IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-07-17

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erchacheim playing with my new powerbook14:27
erchacheim triying to installl pure data14:27
erchachei have a keyboard midi usb14:28
erchacheand wants to use it on my pb14:28
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* jinty is quite certain he will not be able to be at the IRC meeting tomorrow, we are being kicked out of the dorms tomorrow15:48
th1ajinty:  I wasn't actually expecting you.15:48
jintyjust thought I'd mention it15:49
jintyth1a you might be interested in this little snippet: right now it is possible to use schooltool to authenticate moodle15:51
jintyAlso, the debian zope packagers are getting together to group maintain all zope packaging. So I am thinking of moving the schooltool debian dir stuff to their repository.15:54
jintyVideos of the conference presentations: http://videoarchive.debconf5.net15:56
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srichterth1a: good to see you back; I'll be online tomorrow morning for the meeting19:15
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bskahanhi all23:16
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* VladDrac just managed to sync his schoolbell calendar to his zaurus c300023:58
VladDracnow I need a way to write changes back23:58
VladDrac(using kopi, it doesn't do webdav unfortunately)23:58

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