
th1aGintas will package up an RC when the show-stoppers are fixed, hopefully Tuesday.17:20
gintasI'll need to stock up on bugspray17:20
th1aI recommend Black Flag.17:21
eldarcrap, our development server seems to be down, and we didn't commit it to cvs..17:21
eldarwe're using the old cando repository on sf17:22 is not very reliable17:22
eldarreally? we never had any problems with it17:22
gintasuntil now ;)17:22
eldaroh no, it's not the sf server that's down17:23
eldarour development server is down17:23
th1aHas Paul gotten better connectivity?17:23
eldarpaul and i share terminals when we're learning something17:23
eldaroh yea, his internet is back up17:24
th1aOK.  That helps.17:24
th1aSo... there is going to be a CanDo demo or something on the 19th, which you won't have the new version ready for, right?17:24
eldari think jeff was going to use the old cando for the official demo17:25
eldarbut then give them schooltool to use17:25
th1aOK.  I hope that works.17:25
eldarwell, they won't actually learn how to use it, and I don't think anyone would prefer the old one, to the one coming17:26
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4191:17:26
povbot/svn/commits: Added reportlab key to
th1aOK.  Anything else before we wrap this up?17:27
gintasso, srichter, if you're not planning to finish your work until Monday, please use a branch17:28
srichterok, will do17:28
gintasshouldn't be much trouble now that the architecture of SchoolTool is relatively stable17:28
* th1a strikes the virtual gavel.17:29
th1aThanks, guys.17:29
eldaralright, if the meeting's done, i'm going to finish off hp617:29
* srichter just learned a new word: gavel == hammer, mmh.17:29
eldarharry potter 617:29
th1aAh.  Enjoy.17:29
eldar:) thank you, well bye everyone, nice talk to you17:30
th1ajagordon:  Are you still there?17:30
*** eldar has quit IRC17:30
mgedmin"quirt, n: whip with a leather thong at the end."17:32
bskahan_eldar is like that sometimes17:33
*** erchache has quit IRC17:37
*** erchache has joined #schooltool17:37
bskahan_I have to run, talk to everyone later17:37
*** bskahan_ has left #schooltool17:39
tvonaight, schoooltool tests fixed17:52
tvonsorry about that17:52
povbot/svn/commits: * tvon committed revision 4192:17:53
povbot/svn/commits: Fixing the schooltool tests that ApplicationPreferences broke.17:53
erchachearrrggghhh i become crazy with apache-ssl18:14
th1aerchache:  Wait, does that mean you were sane before you started tangling with apache-ssl?18:30
algawe are all surprised :-)18:33
*** th1a is now known as th1a|unch18:41
erchacheth1a: uhmm im triying to install schoolbell on new server....apache+ssl can wait.....zope3 or zopex3?18:46
erchachetoo late18:47
erchachewell im going to shop18:47
mgedminzopex3 3.0.0 is too old18:48
erchacheits a your opinion or need something newer?18:49
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4193:18:49
povbot/svn/commits: Added link to PDF in GUI.18:49
povbot/svn/commits: I took the printer PNG icon from GNOME.  A public-domain icon would be better but I could not find it quickly and decided not to waste time for now.  The icon's background might not be transparent on IE.18:49
mgedminerchache, it's a fact18:55
mgedminschooltool comes with its own copy of zope 318:57
mgedmina snapshot of a revision between 3.0 (last stable) and 3.1 (not released yet, afaik)18:57
erchachei this case anything changes...because i use: python install and fails :(18:58
pipshey, folks: i've created some issues in the tracker. do you want me to nosy people in (e.g. th1a), or will you do that yourself?18:58
mgedminerchache, I don't think that's supposed to work18:59
mgedminhow did it fail?19:00
mgedmincan you paste the full output of that command into
gintaspips, I think the important people are automatically added to the nosy list19:00
erchacheuhmm perhaps i dont have some packages....because i install ubuntu on server mode....and are too clean19:01
gintasyou can see for yourself19:01
erchachei install python 2.3 and 2.419:01
erchacheand make19:01
mgedminhey, ubuntu!19:01
erchachebut i think i need some you know correct list?19:01
mgedminwhy don't you just use the ubuntu package?19:01
erchachebecause ubuntu package are too old19:01
mgedminum... is ST 0.10 packaged for ubuntu?19:02
erchachei tested before19:02
erchacheand schoolbell?19:02
erchacheschoolbell is 1.0 not 1.1.119:02
mgedmin0.10-1ubuntu2 is in breezy19:02
gintascan you try installing the older version and see what dependencies are requested?19:02
mgedminperhaps it would be installable on hoary as well19:02
* mgedmin tries19:03
mgedminit wants to upgrade libc619:03
mgedminbut building the deb from source should work19:03
mgedminand IMHO that's the most painless way19:03
erchacheuhmm im going to install via apt-get.....perhaps more relationship will be added19:04
erchacheyeah...some packages arent installed before19:04
erchacheare update schooltool/schoolbell ubuntu repositories?19:05
erchachewell...installed from apt-get19:09
erchachenow ill try to compile schoolbell 1.1.119:09
erchachemake test19:11
erchachecd Zope3 && python2.3 build_ext -i19:11
erchacherunning build_ext19:11
