IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-07-07

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erchacheth1a: are you here?11:17
erchachei need some help11:17
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VladDracah, cool12:21
VladDrachi all, nice job done on schoolbell12:24
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4142:15:25
povbot/svn/commits: Restored old calendar URL scheme so that a jump from daily view to monthly view to daily view would not change the active day.15:25
povbot/svn/commits: I left the old mechanism in place, so that you can jump to places by using nice urls, e.g., calendar/2005-02, etc.  I did replace usage in code to use the old style everywhere for consistency.15:25
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4143:15:33
povbot/svn/commits: A few other places that I missed.15:33
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4144:16:00
povbot/svn/commits: Reverted revisions 4143:4141.  It turns out that I should implement this through Zope sessions.16:00
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povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4145:17:42
povbot/svn/commits: Proper implementation of preserving the date on calendar view switches.  I have only addressed the manual view switching for now (using the icons if the top right).  Some other views which use redirects could probably be modified too.17:42
th1aerchache: hi.17:43
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 4146:17:43
povbot/svn/commits: Replaced 'schoolday_model' argument names with 'term'.  Duh.17:43
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4147:17:54
povbot/svn/commits: Jump to date stored in session if not specified.17:54
erchacheth1a: hello tom17:55
erchachehow are you?17:55
th1aFine.  How are you?17:55
erchacheuhmm little brother is on a hospital because need to operate "apendicitis"O_o17:56
erchachei need to install a new rack server hp dl145. do you remember?17:56
th1aI hopw your brother is ok.17:57
th1aYes, your new server.17:57
erchacheubuntu amd64? debian amd64? red hat enterprise? i prefer ubuntu amd64 of course, is it ok?17:57
th1aThat's what I would use.17:58
erchacheits for a plone web portal17:58
erchachei think....ubuntu amd64.....zope/plone....apache.....chroot17:58
erchachein second instance17:58
erchachei think....ubuntu amd64.....zope/plone....apache+squid chroot..17:59
erchachedo you jail apache? or dont use it....use only zope http server17:59
th1aI'm not an expert sys admin.18:00
th1aI've run it both ways.18:00
erchacheaja cool18:00
th1aIt is obviously a little simpler to not run Zope behind Apache, but a lot of people do different kinds of caching on Zope 2.18:01
erchachei see edubuntu is on development phase18:01
th1aYeah, I'm sure the initial release will be fairly simple.18:01
erchacheyeah...i read all on web....too many kinds to solve same problem18:01
erchachei think once are finished first will be used for junta de andalucia to do guadalinex know?18:01
erchacheand if it is true.....after we do a personalized distro of guadalinex 2005 to our university....18:02
erchachei want to include schooltool on it18:02
th1aSure.  SchoolTool will be in Edubuntu.18:03
erchachei have many experience like sys admin on lamps systems....mediawiki and moodle are a very good software18:03
erchacheits on phpshit...eeee18:03
erchachebut....its very very good18:03
th1aYes, it is a PHP world, unfortunately.18:04
erchachei need to get more experience on admin zope large systems18:04
erchachethis summer is a good time to do it!18:04
th1aWhen does school start in the fall?18:04
erchachei want to go to Merida on estremadura.....because second internation free knowledge conference meet on october18:05
erchachea good place to show schooltool work status to spanish users18:05
erchacheth1a: to test test it.....before 5000 furious users come from holidays18:06
erchachethis is the url18:07
erchachebetter on english no? :D18:07
erchachefirst url on spanish18:07
erchachesecond url on english18:07
th1aThe second URL is more helpful.18:08
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erchachehehehe my jobmate will going to kill me hehehehe18:10
erchacheim hyperactive....18:10
th1atvon:  OK, we're getting one of those linodes.18:10
th1aerchache:  You?  Hyperactive?18:10
erchachea little18:10