erchacheerror: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)19:11
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 119:11
erchachemake test19:11
erchachecd Zope3 && python2.3 build_ext -i19:11
erchacherunning build_ext19:11
erchacheerror: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)19:11
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 119:11
erchachewhat is package needed?19:11
mgedmintry apt-get build-dep schoolbell19:13
mgedminit should install all dependencies19:13
erchachemgedmin: thanks :D19:14
erchacheall i needed19:14
erchachethanks a lot19:14
pipsi finished writing those user experience emails and issues in the tracker for now...19:14
*** pips has quit IRC19:15
* mgedmin looks at a system error messages and decides to rm Data.fs19:15
erchachevery bad to delete data.fs....19:15
erchachewhen try to run python appears a message error19:19
erchachewhere i can paste?19:19
erchachei dont want to flood channel19:19
*** srichter has quit IRC19:19
mgedminerchache, paste.plone.org19:19
erchachedo it19:20
erchachei think i need zope proxy lib19:20
mgedminit would be nice if you provided a link to the paste log19:23
mgedminotoh I can see it19:24
erchacheit erchache19:24
mgedminok, did you run 'make'?19:24
erchachemake build19:24
erchacheredo make19:25
mgedminand it gave you that error message?19:25
erchachea second19:25
erchachecd Zope3 && python2.3 build_ext -i19:25
erchacherunning build_ext19:25
erchacheerror: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)19:25
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 119:25
erchacheyeah make....error19:25
mgedmindid you run make in the same directory where you ran python schoolbell-server.py19:25
mgedminis python 2.3 or 2.4?19:25
erchacheim in the same...and have both 2.3 and 2.419:25
mgedmintry running python2.3 schoolbell-server.py19:25
mgedmin(you built the C modules for 2.3, and they won't be importable by 2.4)19:26
erchachesame error....19:26
mgedminoh, never mind19:26
mgedminerror: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)19:26
erchachei install python 2.4....after .2.3 and after installed c19:26
mgedminthat's what's not good19:27
erchacheyeah....doesnt exist config dir19:27
mgedminI think this file comes in the python2.3-dev package19:27
erchacheok installing pyhton2.3-dev19:27
mgedminand I am surprised that apt-get build-dep didn't pull it in19:27
erchacheyeah...need to pass it19:27
erchachenow runs  make19:28
erchachefinish without errors :D19:29
erchachemake build?19:29
*** srichter has joined #schooltool19:29
*** th1a|unch is now known as th1a19:29
mgedmin'make' and 'make build' are the same for schooltool19:30
mgedminyou could run 'make test ftest' if you want to run the test suite19:30
erchacheand translate build?19:30
mgedminor try 'python2.3' again19:30
mgedmin('make run' is a shortcut for that)19:31
erchache ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import, No module named libxml2")19:32
erchache ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import, No module named libxml2")19:32
erchache   import libxml219:33
erchacheImportError: No module named libxml219:33
erchachemake: *** [test] Error 119:33
mgedminah, you need to apt-get install libxml2-python2.319:33
th1aSo you need the libxml2 and libxml-python packages?  Probably also python-dev?19:33
erchachepython dev...sure :D19:33
mgedminI am beginning to think that apt-get build-dep pulled in the deps for python2.4 while you're trying to get it running with 2.319:33
erchacheim too19:33
mgedmindoes anybody have prebuild schooltool 0.10 debs for hoary?19:34
mgedminand also schoolbell 1.1.1?19:34
erchachelibxml has a large list19:36
erchacheall versions of python-dev are installed python python2.3 and 2.419:37
erchachelibxml now19:37
erchachefuck....ncurses show weird things on my mac os x ssh terminal :S19:38
erchacheimport libxml219:40
erchacheImportError: No module named libxml219:40
erchachemake: *** [test] Error 119:40
erchacheimport libxml219:40
erchacheImportError: No module named libxml219:40
erchachemake: *** [test] Error 119:40
erchachewell tomorrow more.....thanks for your help!19:41
*** erchache has quit IRC19:41
th1aWell... did you install libxml2-python2.3 or whatever?19:41
mgedmincan we build debs for hoary and put them up for download?19:42
mgedminbreezy is not very stable right now, as far as I understand19:42
th1aYou're welcome to do it.19:42
mgedminno time before next week19:43
th1aI think alga was trying to volunteer.19:44
algatvon: is the schoolwide calendar anywhere in sight?19:47
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 4194:19:51
povbot/svn/commits: Add exception day ids to the restive interface. Clean up the view.19:51
*** gintas has quit IRC19:53
tvonalga: I had to run out at 11, I'm back on it now20:08
tvon11 being two hours ago20:08
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 4195:20:20
povbot/svn/commits: Added a skeleton module for the new timetable schema wizard.20:20
*** thisfred has quit IRC20:33
algatvon: how do I get hold of the schoolwide calendar?20:44
th1aEarth to tvon...20:47
tvonan attribute on the School[Bell|Tool]Application20:47