tvonth1a: ah, okay18:11
th1aCanonical is apparently getting a bunch of space with them for various projects.18:11
th1aPerhaps it is more economical in volume?18:11
th1aWe'll have root, that's all that matters to me.18:12
th1aAlthough I'd like to have enough memory to run Plone and SchoolTool at the same time.18:12
tvonI'm assuming the ram situation is not as dire as it sounds from the website18:13
tvonotherwise we'll have issues18:13
erchachehas any problem with plone and schooltool running at same time?18:14
tvonerchache: it's just a matter of RAM18:14
erchache2 gb?18:14
tvonno, I can do both on my laptop fine with 51218:14
tvonalong with GNOME and whatnot18:14
erchacheok cool18:14
th1aThe virtual servers we're talking about start with what, 32 MB?18:14
th1aNot sure why.18:14
th1aObviously you can get more RAM for more $$$.18:15
tvonth1a: you can buy 16m for $5/mo18:15
tvonI don't understand why the numbers are so small18:15
tvonit's like 199418:15
erchachei want to install other rack server....perhaps a sun fire v20 with 2 gb de install my lamp system and schooltool18:15
erchachedo you try it on a lamp large system and schooltool same time?18:15
erchachei need to pay 500 $ for a 1 gb ddr for a rack server :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO18:16
erchachewith or without vaseline.... ;P18:17
th1aWell, we don't have any idea how a large SchoolBell installation like you're talking about will perform.18:17
erchacheZOE is the solution....i LVS on a LAMP large system18:17
erchachei work on a little projects of grid here too18:18
erchacheZope enterprise objects yes...i write bad it18:18
tvonth1a: when can we get the server?18:18
erchachetake a coffee18:19
erchacheill back on 15 minutes18:19
th1aMark says:  "We are in the process of opening an account with them so we can allocate Linodes to community members."18:19
th1aSo we're "in the process."18:19
th1aStill, I feel like we've moved forward a little :-)18:20
erchachelinodes? what is this?18:21
povbot/svn/commits: * gintas committed revision 4148:18:22
povbot/svn/commits: Removed all old nasty hacks to redirect to the right day in the calendar.  Now we can rely on the session mechanism (in the worst case the user will be redirected to today's calendar).18:22
erchachefuckkkk 33 dead on london and probably up18:22
erchachedo you see the terrorist attack to london on news? O_o18:23
th1aI do now.18:23
erchache6 bombs on london underground18:23
erchachelike here on madrid18:23
erchacheal quaeda18:23
erchachebin laden again18:24
erchacheuhmmm looks good and cheap18:26
erchachea good solution for hosting18:26
erchachea la housind18:26
erchachea la housing18:26
erchachewell coffee must dont wait18:28
th1aDoesn't the memory seem out of whack, though?18:28
erchachewhack? i cant understand....18:39
th1aUnusually small amount of memory for the price?18:40
erchacheaaahhhh typical fluctuation prizes.....18:41
th1aI haven't really looked at other prices for this kind of thing.18:41
erchachebuy memory from you see optize, amazon or similar?18:43
th1aThe memory on the linode servers.18:43
erchachethis is other question.....yes18:44
erchache5$ per 16 mb18:44
erchacheget calculator18:44
th1aWell, I'll just be happy to have a server we aren't borrowing from someone else.18:45
erchachepufff 160$ for 512 ampliation memory18:45
erchachelittle expensive....but.....normal on this kind of service18:46
erchacheyou don buy a entire machine18:46
th1aYou are getting user mode linux rather than just a chroot or something.18:46
erchacheand memory its at same prize like you buy for your own....18:46
erchachethe service is in this direction18:46
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eldarhi tom21:22
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dwooWhat is it?21:41
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dwooIs there anyone around here to answer my questions?22:30
dwooHey, anyone on?22:51
dwooHey, anyone on?23:29
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jelknerthla: Tom, are you here?23:32
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jelknerlet's put together an agenda for this evening23:59
jelknerdoing it here will accomplish several things:23:59
jelkner1. it will put it into the record so other folks can see it later23:59

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