th1aSpeak of the devil.20:47
* tvon heard chanting20:47
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:51
th1aalga:  When you have an emergency day in a rotating schedule, you generally don't want to shift the rest of the days in the sequence, because people might plan an event to coincide with a certain date, for example a field trip or assembly (or anything else that requires the participation of someone not on the school schedule).21:05
algathat figures21:05
algatvon: TypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0xb6d9c52c>, <InterfaceClass>)21:05
algawhat do I do?21:05
th1aSo breaking the sequence is generally the right solution in that case.21:06
tvonalga: when is that showing up?21:06
algamy unit test21:07
algait used to work before svn up21:07
algaI had a friday's  version before that21:07
tvondid you up within the past few hours?21:08
algaI svn upped on friday21:08
algaI svn upped 4 minutes ago21:08
tvonthe ApplicationPreferences commit I made early this morning broke ST tests. I fixed it a few hours ago.21:09
* tvon ups21:10
algafrom import setUp21:10
algathat's the place you should have added your preferences setup21:10
algalots of browser tests use that21:10
tvonokay, I'll move it21:10
tvonjust upped to 4195 and './ schooltool' passes here21:11
algamy new test fails21:12
algaI only expected you to tell me to21:12
alga        >>> from schooltool.tests import setUpApplicationPreferences21:12
alga        >>> setUpApplicationPreferences()21:12
tvonI completely misunderstood21:12
tvonAs far as the location of the utility function goes, you are saying I should create in schooltool/tests and stick it there?21:14
algaI don't know...21:14
algaThere is a very comprehensive test fixture in SB21:14
algawhich ST uses too21:15
algaif the preferences aren't in SB, it might be worth to create such a setup in ST21:15
algaand make all views use that instead of the SB one21:15
algaand spare those tests of manually calling setUpApplicationPreferences()21:16
tvonLooking for advice on a path to take here...21:34
tvonSchoolBellApplication implements ICalendarOwner which in turn means that it gets the calendar traverser21:34
tvonI need a mix of the default traverser and the calendar traverser..21:34
tvonI'm thinking I can define a traverser for ISchoolBellApplication, or abandon ICalendarOwner and make up my own interface21:35
tvonhowever if I ditch ICalendarOwner it weakens that interface21:36
ignascan resources be added into groups ?21:36
tvonbskahan would know that off the top of his head21:36
tvonth1a: you and bskahan were discussing this at length were you not?21:37
th1aI don't think resources can be added to groups any longer.21:38
th1aIt wasn't clear what the meaning of that relationship would be.21:38
ignasmakes sense21:38
ignasyet groups.pt21:39
ignashas some zombie code21:39
ignaswhic confused me21:39
th1aZombies must die.21:39
ignasas soon as i get confirmation that it's a zombie21:40
tvonanyone know a cleric?21:40
ignasi am good at killing zombies myself21:41
ignasthough detecting whether one is a TRUE zombie ...21:41
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 4196:21:43
povbot/svn/commits: Exposed an API to get a day id for day.  Needed for the emergency days functionality.21:43
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 4197:21:44
povbot/svn/commits: Initial emergency days view.  No calendar support, no error checking, not hooked up.21:44
*** alga has quit IRC21:45
*** ignas has quit IRC22:00
*** jinty has joined #schooltool22:10
th1aAh, jinty.22:14
th1aWhat were you saying about Moodle and SchoolTool?22:15
*** jinty has quit IRC22:44
*** jinty has joined #schooltool22:45
jintyhi th1a:23:45
jintythat moodle can use schooltool as authentication, right now23:45
jintythe way it works is rather evil though23:45
*** admp has joined #schooltool23:46
th1aHow does it work?23:47
jintysomeone connected with moodle explained to me that moodle can be set up to attempt to log in to a random web page with the credentials of the user logging into moodle23:47
th1aYou can do something similar with some evil Zope products.23:47
th1aIn Zope 2.23:47
jintythe return page is then searched for a string23:47
th1aIt is good that you made some Moodle and SchoolTool contacts.23:48
jintyit's not ideal, but it works until LDAP or kerebos come about23:48
jintythey are quite cool for PHP programmers;)23:48
th1aI mean Moodle and SkoleLinux contacts.23:49
jintyyep, kindof happened randomly23:49
th1aI would like to have more intimate sharing of data via web services with Moodle.23:50
jintywhere do you think they can work together besides authentication?23:50
*** admp has quit IRC23:51
* jinty curses the communication bandwidth of IRC...23:51
jintythere were quite a few other interesting tidbits23:52
th1aWell, class rosters, etc.23:52
jintysuppose it would also tie in with the gradebook stuff.23:53
jintydepending on what content moodle offers23:53
* jinty also heard about germany's rules on separation of admin and educational content delivery in schools23:54

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